Pollution ‘Bigger Trigger of Heart Attacks than Alcohol or Cocaine’

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  1. Graham Cliff says:

    Aerosol nanoparticles will also add effects which will apparently include DNA disruption, autoimmune response failure and even dementia. The evidence is in the literature but it is simply ignored. Quite simply profit prevails over precaution – it even can be said that it precludes precaution. Once people show the evidence of the symptoms that they now face we will have the proof – sadly this will not help the victims. Just make sure that YOU are not one of them?.

  2. Anton says:

    Just WHO will the public be forced to hold responsible if this goes ahead? The council? Peel? The government? Our air quality in this area is already appalling without adding to it in order to enrich the priviliged. Legal action will be taken by the residents as necessary.

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