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Simon Foley, Nursery Road, Davyhulme

I am writing regarding my concerns for the proposal of the BREP. This plant is something I oppose and I am very concerned about the health implications that will come with the plant if it is granted planning permission.

Richard Irving, 19 Lowther Gardens, Flixton

xxxxxxxx, Hartford Road, Davyhulme
I am absolutely opposed to BREP. The health risks associated with it are completely unacceptable. Do not let this spoil our local area!

Charlotte Parker, Woodhouse Road, Manchester
Hello I’m worried reguarding the health risks, with this type power plant.

Phil Parker, Woodhouse Road, Manchester
Worried about serious health risks to myself and my family!

Lorraine Jackson, Skelwith Close, Urmston
How can they say there are no health risks when all the evidence points to otherwise?


Mia Foley, Nursery Road,

Anna Irving-Foley, Nursery Road, Davyhulme

xxxxxxxx, Hartford Road, Davyhulme
I am very worried about the health risks to everyone in this area and strongly oppose this plant.

Hazel foley, 23 avocet drive, Irlam

Philip Baylis, Wendover Road, Urmston
Emission filters won’t do enough to protect us. I strongly oppose this power plant.

Jayne Dillon, Woodhouse Rd, Davyhulme

xxxxxxxx, Queens Road, Urmston

peter butler, shipley view, davyhulme
I am a medical practitioner as well as a local resident.
I am well aware of the long proven facts concerning the effects on health from pollutants.
Cancer,birth defects, genetic changes,chronic respiratory disorders…the list goes on and on.
Therefore it was great consternation that I learned about the proposed, so called biomass, plant at Barton.
I note that a Peel representative has admitted that wood from construction and demolition sites as well as from civic amenity sites is to be incuded within their definition of ” biomass “.
Pre-used wood products are invariably coated with paint,varnish etc, fibre board is held together by chemical substances, even wood for outdoor use is treated with peservatives, one of the most common of which contains arsenic which is released into the air when the wood is burned.The arsenic is ” released into the immediate atmosphere and is a cumulative poison ”
Sadly the list of very very harmfull chemical agents which are released on burning treated wood products is long and very worrying.
Therefore, because of the very real risks mentioned above and many others I vehemently oppose the construction of the incineration site at Barton.

xxxxxxxx, shipley view, davyhulme
concerns of the incineration plant,many reasons.having a member of my family who has had asthma all their life, and having witnessed breathing difficulties and fear, would not wish those symptoms on anyone

John Birch, Broadway, Davyhulme

pauline preston, 8 widecombe close, Urmston Manchester
I am totally opposed to this plant being foisted on Davyhulme residents the proven health risks are too great

Jonathan Morton, Kingsnorth Road, Flixton
Every resident in the area must make their voice heard. We must not let the BREP be built.Yet again we are having something foisted on the area which non of us need, nore want. Do not be fooled, this method of generating energy is anything but “Green”, and to even consider building a plant on the doorstep of our area shows the contempt and lack of consideration these people have for our health

xxxxxxxx, Bent lanes, Davyhulme

xxxxxxxx, Ripley crescent, Davyhulme

Kate Farrington, Liverpool Road, Eccles

Matt rimmington, Bent lanes, Davyhulme

Peter Hodgin, Portland road, Stretcord
I no longer live on broadway but grew up there for 18 years of my life. My Mum stills lives there and I visit her regulary. This proposal is typical PEEL using it’s size and influence to create something positive for itself and negative for those involved i.e residents of the surrounding area. When are companies as big as Peel going to grow a soul and sense of humanity? Yes you’re big, yes you’re ambitious damn it your even a success that does partly benefit the area with jobs and opportunities. But Peel, PLEASE PUT TO BED THIS STUPID AND DANGEROUS PLAN TO RUIN ALOT OF PEOPLES LIVES. STOP THINKING OF YOURSELVES AND HAVE A SENSE OF RESPONSIBILTY.

They probably don’t care what I think. The council won’t care one bit. Tesco’s can vouch for that.

Adam Marsland, Lonsdale Avenue, Davyhulme

xxxxxxxx, 17 Newton Road, Urmston

Antony, Bent lanes, Davyhulme
I totally oppose this site as it is bad enough having to smell the treatment works last thing we need is something else to smell this is apart from the health implications which sound even worse, having small children I feel I have to protect them more than anything as they are the ones going to grow up breathing in the fumes of god knows what, surely this is eventually only going to put more stress on our already bursting NHS ours being Trafford General why can Peel not find a way to maybe alleviate this rather than adding to the cause

xxxxxxxx, Royston Road, Davyhulme
How dare you even consider letting the residents of Davyhulme and the surrounding areas breathe even the tiniest amount of toxic waste. This plant is a ticking time bomb.

xxxxxxxx, skipton drive, davyhulme

xxxxxxxx, Dalveen Avenue, Davyhumne

claire haymes, exeter rd, davyhulme

Nigel Foley, Hallfarm Avenue, Davyhulme

Barbara Miller, Selby Drive, Davyhulme
I am very concerned about the health implications of this plant,apalled at the greed of Peel Holdings

Emma Twemlow, Canterbury Road, Davyhulme

Elizabeth soars, Exeter rd, Urmston

Bob Twemlow, Canterbury Road, Davyhulme

John Edgar, Dalveen Avenue, Davyhulme

Sharon Chorlton, Cross Knowle View, Urmston
If its so safe build it near the boss of peel energy’s house!

Davie Chorlton, Cross Knowle View, Urmston
If its so safe why do Peel Holdings think its so safe why are they being selective on what they are telling their neighbours !

Sean Jewitt, willoughby close, Sale
There are to many residents in the south greater manchester area that will be exposed to the heath risks of this plant. Not just locally.

Luke, Woodhouse Road, Davyhulme
It is very stupid and dangerous I think.

Hayley Walsh, Amersham Close, Davyhulme

sarah smith, bexley drive, walkden

natasha turner, booth drive, davyhulme

c sanders, bent lanes, urmston
we already have so much traffic congeston + pollution., all in the name of greed from peel. and now they want us breathing in their poisons. Have we not human rights at all ? Why cant they biuld this plant in a less populated area ? Because they want to power the recreation ground on the opposite side of the canal – again to make even more money ! With so many schools in this area, our childrens health is going to be put at risk + even peel cannot garantee the air will be clean. It is a total + utter disgrace if they are allowed to go ahead with these plans at the expense of the community.

xxxxxxxx, Davyhulme Road, Davyhulme
I am very concerned about the possible health implications to my young family if this plant is granted planning permission. Please do not let this happen to a good community.

E. Pimbley, Nursery Road, Davyhulme

xxxxxxxx, Bent lanes, Davyhulme

Emma Brown, Woodhouse Road, Davyhulme
I oppose the build we don’t want to breathe dirty air, clean air is what we want.

andrew baker, Woodhouse Road, Davyhulme
I also oppose this plant from being built

Mark Jutrzenka, Dyers Court, Macclesfield
Extremely worried about the health risks to my family and friends that live in the area.

Geri Brown, Woodhouse Road, Davyhulme

xxxxxxxx, Broadway, Urmston

Georgia Parker, Woodhouse Road, Davyhulme
I’m worried about the health hazards, to me and all my school friends.

Alison Paker, Woodhouse Road, Davyhulme
I’m concerned about the health risks.

xxxxxxxx, , Davyhulme

jeanette haymes, denstone road, davyhulme

xxxxxxxx, Selby Dr,

xxxxxxxx, Selby Drive,

xxxxxxxx, Broadway,

Mark Haymes, Exeter Road, Davyhulme

SYLVIA PILGRIM, bent lanes,

Sally Yarwood, Flixton Road, Flixton

soph preston, woodhouse road, davyhulme

kathryntoombs, cross knowle view, davyhulme

stephen toombs, cross knowle view, davyhulme

Nina Fatorechi, Conway Road, Davyhulme

Lee Thompson, Conway Road, Davyhulme

graham winstanley, cross knowle view, davyhulme

xxxxxxxx, Queens Road, Urmston

xxxxxxxx, Church Road, Urmston

Peter Kilvert, Blinco Road, Urmston
This is not incineration, it’s merely burning waste in a furnace, therefore producing toxins.

xxxxxxxx, bent lanes, davyhulme
I d o not agree with the Peel building a incinerator plant, the effects of the emissions are to dangerous. Save our souls

Sarah Farrow, Shawe Hall Avenue, Flixton
Concerned about potential health risks for all local residents…

K P Evans, Benbecula Way, Urmston
I have lived at this address for 40 years and during that time have suffered the frequent noxious atmosphere created by Davyhulme Sewage Works. This,despite, as with the new proposed BREP Development it meeting all EEC air standards, BLAH! BLAH! Being a retired senior analytical chemist Iam well aware of the dangers posed by the proposed BREP development and demand it is not hoisted unto the long suffering residents of Urmston with potentially fatal consequences.

Claire Hodson, Kngsway Park, Davyhulme
I don’t want the plans to go ahead. I am concerned about the emissions from the materials which will be burned at the plant. e.g. reclaimed wood with creosotes and varnishes on. There are several schools in the area which will be affected by emissions from the plant.

louise ryan, flixton road, flixton
i have C.O.P.D is bad enough when the suwers are of urnston does not need more smells

irene lamb, flixton road, flixton

Claire Higginbottom, 31 Abingdon Road, Davyhulme

Stuart Higginbottom, 31 Abingdon Road, Davyhulme

June Drysdale, 34 Dunster Drive, Flixton

xxxxxxxx, Berwick Avenue, Urmston
I do not believe Peel Energy when they say there are no health risks from the proposed plant. I have three asthmatic children and, based on the information I have seen so far, I am very concerned about the effect this plant may have on their health if it goes ahead.

xxxxxxxx, Benbecula Way, Urmston
The risks far outweigh the benefits; Pell are contemptuous of the feelings of local residents – this is evidenced by the traffic control to and from the Trafford Centre. However, it should also be noted that part of Davyhulme ETW was covered at their behest in order to reduce the odour poroblems for Trafford Centre Visitors, yet the want to further inconvenience the locals by constructing this monstrosity, which, by all accounts is going to be woefully under-staffed; the knock on effect of this is that there is presently insufficient technical knowledge within the borough. This proposed plant is an environmental disaster just waiting to happen on oh so many levels!

xxxxxxxx, bent lanes, davyhulme
I have only recently moved to this district and i am appalled to discover peel holdings want to build this plant so near to such a built up area.It also makes me fear for my grandson who also lives in this area.I cant say how strongly i feel that this plant should NOT be built here. carol glennon

xxxxxxxx, nursery road, manchester

xxxxxxxx, 26 Cross Knowle View, Davyhulme, Manchester

xxxxxxxx, 48 Poplar Grove, Urmston

Alison Parker, woodhouse road, davyhulme

S McDonald, Southgate, Urmston
I oppose the building of the plant in a residential area, and am extremely concerned about the health risks

xxxxxxxx, Bent Lanes, Davyhulme
The emissions will be harmful to humans and the bats which are in the local area, also the heavy traffic which will add to an already congested area,

xxxxxxxx, Woodhouse Rd, Urmston

xxxxxxxx, Bent lanes, Davyhulme
After watching the video I am appalled at Peel Holdings even thinking of building an incinerator in the area. As for the emissions of course we will be breathing them in. Anyone suffering from asthma will have even more problems with breathing and as the government announces it is on the increase. As we back on to the Water Works we have seen bats in the area and have been told they are a protected species which are protected by Law, and they too will be effected by the fall out. NO NO NO to the incinerator.

Julie Stephens, Shawe Hall Ave, Flixton

xxxxxxxx, lawrence road, flixton
I am opposed to the plant. I have 2 small children who attend school nearby, and I am concerned about statstics showing higher infant mortality rates in areas near incinerators

K Watts, Ripley Crescent, Davyhulme
It is totally irresponsible to even consider building the BREP in such a populated area. My concrens are the associated health risks to the local residents and not to mention the THOUSANDS of children which go to the local schools, there are at least 10 schools within a mile and a half on the Trafford side and that not including Salford and Irlam. Within a mile there are several sporting venues, playing fields and a hospital. What are they thinking of!!!!

madeline cadman, 19 leagate, manchester

xxxxxxxx, Ripley Crescent, Manchester

Vicky Capp, Gladstone Road, Urmston
Very worried about the health risks.

Mia Carney, 14 Lyndhurst Avenue M41 7DR , Urmston
As an 11 year old i do have an opinion on this, I think that this type of process being built so close to houses will cause a serious risk to our health.

Paul Carney, 14 Lyndhurst Avenue M41 7DR, Urmston

Nichola Moors, 14 Lyndhurst Avenue M41 7DR, Urmston

Julie Burgess, Bosdin Road West , Urmston

xxxxxxxx, Hartford Road, Davyhulme
It is totally irresponsible of Peel Energy to put this Biomass Incinerator in such a densely populated area. The health effects could be felt by so many for generations to come. I expect Peel Energy will comply with all the legal standards (as other incinerators probably have done) but this doesn’t stop the health impact to which the local community will be exposed.

Michael Burgess, Bosdin rd West , Urmston

Noel Tiernan, Lostock Road, Davyhulme
I am absolutely opposed to BREP

Lara Tiernan, Lostock Road, Davyhulme
I am absolutely opposed to BREP

mervyn patterson, Roe Green, Worsley

Steve Espley, Barnfield, Urmston

Lorcan, Woodhouse Road, Davyhulme
Stop this for the sake of us children. Shame on Peel.

rebekah fitzhugh, douglas road, manchester
I want to breathe clean air!!!

xxxxxxxx, Hawkhirst Road, Kenley

xxxxxxxx, Hawkhirst Road, Kenley

Karl Burgess, 48th Ave West, Vancouver

Phoenix Burgess, 48th Ave West, Vancouver

Sally Taylor, 192 Davyhulme Road, Urmston
I really do hope that this proposal is NOT allowed to continue, I, along with many many other residents wish to breathe clean air and not be exposed to dangerous chemicals. I am writing regarding my concerns for the proposal of the Barton Renewable Energy Plant. This plant is something I oppose and I am very concerned about the health implications that will come with the plant if it is granted planning permission. I do hope you will do everything in your power to stop such a plant being built in a residential area, where there will be severe health implications for all who live around the proposed plant.

Carol Burns, Lansdowne Road North, Flixton
The totality of the pollution around this area must be far and above acceptable limits!!

xxxxxxxx, Hambleton Close, Bury

xxxxxxxx, Hambleton Close, Bury

Mike Walsh, 192 Davyhulme Road, Urmston
LETS HEAR THE TRUTH!!! Did anyone attend the original consultation held by Peel? Peel were asked whether they could filter out all of the dioxins, PCBs, PAHs, fine/ ultrafine particles and other known cancer-causing toxic chemicals and the answer was NO. The associated health risks around incinerator plants, where these emissions are higher include a range of cancers, birth defects, reduced lung function in children and more. Are the Directors and the Planning Committee going to live on top of this plant!!! Do they want to breath in these toxic chemicals, NO, well neither do the local residents.

Samantha Hornby, , Manchester

Louise Sullivan, Newstead Road, Manchester

Alison Smith, Plumpton Road, Preston, Lancs
Although I do not live in the area that will be affected, I do shop at the Trafford Centre which would be close by. I would not feel comfortable at all shopping there if the BREP was built knowing that just breathing in a small amount of the contaminated air could damage my health. I really hope that Peel will be stopped before they negatively affect thousands of peoples lives.

Pamela Sullivan, Newstead Road, Davyhulme

Rosemary SAndiford, holly house dr, flixton

Judith Connor, 15 Albert Avenue, Urmston, Manchester

Manus Wynne, Hartford Road, Manchester

Steve Scull, Coltsfoot Drive, Chorley

xxxxxxxx, Highfield Road, Eccles
Please do not allow this monstrous building to go ahead. It will ruin the lives of all the residents of Trafford and the surrounding areas. Please think of the children who play outside in nearby schools. Think of the elderley who live in residential homes nearby and last but not least what about the animals. There is much more space available in the countryside without surrounding buildings.

Peter Murray, Knowsley Avenue, Davyhulme

john mcmichael, 116 woodhouse rd, urmston
i am against the proposal of this brep plant because of the health of local residents, i also think that at certain times the road network is already at gridlock and this will not help the flow of traffic in the area.

A Johnson, Entwisle Ave, manchester
I am totally against this application. Our elected representatives at Trafford need to stand up for us on this matter. I hope to see our local Councillors representing our concerns and objections to this plant. There are serious implications for public health and long term welfare of the residents of Davyhulme.

marie, ,

Ian Lynch, Hayeswater Road, Urmston
Very concerned and opposed to the construction of this facility, a ‘minimal’ risk to health is not very reassuring.

Victoria Baylis, 10 wendover road, Urmston

xxxxxxxx, blackfriars road, salford

Lee Baylis, Aytoun, Manchester
I will potentially be employed in the area and want to breathe clean air at work!

claire corbishley, woodhouse rd, davyhulme

Amanda Richardson, Leyland Lane, Leyland
The heath and environmental risks associated with this proposed plant far outweigh any benefit provided ie jobs. This should not go ahead.

Jacqueline Walker, Clovelly Drive, Penwortham

Michelle Gallacher, Larches Lane, Preston

Lisa McLoughlin, Croft Bank, Preston
Worried about serious health risks to myself and my friends, who all live near to where this proposed plant would be built, or work in the trafford centre! This would make me very wary of visiting this area at all, as I would not want to put my health at risk.

Lisa Thomas, Barnacre Close, Preston

Janet Thomas, Danvers Way, Preston

Robyn Maddocks, whinsands close, Preston

Charlotte Edmondson, Royal Drive, Preston
I have concerns regarding the potential environmental damages this will have in an already highly populated area. Also what effect this will have on others and my own visits to the Trafford Centre and other surrounding businesses such as the Chill Factor. It will also have a dramatic personal impact to the surrounding families, their standard of living, and potential values of their homes moving forward.

Tom Speight, Highgale Gardens, Preston

Laura Rae, preston, preston
I oppose this plant full stop, and why does it have to be built in a busy residential area??? Build it near number 10 downing street if it that important!!!!

Stacey Welch, 43 Coltsfoot Drive, Chorley

Craig Betteridge, Gardeners Mews, Blackpool

xxxxxxxx, Beech Avenue, Urmston

xxxxxxxx, Aldermere Crescent, Flixton

Angela Pimlott, Harris Ave, Urmston
Totally against this…..Keep our air clean!!!!!!

Jamie Booth, Broadoaks Road, Urmston

xxxxxxxx, Coverdale Road, Blackburn
Trafford Centre, LegoLand (Vicky!), Kelloggs

k.fouracre, victoria rd, urmston
I oppose very strongly the BREP proposal/the health risks/ congestion/extra traffic / the councillors need to oppose this lant most strongly

Amy Shore, Carnoustie Drive, Euxton
I drive past this site on my way into work in Manchester. Very concerned.

Clair Taylor, Arundel Avenue, Urmston

Ryan Wandrum, Arundel Avenue, Urmston

Gemma Chalcroft, Bradfield Road, Manchester

Katy Millington, Lawrence road, Urmston

steffeni holland, 32 bosdin road east flixton, manchester
OUTRAGE! Think its disgusting if this happens!

xxxxxxxx, sylvan avenue, urmston

Greig Lees, Westminster Road, Urmston

xxxxxxxx, Westminster Road, Urmston

xxxxxxxx, Esk Close, Davyhulme

xxxxxxxx, altrincham street, manchester

xxxxxxxx, N/A, Blackburn
I have friends who live in Urmston and Worsley and do not want them to have to suffer the effects/risks this could generate! In addition, myself and all the other thousands of people who visit, work and reside in the area on a regular basis.

xxxxxxxx, Calf Lane, Mossley
I don’t live in the area but visit it regularly and know a lot of people who do. I am opposed to these plans.

julie clancy, kirkstall rd, urmston

rayna, woodhouse road, urmston
I would to i am against this site bein built. would they have this where they live NO with their children breathin in this dioxins an toxins. We already have the sewage an the smells and we have 1000’s of cars daily at the trafford centre which gives off pollutions an cause traffice delays.
I for one go to the trafford everyday an meet friends to eat an shop but wont be doin anymore.

Sara Winstanley, Cromwell Road,

Sara Winstanley, Cromwell Road, Stretford

Pauline Millington, Lawrence Rd, Urmston

Mr clough, Barton road, Lostock

xxxxxxxx, Wentworth Ave, Urmston
I strongly oppose the building of this plant and have serious concerns about the health risks which it poses to all who live and work in the area.

PABurrows, Hartford Rd, Davyhulme
The newspaper coverage was very one sided indicating that the risk was minimal because of the use of filters.If filters are neccessary then the risk is too great!

Darren Baylis, Wendover road, Urmston
I strongly oppose the construction of such a plant. It is unbleiveabel to me that this project is even being considered due to the wide ranging health implications and obvious strong public opposition

Mr A Illman, Jack Lane , Urmston

Rachel Burgess, Hoy Drive, Davyhulme, Manchester, M41
Please consider the health risks of this plant to local residents. It does not need to be built in such a built up / residential area.

Mason Corbishley, woodhouse road, davyhulme

thalia Corbishley, woodhouse road, davyhulme

poppie corbishley, woodhouse road,

Lindsay Cregan, Elworth Street, Sandbach

Dave, , stockport

michelle, stockport,

liam, stockport,

xxxxxxxx, fallowfield, manchester

xxxxxxxx, greatstone road, stretford

Anne Sinclair, carlton rd, urmston

Steve Rolfe, Oak Grove, Urmston

Jennifer Goode, Broadway, Urmston
I am worried about further pollution in this area we already have the smell from the sewage works and traffic pollution from the motorway and the Trafford centre

xxxxxxxx, pulford road, sale

xxxxxxxx, Leith Ave , Sale

xxxxxxxx, pulford road, sale

xxxxxxxx, Ullswater Road, Flixton
An inappropriate proposal so close to large residential areas, considering long term health risks are unknown!

xxxxxxxx, , Manchester

xxxxxxxx, , flixton
you wanna harm innocent people??? go ahead and make this plant :L

xxxxxxxx, woodhouse road, urmston

xxxxxxxx, woodhouse road, urmston

Deveen Wallace, coniston road, manchester

David Wedderburn, coniston road, manchester

ssandra wallace, St Andrews Road, manchester

xxxxxxxx, Bent Lanes, Davyhulme

xxxxxxxx, Chapel Lane, Stretford

xxxxxxxx, Hartford Road, Urmston

xxxxxxxx, Hartford Road, Urmston

xxxxxxxx, avon road, hale
Further research into the potentially negative health implications of this plant is needed before a decision is made that we will have to live with for a long time.

xxxxxxxx, vicarage rd, urmston

Lesley Cooke, Woodsend Rd, Flixton

nigel rimmer, eastwood ave , Urmston
Typical of peel holding to ride roughshot over the people of Urmston they obviously dont care about the local area as we have seen with the Trafford centre

carol rimmer, eastwood ave, urmston
peel holding seem to love polution as it goes hand in hand with making money , any local who drives past the trafford centre can tell

James Rimmer, eastwood, urmston
peel holdings have no right to endanger my health

Nick Mongan, Helmshore Road, Rossendale
Really concerned by the helath risks associated with this project

gillian corcut, bent lanes, davyhulme

Diane Baylis, wendover road, urmston

xxxxxxxx, Pulford Road, Sale

xxxxxxxx, Pulford Road, Sale

xxxxxxxx, Cross Knowle View, Davyhulme

paul Baylis, 10 Wendover Rd , Urmston

Paul Cadman, Barton road, Stretford

graham oakes, newchurch road, bacup
I`m from Urmston and still have family living there. My concerns are for them and the whole area. It seems that anything with a `renewable energy` tag gets pushed thru regardless of the impact on the surrounding communities.

carla hawksworth, nursery road, urmston
i am concerned for my childrens health and all of the children at woodhouse primary school who will be in the vercinity of these fumes every day.

liam niland, nursery road, urmston

Ian Hawksworth, 25 Carrsvale Avenue, Urmston

Priscilla Hawksworth, 25 Carrsvale Avenue, Urmston

Moira royle, Humphrey Lane,

matt royle, Humphrey lane,

xxxxxxxx, Teesdale Ave, davyhulme

xxxxxxxx, Teesdale Avenue, Davyhulme

xxxxxxxx, Woodlands Road, Manchester
I am concerned about the impact of this plant to the short and long term health of all residents within the Greater Manchester, Trafford and surrounding areas, Emmissions are not confined to the perimter of the Plant but will disperse over a heavily populated area. Appeal Against PEEL!

Sarah Donaldson, Aldermere Crescent, Flixton
I am opposed to the building of this plant due to the potential health implications and pollution of our environment. There are much cleaner and greener ways of generating electricity than this.

sarah, watson street, eccles

xxxxxxxx, enderby rd, moston
regardless of what peel holings say i feel the incinerator is a danger to health

Louise McArdle, Headteacher, Woodhouse Primary School
With so many schools in this area, our children’s health is going to be put at risk. It is totally irresponsible of Peel Energy to put this Biomass Incinerator in such a densely populated area.

xxxxxxxx, Cross Knowle View, Davyhulme
Peel’s stating that emissions will be kept within legal limits is far from comforting and is as good as admitting that there will be SOME harmful emissions produced.

I also note a lack of any proposed benefit to the area. The jobs being created will be minimal and many are likely to go outside the area anyway. House prices may also suffer in the shadow of such an industrial presence.

All-in-all I see many negatives and no positives from this construction being allowed to continue. I hope that the planning Officers will see sense and not give permission for this to go ahead.

xxxxxxxx, Woodhouse Road, Urmston
Having read more about the wate to be burnt my wife and I are against the construction of this site which should be built away from human and animal habitation

xxxxxxxx, Bent Lanes, Davyhulme
I think it would be a disgrace to build something as potentially dangerous as this so close to people’s homes. It doesn’t matter what reassurances the builders give as to its safety, accidents happen.

Dr David Dillon, , Davyhulme
Years of even more pollution with resulting harm to health – all for more money for Peel Holdings

xxxxxxxx, Canterbury Road, Davyhulme

xxxxxxxx, hillingdon road, stretford

rachna bhagani, westcroft rd, manchester

David Hornby, Hartford Road, Urmston

xxxxxxxx, Woodhouse road, Davyhulme
We DO NOT want this in a residential area

xxxxxxxx, Woodhouse Road, Davyhulme
Very worried about the health risks, especially long term for the younger residents of the area who will suffer long exposure

xxxxxxxx, Berkshire Drive, Cadishead, Manchester

suzanne unthank, winchester road, manchester

david bennett, wendover road, manchester

xxxxxxxx, Blair road, Manchester
I am extremely concerned by the health implications for local residents and for the wider community of Manchester. We have enough pollution to deal with and a lower life expectancy, higher asthma rates. lower cancer survival rates etc than residents from other cities/areas.

xxxxxxxx, Dalveen Avenue, Urmston
The possible health risks associated with the plant are unacceptable. The siting of such a plant immediatey adjacent to a large suburban residential area is simply unnacceptable.

Ben Simpson, Bloom Street, Manchester
I am opposed to these plans as frequent user of the various facilities in and around the Trafford Centre. I have concerns over the health risks associated with the proposal.

xxxxxxxx, woodhouse road, urmston

mark marland, 61 welwyn close, davyhulme
do not want this near us as there is enough traffic going down the back of rivers lane and we don’t want the pollution

sarah marland, 61 welwyn close, davyhulme
traffic don’t do 5 miles an hour down the road on rivers lane..

Christopher Buxton, Skelwith close, Davyhulme
I am completely opposed to the building of this Plant. Nobody wants it.

xxxxxxxx, 62 nursery road, urmston
Can’t believe another plant can’t stand the smell from the water treatment plant already and that’s been something residents have had to put up with for year’s summer’s especially it’s an awful stink now for our children’s future another plant that might have some health complication’s for them well done to who ever suggested another plant great.

xxxxxxxx, polygon avenue, manchester

xxxxxxxx, manchester road, manchester

Judith Riley, Skelwith Close, Davyhulme
the planned location of this plant is totally inappropriate. Its a highly populated area!! We do NOT pay Council Tax to have the space we live in abominated in this way. Consider your responsibility to your residents!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Christopher H. Potkin, 9,Walnut Walk,, Stretford. Lancashire Gtr Manchester
Why don’t peel holdings just spend there money on keeping what is also our heritage up to date and in full beauty and working order. ( ie the Ship Canal/Bridgewater Canal. without applying for Public lottery money which is needed by local communities.)

xxxxxxxx, , MANCHESTER
i oppose this site as i am very concerned about my health and my childs health in the future.

Jana Turner, Ripley Crescent, Urmston

xxxxxxxx, Woodsend Road, Flixton

Sandra Shea, Newstead Road, Manchester

Mark Shea, Newstead Road, Manchester
I am disgusted that this is even being considered, what about the health implications to my young o all the local residents and my family if this plant is granted planning permission. Please do not let this happen.

xxxxxxxx, Hartford Rd, Davyhulme
I have not been asked or consulted about any plant and the posible health risks linked to it .
Minimal inpact is far to high for somthing that could harm any generation(young or old).

L E Jackson, hartford rd, urmston

xxxxxxxx, davyhulme road, urmston m/c
more conjestion with big vehicles delivering &
taking away ash .more greed & profit for peel holdings at the disreguard for urmston residents.

Amy Cunningham, New Rough Hey, Preston
I am very concerned about the health risks associated with this proposal and I have family in altrincham, stretford and urmston.

Janet Fitzhugh, Douglas Road, Worsley
We do not want health implications now or later in life from this plant

xxxxxxxx, patterdale ave, urmstom

adam smith, leigh road, wigan
my family, nieces and nephews, all youngsters, live and have to grow up in this area

Gillian Piscopo, Thurlestone Drive, Davyhulme
They should not be allowed to put our health and our childrens health at risk like this.

Anthony Piscopo, Thurlestone Drive, Davyhulme

Stephen Piscopo, Thurlestone Drive, Davyhulme
Our health should not have to suffer in order to fill the pockets of a big corperation!!

Nichole Piscopo, Thurlestone Drive, Davyhulme
I want to raise a family in Urmston in the next few years but would have to reconsider this due to the healthy implications it would have for my children. This is not the solution to fossil fuels!!

For the sake of my beautiful children

xxxxxxxx, Derwent Road, Urmston

jeanette bibby, church road, urmston

Kathryn Downey, Durham Close, Dukinfield
I am an ex resident of Trafford but I still go there a few times a week to visit friends. I’m appalled at the prospect of this plant being built and the health risks associated with it. I strongly oppose this power plant.

xxxxxxxx, Lorne Grove, Urmston
I am opposed to this plant because of the health risks.

xxxxxxxx, holly house drive, flixton

Michelle Norfolk, Higher Road, Urmston

xxxxxxxx, Prospect ave, Cadishead

Chas Banks, Allen Rd, Urmston
My wife has Asthma. Please site this somewhere miles from people’s houses

georgina stockton, 63 winchester road, manchester

xxxxxxxx, westover road, urmston
I am an asthma sufferer due to poluted manchester air so having this plant close by releasing chemicals that can cause respiratory disorders is ludicrous, i strongly disagree to this site.

Sarah Hapgood-Turner, fir street, Cadishead
I am absolutely opposed to the BREP and is is highly unreasonable to even consider building such a facility so close to residential areas.

xxxxxxxx, Thurlestone Drive, Davyhulme
This should not be allowed to happen. Typical Peel again, taking over the North West !!

xxxxxxxx, st austell avenue, tyldesley

Lisa Povah, Sidmouth Avenue, Flixton

judith brown, patterdale avenue, davyhulme

Lee Morgan, Welbeck Avenue, Davyhulme
We surely can’t have any more contamination in the area!

Joanne Morgan, Welbeck Avenue, Davyhulme
Will Peel Holdings take over the world soon?? No more contamination

xxxxxxxx, Marlborough Road, Flixton

xxxxxxxx, Burnham Drive, Urmston
We have already had to put up with foul stenches from the water works for YEARS & I strongly object to this proposed incinerator. We have serious concerns for the health of the community.

xxxxxxxx, Burnham Drive, Urmston
I strongly object to this proposed incinerator.

xxxxxxxx, Norreys Avenue, Davyhulme

michelle farrell, higher road, urmston

xxxxxxxx, Hastings Drive, Flixton

duncan moules, beech avenue, manchester
how dare they even consider putting this plant in such a built up area

Jeremy Maynard, , Stretford
Should this incinerator go ahead, the economy will suffer. Houses will be de-valued, people will not want to send their children to local schools, traffic will increase. That is without even considering the impact this pollution will have on the health of people. Do we not have a ‘human right’ to stop this madness? WHY are the government not stopping this greedy practice?. Are these companies so powerful that nobody will stand up for what is right and fight against them? I note on this petition only ONE school representative has had the strength of character to sign. And why should individuals on the planning committee decide on such a serious matter? The public should make that decision. Who do we take legal action against when our health suffers? Peel energy? The Planning Committee? The Government?

brian jackson, burnham drive, urmston
dont want cancer thank you

edward frattasi, 46 ellerby avenue, swinton
i do not want my family to inhale carcinogenic waste from this incinerator thank you very much

tracy prady, greylag crescent, worsley

xxxxxxxx, amersham close, urmston

Ross Etchells, Link Avenue, Urmston
I am opposed due to the associated health risks with BREP being so close to residential areas.
Peel say it will provide power for 37,000 homes, but how many people/generations will suffer because of it?

carol curtis, 172 woodhouse lane, sale
I am very concerned about this proposal, I have three children and the health implications for us all are worrying.Even though we are not in the immediate area the wind spread factor makes it our business, and people from further afield need to get involved and oppose this incinerator.

Roy Lee, 60a Davhulme Road, Urmston
Stop Peel’s BREP now! Let’s see some backbone in our Councillors for once!


Marjorie Dyer, 19 Ripley Crescent, Urmston

Sue Pentith, Wallingford Road, Davyhulme
NO NO NO – totally opposed to the BREP. Totally unacceptable – also what about the increased traffic levels – DAVYHULME HAS HAD ENOUGH!!!

Gill Harwood, Cumberland Road, Sale
I am very concerned about the effect of air borne particles on my family’s health: my children have asthma. I do not think there is adequate understanding of the risks of placing such a plant in a built up area where approx. 2 million residents could be affected.

Emma Kelsall, Lime Avneue, Urmston

Susan Lee, Davyhulme Road, Urmston
I have only just found out about BREP and am appalled that it could be sited so close to a residential area with a large number of Primary and Secondary schools. Not only am I concerned about the health implications for all living in the vicinity, but what about the huge number of lorries that will inevitably use our neighbourhood roads day and night.

CLAIR LOWTHER, Bent Lanes, Davyhulme
why would the council even take the risk of damaging the health of the people who live here, surely Peel holdings have their fingers in enough pies to keep them ticking over in the future. The US have proved this is not safe and they cannot not lawfully build within a large radius of habitations.

xxxxxxxx, woodhouse road, davyhulme

xxxxxxxx, Redesmere Park, , Flixton

Carol Brookes, Dalton Avenue, Stretford
We don’t want cancer

xxxxxxxx, Redesmere Park, , Flixton

xxxxxxxx, Westmorland Road, urmston

xxxxxxxx, Carlton Crescent, Urmston
We don’t want cancer

xxxxxxxx, Carlton Crescent, Urmston

Linda Twidell, Northside Avenue, Flixton
What an appaling proposal – Trafford already has one of the worst air pollution levels. We are surrounded by busy motorways ; chemical plant in Carrington with a new industry there also; and of course, the Trafford Centre; the sewage works in Davyhulme; how much more can one area cope with? The traffic alone is a huge problem already ! ! Please do not let this happen – it would be a disaster for the whole of Trafford.

Sarah Pickles, Church Road, Urmston
I completely oppose the development of an incineraiton facility in Barton.

Mrs Davies, Parkstone Road, Irlam

xxxxxxxx, Mirfield Drive, Urmston
I am absolutely oppossed to this Plant being built and am most concerned about the effects of the pollution from the same. It is not suitable for a residential area!!

xxxxxxxx, Mirfield Drive, Urmston

xxxxxxxx, Cambridge Road, Urmston

xxxxxxxx, Cambridge Road, Urmston

Eilidh Mackellar, 3 Oakwood Drive, Salford

xxxxxxxx, Cressingham Road, Stretford

xxxxxxxx, Marlborough Road, Urmston

Emma, Moorland Ave, Urmston

xxxxxxxx, Newstead Road, Davyhulme
How can this monstrosity even consider bein built. I am well and truly outraged by this.

hilton, braemar av, flixton manchester
Trafford residents should not be exposed to such health risks. Peel holdings should be told to get on their bikes

Danny Crerand, Fairburn Close, Davyhulme
If this is built it is a disgrace and if our local democratically elected member of Parliment does not uphold our objection to this project and the planning is passed. I live locally and was totally unware of this project and it begs the question why has this not received the appropriate media coverage and attention.
We are already living near massive sewage plants that still stink.

Joe Lovell-Mcnamee, 5 Clarendon Crescent, Manchester

xxxxxxxx, Parkstone Road, Irlam

glen cowsill, 17 bexley close, urmston
I am totaly opposed to the building of this plant on health grounds

xxxxxxxx, bent lanes, davyhulme

Karina Lovell, 5 Clarendon Crescent, Manchester

Having lived all my life with the smell from the sewage works,and now all the congestion and traffic pollution from the Trafford Centre and surrounding facilities such as JJB, Chillfactore etc, we cannot afford to add to this. Peel recently won permission to build a hotel at Lostock, how on earth do Peel get all these developments passed by Trafford Council???? It’s about time Peel focussed on another area of the North West which is less residential to site such plants, and then again put something else back into the community for the kids, like a new Ice Rink which Manchester is embarrassingly short of. Perhaps at the same time they could sort out the traffic which clogs up around the Trafford Centre at certain times of year and pay for it’s own slip road directly into the TC and give us poor residents a break at the same time. Shame on Peel Holdings, I bet Mr. Whittaker or the Shareholders wouldn’t build this proposed plant on their own dorrsteps

Sarah Rostron, Gorse Crescent, Stretford
They should take it to there own doorstep! Let there families breathe it in and see if they still want it to go ahead!

xxxxxxxx, cross knowle view, davyhulme.,
Peel holdings are completely disgusting. They are buying everyone to get this pushed through. The health implications are terrifying and Peel know it. Let them build it in the Isle of Man,preferably Castle Town, on John Whittaker’s
doorstep. The council should the of the people just for once and not the money.

Justine Alderman, Firwood Avenue, Urmston
Incinerator? NO THANK YOU.

Bernard Moules, , Barton
Its not purely by chance that they wish to site their Biomass plant next to the treatment works in Davyhulme. They have forgot to mention that SEWAGE AND ANIMAL WASTE IS ALSO CLASSED AS BIOMASS. The burning of sewage sludge and animal waste which is what they fully intend to do will give of many toxic airborne chemicals. They will also at a price and purley for profit bring in sewage sludge from surrounding areas to burn. Peel Holdings have already admitted that they will not be able to filter out all the toxins that are produced at the Biomass Plant.

Mr D Eames, westmorland road, urmston
I want my kids to grow up in a greener world but i think this Biomass Plant is a health risk to the environment and all around especially when the different types of material proposed to burn, to power our homes , has probably been dosed in chemicals at some point during manufacture/growth and would just be released into the atmosphere and affect nearby people and homes.

xxxxxxxx, Westmorland Road, Urmston
Peel Holdings obviously do not care about the health of their neighbours

xxxxxxxx, Westmorland Road, Urmston
No one wants this so I hope Trafford BC and the Government listen to the people and not let Peel Holdings money influence their decision.

xxxxxxxx, Chislehurst Avenue, Davyhulme
I object to the incinerator as the unseen pollution will affect everyone within a large area

brenda smith, summer avenue, urmsto manchester
I would rather have power cuts for three hours a day instead of having this cancer emitting human and animal poo /plastic/rubber,burning incinerator

xxxxxxxx, Southgate, Flixton
After viewing some of the material available on the internet, I wish to register my strong opposition to the proposed BREP. Anyone who cares for their families health and future generation should be appalled. We dont
know as yet the combined effect of the car pollution, sewage plant and this plant would have on air quality. My concern is that the Peel Group (Trafford Centre) have an interest in remaining quiet on this issue, but were not so quiet when it came to U.Utilities water treatment plant and concerns regarding the odours emitted from their plant. I hope Trafford Council carefully consider the long term effects for us all

M.McHale, Snowden Ave, Flixton
No way, our health is far more important than a potential 15 full time jobs. Luckily for Mr Peel Holdings the fumes from this chimney won’t blow over to the Isle of Man, shame on you

xxxxxxxx, Davyhulme Road, Davyhulme
I present my opposition to the proposal on the basis of health risks.

xxxxxxxx, Princess Road, Urmston
As far as I can see there are no benefits for the local community, there are only negatives. Whilst BREP may conform to EEC air standards Peel energy do not make any secret that the plant will omit toxins such as arsenic into the atmosphere therefore chronically effecting the surrounding areas.
For those who do not believe that the site raises serious health issues, I would ask them to consider the plants effect on the local property market as I am sure there will be a substantial impact.

xxxxxxxx, Princess Road, Urmston

xxxxxxxx, Booth Drive, Umrston
This Power Station is not needed, it adds to pollution in an already polluted area and on days when there is no breeze, where will all the smoke go? Answer – on to all the homes around the Power Station.

This proposal is almost criminally stupid and shows Peel Energy as a bullying corportation who think that they can do anything they want. If Peel energy really want to be Green and provide jobs they could install hydro-electic generation along each overspill on the Ship Canal.

IAN PARKER, 37 Royston Road Davyhulme, Manchester
Please do all in your power to stop this plant from being given the go ahead, the health implications will be catastrophic for the people living in and around Urmston.

Adam Parker, Royston Road Davyhulme, Manchester
Please stop the BREP

A Hainey, Davyhulme, Manchester

xxxxxxxx, woodhouse road,davyhulme, urmston
i think this cannot be acceptable on concerns for public health reasons

xxxxxxxx, Royston Road, Davyhulme

xxxxxxxx, Royston Road, Urmston
Talk to everyone you know about this plant – the more people that know about these plans the more chance there will be of stopping it

xxxxxxxx, Tewkesbury Avenue, Davyhulme

xxxxxxxx, Grange Crescent, Urmston Manchester
Very concerned at health risks for myself and my family.

xxxxxxxx, 85 Cumberland Rd, Urmston

xxxxxxxx, Westgate, urmston
I strongly oppose the power plant and the health risks it imposes in the area.

Nothing is more important than our health. If you don’t have good health you have nothing. This biomass plant is going to cause our families health problems. STOP IT NOW!

DIONNE ARMSTRONG, 4 Newstead Avenue, East Didsbury

Stephanie Niland, Carrsvale Ave, Urmston

xxxxxxxx, Taunton Avenue, Urmston
I beleive that the health concerns regarding the BREP significantly outweigh the potential benifits of the plant, and is justification for the plant not to be built in its current proposed location, but away from populated areas. There are also further issues regarding bringing new business into Trafford Park, and the surrounding areas where these health fears exist

Gemma Baines, 1 kingsway park, davyhulme
I feel very strongly about the plans for this incinerater! How dare they try to voice this on us!

Sam Vaughan, Southbourne Avenue, Urmston

Jon Vaughan, Southbourne Avenue, Urmston

Ben Potts, 1 kingsway park, Davyhulme
It is dangerous to us and our families. It should NOT be built.

Carol Coupland, , HULL

xxxxxxxx, Glenhaven ave, Urmston

S TAYLOR, Welwyn Close, Davyhulme
once again, the thin end of a very thick wedge. we have the sewage works,Trafford centre,B&Q,Salford City Rugby ground and now BREP what next, oh forgot, not an inch of land left . WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH

xxxxxxxx, Bent Lanes, Urmston
Im am wholly opposed to permission being granted to the Barton Renewable Energy Plant being built

Lucy Shewchuk, , Bath

xxxxxxxx, westminster road, davyhulme

Mike Mosley, Dalveen Ave, Davyhulme
We have enough air pollution in this area due to volume of traffic without adding to it

xxxxxxxx, Braemar Avenue, Manchester
Objection on 1.Dangerous Chemicals.2.Transport conjestion.3.Wrong choice of site due to heavy population

Brian Beer, Links Rise, Dayhulme
I was appalled to hear of a proposal to build an incinerator in an area of high population which already has the most polluted air in Manchester due to the sewerage works and M61 motorway. Incinerators are devices for turning waste into toxins.

John Roberts, Conway Drive, Newton -le- Willows

xxxxxxxx, 39, davyhulme

xxxxxxxx, helen street, eccles, manchester
I am opposed to this plant BREP being built. The health risks are completely unacceptable. Why are these type of plants always proposed to be built in residental areas. Would the owners of Peel holdings like it in their back yard!

Christine Gilligan, Bent Lanes, Davyhulme
Do not need more congestion and pollution in this populated area.Peel Holdings are taking over area

xxxxxxxx, heywood old rd, heywood

ANGELA MCDONNELL, Abbey Grove, Eccles

vin goodwin, bramar ave, flixton
This a complete non-starter. Biomass is neither green nor clean. The supposed green credentials are being used to gloss over what is essentially an innefficient polluting way of producing energy

There is simply not enough Biomass in the UK to support the energy needs of all the proposed plants and ultimately waste wood will have to be shipped in from other countries negating any perceived green benefits with increase CO2 emmissions.

The health risks in such a populated area are not acceptable and a plant of this nature would not even be considered if it weren’t for the alleged green credentials

Rebecca, Canterbury RD, Manchester
I strongly disagree with the idea of building a power station it will affect peoples health and there is no need for it.

Georgia, Benbecula way, Davyhulme
I agree that it is wrong to build a power staion, i do not wanting it affecting my health or others around me it is unnecessary. Thank you.

xxxxxxxx, Benbecula way, Davyhulme
I have two children which i would not like to be breathing in fine particles.they just think of the money they make not peoples health.

xxxxxxxx, elm grove, manchester

Valerie Beer, Links Rise, Davyhulme
What did Peel Holdings have to do to slide this through the back door without most peole knowing anything about it. I used to work for the Ministry of the Environment in Ontario, Canada and the health implications of a plant of this sort on future generations are enormous. Smacks of a Nimby. Not in my back yard but Urmston will do.

Stephen Groves, Flixton Road, Urmston
I am an estate agent in the area and to me it is clear not only will it effect health or locals but also their investments as it will surely bring prices of properties nearby down!

M.Beech, mossvale cres, stretford

xxxxxxxx, Railway Road, Urmston
Appalling! Would you consider this acceptable if you were bringing up your children in this area?

xxxxxxxx, helen street, eccles
i am concerned that anyone would even think of such a stupid thing as to build one of those,maybe they think the planet or even money are more important than people.

xxxxxxxx, Towngate, Urmston

David Curran, Kingsnorth Road, Urmston

xxxxxxxx, Bent Lanes, Urmston, MANCHESTER
i am worried about health risks to myself and everyone who lives in the certain mile radius of this type of power plant of this

xxxxxxxx, Newbury Drive, Davyhulme

xxxxxxxx, Newbury Drive, Davyhulme

tom jones, greenfield avenue, urmston

Ian Bradford, Cornhill Ave, Davyhulme
I moved away from Widnes, Cheshire when I was 19 to avoid the risks associated with this type of installation!

xxxxxxxx, 2 Tintern Drive, Hale

xxxxxxxx, Normanby Road, Worsley, Manchester
I think that this is disgraceful that they are even considering the plant. It needs to be stopped.

Mike Flower, 29 Ellesmere Road, Altrincham
Disgusting plans and should this should never be allowed

xxxxxxxx, Abingdon Road, Davyhulme

Fiona Byrne, Canterbury Road, urmston

Pauline Murray, Greenfield Close, Altrincham
I am totally opposed to this plant being imposed on people in this area. There are already too many polutants being breathed in, without adding any more with such serious health risks

Cara Keig, Columbine Walk, Partington
My children play football in Flixton and have i also have family & friends all over the area and I would like to have them play out in a safe environment. Please stop this going ahead.

john, Redcar Avenue, Davyhulme

kath, Redcar Avenue, Davyhulme

Rachel Speakman, Woodsend Road South, Flixton
I am strongly opposed to the BREP. We are not stupid, we are well aware of the health risks to ourselves and more importantly to our children!!

xxxxxxxx, Thorngrove Ave, Manchester

Chris ogden, norwich road, stretford
In an era of clean technology why are we facing using second rate applications when cheaper more effective solutions are available. Peel holdings should not be allowed to build what will be a highly negativeand dangerous addition to this area.

Michelle Graham, Tanhouse Road, Manchester

kerry hall, sinderland road, altrincham
I strongly oppose the plant and health implications arising from it

Melissa O\’Donoghue, , Stretford
I am objecting to the Barton renewable energy plant on the grounds of health, and feel that it will provide no benefits at all to Trafford residents.

Rose O\’Donoghue, , Stretford
I am objecting to the proposal on the grounds of health.

xxxxxxxx, Old Crofts Bank, Urmston
I am very concerned about this as I live very close to the plant and have small children.

Claire Riley, Lichfield Road, Davyhulme

xxxxxxxx, Windermere Road, Urmston
I am objecting to the proposal on the grounds of health

xxxxxxxx, Amberwood Drive, Baguley

w a .rmstrong, nursery road, davyhulme

xxxxxxxx, Dean Road, Irlam

Norma Mellor, Westmorland Road, Manchester
DANGER to my grandchildren

joseph bedford, monton road, manchester

xxxxxxxx, Links Rise, Davyhulme
Disgusted !! This cannot happen !

Louise Johnson, Davyhulme Rd, Urmston

Margaret Johnson, Davyhulme Rd, Urmston

jacqueline McGloin, Barton Road, Stretford
This incinerator must not go ahead, our childrens health is important

xxxxxxxx, abingdon road, davyhulme
i already have a high chance of getting cancer,this is just a death sentance+its also plouting the earth creating co2..also making acid rain!..killing us all.

Anthony Moore, 79 Salisbury Road, Eccles
If It Gets The Go Ahead That Means That There Will Be An Incinerator And A Power Plant Less The 5 Miles Away From Each Other

Jackson Beckett, 16 Radford Drive, Irlam
A complete disregard for people health and safety and an appauling location to even suggest cunstructing it at.

xxxxxxxx, 41 Whitegate Park, Fl ixton,Urmston
I wish to register my objection to the proposal to build an incinerating power station in Davyhulme

N.Kelly, Monton Road, Manchester
No Way No Way!!!!!!! toxic rubbish

xxxxxxxx, 90 Bent Lanes, Davyhulme

xxxxxxxx, Sevenoaks avenue, M41 0SQ

Tracy Navin, Cyprus Street, Stretford
Say NO to the plant! Say YES to clean air!

Simon Scott, Westmorland Road, Urmston

Jean Scott, Highfield Drive, Davyhulme

Vincent Scott, Highfield Drive, Davyhulme

xxxxxxxx, Orkney Drive, Davyhulme

xxxxxxxx, Orkney Drive, Davyhulme

xxxxxxxx, Orkney Drive, Davyhulme

Mike Titterington, Wasdale Ave, Urmston
I am worried for my health and my children

xxxxxxxx, Westmorland Road, Urmston

xxxxxxxx, Manor Drive, Chorlton, Manchester

Patricia Monaghan, Kendal Avenue,

xxxxxxxx, Moss Park Road, Stretford
The traffic is horrendous in the area already so I dont want any further decrease in the quality of life round here. There is too much pollution for our heavily populated town.

Jack O\’Grady, Bent Lanes, , Davyhulme
I do not want this Plant to be built anywhere.

anne coyle, canterbury road, davyhulme urmston
very concerned about the risk to health

Clair Greenwood, Cromford Avenue, Manchester

David Clayton, Malvern Avenue, Urmston
We must do everything that we can to stop this health hazzard from being built in any built up area.

Julie Lea, Malvern Avenue, Urmston
As a local resident,i object strongly to the possible exposure to toxins.

xxxxxxxx, Woodhouse Road, Davyhulme
No No NO . We do not want this BREP. We already have light and traffic pollution around the Trafford Centre and smells from the Wastewater Treatment Works. Surely we should be improving our environment not destroying it with poisonous toxins. If there is any doubt about safety then it should not be built. I appeal to all our councillors to consider if they would like this health hazard on their doorstep and if the answer is no then they should vote NO and protect the current residents and future generations.

Neil Odins, trippier road, eccles
I do not want this obtrusive ugly power plant in eccles.. not only will it damage health but it is an eyesaw and will bring down the reputation and attraction of the trafford centre and surrounding business’s. I am extremely oppose to this new construction goin ahead.

xxxxxxxx, Trippier road, eccles
This Knocks me sick.Its things like this that make me think to move out this country with my children this place is getting worse

xxxxxxxx, Wendover Road, Urmston

Ruth Clarke, 7 Carisbrook Ave, Manchester

Alex Kemp, 7 Carisbrook Ave, Manchester

xxxxxxxx, Leyburn ave, Flixton
I say no

Sheila Clarke, Wetheral, Carlisle

xxxxxxxx, 20 Irlam rd, flixton

Paul Staines, 14 Leyburn Avenue, Manchester
Along with the waste water sewage works which we already have to endure the smell of on a regular basis, I do not feel it is just to also have a biomass power plant in the same area.

xxxxxxxx, Reigate Road, Flixton
Worried about serious health risks to me and my family. Absolutely against this!!

David Woolf, Edale Avenue, Urmston
I am absolutley opposed to the plant, I am so proud to live in Trafford please dont allow this to go ahead

xxxxxxxx, portland street, manchester

xxxxxxxx, kingsway, manchester

xxxxxxxx, elm grove, manchester

xxxxxxxx, palatine road, manchester

xxxxxxxx, thorp street, eccles
I disagree with the proposal as i have an 18 month old baby who already has Breathing Difficulties, this can only add more problems? i think i speak for alot of people

Dorothy Burton, thorp street, eccles

Charles Patten, Kendal Avenue, Flixton

xxxxxxxx, , Manchester

xxxxxxxx, windermere road, urmston

xxxxxxxx, Lismore Way, Urmston, MANCHESTER

xxxxxxxx, Lismore Way, Urmston, MANCHESTER

xxxxxxxx, , Isle of man
I do not live in the area, but have family friends there and i would not like to visit with that hanging in the air.

xxxxxxxx, Grosvenor Road, Urmston

xxxxxxxx, Grosvenor Road, Urmston

A Slater, Benbecula Way, Urmston
I am totally against this proposed development.. Its a disgrace that it could even be considered to be placed in location. What next a spent Uranium dump!

C Slater, Benbecula Way, Urmston
Once again it appears that Peel are able to manipulate this area for their own benefits. Traffic polution, noise pollution, light pollution, litter pollution and now chemical pollution. Sounds like a great place to bring children up in. This needs to be stopped in its tracks!!

Ellen, Grovenor, Orewa
Dont let this happen people – come on !!!

Jean Haynes, Barnfield, Urmston

Matthew Gresty, Amersham Close, Davyhulme
To Risky. Should be relocated to a non residential area.

Steph McCaig, Amersham Close, Davyhulme
It is not a case of not on my doorstep it should be if properly risk assessed not on anyone’s doorstep. A plant like this should not be built in any residential area and I would have serious questions about our council if this was allowed to go ahead. The area already has the inconvenience of the sewage works and increased traffic pollution from the trafford centre. This is much worse and will most definately harm the health of those that live and work in the local area. If a plant like this must be built for the good of the country which i very much doubt it should be in a non-residential area and surrounded by trees to act as a natural filter. PLEASE DO NOT ALLOW PEEL TO BUILD THIS PLANT IT IS A STEP TO FAR FOR THIS AREA AND I INTEND TO BACK THE ‘BREATH CLEAN AIR’ CAMPAIN ALL THE WAY.

xxxxxxxx, Church Road, Urmston
If this needs to be implemented this should be done away from residential areas including fall out area. There are extensive health risks.

Peter Reynolds, crossknowle view, Urmston
I feel very strongly about BREP and the implications that can be caused to many people in the urmston and surrounding area’s,which is quite a large area that will be effected by the toxins that will seep into the atmosphere that we ALL BREATHE. We should be looking at a future that is cleaner and safer and healthier for us all to live in. For this propossal to go ahead would be ignorantly excepted by the powers that be, and WHAT would the IMPLICATIONS be on us as HUMAN BEING’S !!!!!!!! HEALTH HEALTH HEALTH

xxxxxxxx, Davhulme Road, Davyhulme
Objection on health grounds & for the sake of childrens’ health.

xxxxxxxx, Mayfair Avenue, urmston

emma, woodhouse road, urmston

ALISON SMITH, Ellaston drive, Urmston
It is unbelievable this is being considered in such a highly populated area qhuch already has to deal with the additional traffic fumes associated with the Trafford centre and the delightful smell of the sewage works. Can no one stop Peel holdings? or does money = commonsense? I think not!!

Martine Bradshaw, Bent lanes, Davyhulme

xxxxxxxx, , manchester

Dionne Tulloch, Central Drive, Urmston
Very concerned about the health risks to myself and my family.



Rachel, Nona Street, Salford
Why waste even more money building something many (if not all) local residents do not want. The one in Bolton is still operational is it not? Things need to be tightened down over there first before building another one is even considered.



xxxxxxxx, Loretto Road, Urmston

Lee Gibson, Loretto Road, Urmston

Catherine Mackey, 63 Railway Road, Urmston

xxxxxxxx, ridgmont drive, boothstwon

xxxxxxxx, Worsley Rd, Swinton
I would hate to think the council would not take such health hazards into consideration when building this plant. The communties health should come before anything else and I would be horrified if such a thing were built.

Joanne Goodwin, Whitelake Ave, Flixton
I am saying no!!!

Camilla Neill, West bank Ave, Lytham

xxxxxxxx, Shetland Way, Davyhulme
I attended the original meeting with Peel at the DW.l voiced by concerns on several issues and predictably got a positive response from Peel but I came away very sceptical. I unfortunately was away for the last public meeting and did not know about the first but l fully support this campaign.

xxxxxxxx, Hoy Drive, Davyhulme

Claire Kemp, Barkway Road,

Claire Bowyer, Westmorland Road, Urmston

Elizabeth Road, Meadowbank court, Stretford

Louise Hallas, Carlton St, Old Trafford
My parents live in Davyhulme and I am appalled that a monstrosity such as Peel Holdings are proposing could even be considered in such a densly populated area. What appears to have not been mentioned is that the wind will carry the toxins over Stretford and Chorlton, or Sale and Altrincham depending on the wind direction. The management of Peel Holdings have kept the true implications of this plant well away from the public. Has the mention of reduced house values been mentioned? Peel Holdings you are a disgrace to even consider such a thing.

Jonny Murray, Kingsnorth Road, Flixton
Its a shame the lengths people will go to just to make money isn’t it…Peel Holdings are trying to mask BREP as a eco-friendly alternative way to provide electricity. What’s more important, the well being of tens of thousands of people or a few extra zeros in Mr. Peels bank account…?

nik wood, cyprus st, manchester
BREP sucks 🙁

Mrs Claire Howard, Parsonage Road, Flixton
Do we not already have enough with the water treatment plant? Our children deserve clean air !

xxxxxxxx, , Urmston

xxxxxxxx, Iona Way, Davyhulme

PETER BAGNALL, Broadway, Davyhulme
Particulates can have adverse effects on public health. We are surrounded by motorways giving us poor air quality. Say no to this Peel Holding venture

Helen Lalley, Woodsend Road, Urmston
I strongly oppose BREP as I fear that the local area is already heavily polluted from the congested traffic of the M60 and various other major businesses in Trafford Park and Carrington. The last thing we need is more pollution! I genuinely fear for my families health and the health of local residents.

Charlene Preston, mosley common road, Tyldesley

xxxxxxxx, crossknowle view, urmston
say No to Bio Mass

sue wilde, hayeswater rd, urmston
please dont let this happen to us in this lovely area.

tina chrimes, lewis avenue, urmston

xxxxxxxx, Lostock Road, Urmston
If this goes ahead it will come back to haunt people in the future. The polutant that goes up Will come down, But hey what Peel want Peel get so probably another waste of a email to the council.

xxxxxxxx, denstone avenue, urmston
Please don’t do this. I’m so worried for my babies health

Debbie Roberts, Avocet Drive, BRoandheath

Georgia TSAKIRI, Apt 6, Regents Court, 1a Woodside Road, Manchester

xxxxxxxx, Lyndhurst Avenue, Davyhulme
I am concerned about the health risks, extra traffic, in an already ridiulously busy area (because of the Trafford Centre and other Peel Holdings properties!), and the future of the area.

David Hobson, Iona Way, Urmston
I am totally opposed to this plan. there are obvious health risks and the proposed area is completly wrong for such a facility. The local area has been developed over recent years to have some excellent social facilities availble. Dont ruin all this good work by putting a environmental disaster in the middle of it all!

Simon HIggins, Salisbury Road, Davyhulme

Linda Murdoch, Royston Road, Davyhulme

xxxxxxxx, Aldermere Crescent, Flixton
Current information suggests that a proportion of what will be burnt will include plastics and other rubbish. I am not convinced that the emissions will be safe. Therefore i am opposed to the current plans.

xxxxxxxx, Arundel Avenue, Flixton

George Bissett, Leamington rd, Daveyhulme

Andrea Cunningham, Wet Earth Green, Swinton

david Upton, Central drive, Urmston
NO WAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



xxxxxxxx, Broadway, Davyhulme
Worried about health risks to my family and neighbours

xxxxxxxx, brighton grove, urmston

xxxxxxxx, wesley square, flixton

xxxxxxxx, Broadway, Davyhulme

xxxxxxxx, tewkesbury avenue, manchester

xxxxxxxx, Addison Road, Urmston
I oppose BREP plans on the basis that residents have the right to clean and safe lives in Trafford.

xxxxxxxx, Woodgarth Drive , Swinton

xxxxxxxx, Durnford Avenue, Urmston
I have grave concerns over the health implications this proposal will have I am strongly oppsed to it

xxxxxxxx, Canterbury Road, Urmston
We dont want another pollutant in our area.
We already haave United Utilities which already processes too many nasty products.

xxxxxxxx, Ashton Avenue, Altrincham
Very concerned about health risks with regard to health and safety, toxic waste , toxic ash emissions so strongly oppose the building of this power incinerating plant. The health risks are not acceptable, plus it will further spil the local area for residents

Tanya Roberts, Dalton Gardens, Davyhulme

xxxxxxxx, Taylors Road, Stretford

Debby Edmond, Derby Road, Urmston

xxxxxxxx, , Urmston
I have a life threatening heart lung condition and am very concerned about the health implications of the BREP.

Shirley Brettell, Newbury Drive, Davyhulme
Totally opposed to BREP – all health risks are unacceptable – we have our children to think of and their future, which will be seriously blighted if this plant is built.

g teece, broadway, davyhulme
notice JOHN WHITTAKER doesn’t live in the area

xxxxxxxx, broadway, davyhulme

xxxxxxxx, moorside road, Urmston
If their is any doubt about the possible pollution then it should not be buolt in close proxim ity to large or small residential areas.

daniel atherton, berwick avenue, urmston
this does not sound good. i have 2 small children and we are often outdoors nearby. my daughter also has astmah and currently enjoys many sports with the help of inhailers. this is the last thing she what will it do to house prices…THIS IS BAD NEWS. consider your locals trafford council

xxxxxxxx, Brookfield Ave, Timperley
I no longer live in davyhulme, but both my parents do. I am due to give birth to their first grandchild very soon. I am greatly opposed to this energy plant. As i wish my first born child to have the basic right to enhale clean air whilst visiting its grandparents, rather than cancer causing hazardous gases. I spent most of my childhood inhaling stinking smells from the sewage works, i do not want this for my child too. Surely it is our basic human right to be able to breathe clean air!!!

xxxxxxxx, Brookfield Ave, timperley

Katie Hackett, Gorton Street, Eccles

Anthony Seddon, Gorton Street, Eccles

xxxxxxxx, Lewis Avenue, Manchester
1) The health implications would devastating for our area and are outlined by the support group
2) Already the traffic around this area is unbearable, to the point whereby if I need to go out or come home I have to go through all the back roads, including having to go 2 miles outside the area to double back on myself, if this were to be built then I cannot imagine the chaos this would bring.
3) The smell in this area is bad enough, with the sewage plant, it would be horrendous to now want to add more noxious smells into our atmosphere
4) If this were to be given the go ahead, I would 1st consider selling up and moving elsewhere, even though I was born in Davyhulme and have lived all my life here, but 2nd I would be worried that I would not be able to sell as soon as it is discovered the plant would be built then the house prices would drop and this would become a dead area to live.
5) My children, 18 & 15, are questioning why does this have to be built here as they don’t want to have cancer or have health problems from this, and I realise that maybe this isn’t definitive, but this is how they perceive the plant.

xxxxxxxx, lewis avenve, davyhulme, manchester
i’m all for alternative energy but not at the cost of human life & suffering of which it is proven that this type of power plant does.

sarah colclough, 66 davyhulme road, davyhulme
this is going to affect everybody, elderley,young, pregnant and children please i dont want this to effect everyones health…i say NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

stacie obrien, holford ave, manchester

Jon Stanley, Silver Street, Irlam

Richard Hirst, 21 Botesworth Green, Rochdale

Liam Kenneally, Southbourne Avenue, Urmston

Russ Hellewell, Liverpool Road, Eccles

Richard Wright, Westover road, Urmston

Pam Rhodes, Lawrence Road, Flixton

Mr Simon Bassett, Aylesbury Avenue, Urmston

Richard Morton, Ashbourne Avenue, Flixton

Will Cooper, 3 Carrsvale Avenue, Urmston

Ruth Martin, Firwood Avenue, Urmston

xxxxxxxx, Moorside Road, Urmston
Urmston is the forgotten corner of the Borough .

xxxxxxxx, Highfield Drive, Urmston
I vehemently oppose the construction of this plant at Barton.

Laura Reynolds, crossknowle view, Urmston
Toxic fumes in the air! NO THANK YOU! I Want to protect my family

James Brownell, crossknowle view, Urmston

ryan, crossknowle view, Urmston

ryan, crossknowle view, Urmston

Joanne Stockton, Raglan Road, Manchester
I am 100% opposed to BREP. The health implications are without question unacceptable and our area needs to be protected.

xxxxxxxx, Railway Road, Urmston
I think this is disgraceful!!

xxxxxxxx, Lewis Avenue, manchester

martin padmore, mimosa road, liverpool

Carys Duke, Victoria Road, Manchester
Please support the opposition to these plans; not only is this an eyesore and another blot on the local landscape but also a great health risk and concern for all those that have young children.

andrew collinson, woodhouse road, davyhulme
hope the decision makers will not be “bought” by Peel Holdings £s!!!!!! Say NO to this carbuncle!

wendy richardson, woodhouse road, davyhulme
for the sake of our childrens health, please do not allow this plant to go ahead

Rob Heeney, Labunum Road, Urmston

Aaron Donlan, 8 central drive urmston manchester, manchester

Chantal Donlan, 6 Long Walk, Partington

Peter summers, Anson street, Eccles

Paul Malone, Lynouth Avenue, Urmston

Robert clark, Westbourne road, Eccles

Dylan jeffers, Doefield ave, Worsley

Kirsty wilkinson, Doefield ave, Worsley

Leanne Donlan, Derwnt Road ,

Wendy Kelley, Broadway Close, Urmston

xxxxxxxx, Eden vale, Worsley

xxxxxxxx, Princess Road, Urmston

Sharon Dodd, Derwent Road, Flixton
The current propoal is of grave concern to the health of residents within the local area and as such I voice a strong objection.

Susan McConville, 4 Aldermere Crescent, Flixton
i am completely opposed to this incinerator, Its technology has been rejected in other countries and potential health risks due to incomplete incineration and resultant particle size deposited within a large part of greater Manchester, paticularly in th eUrmston, Salford and Sale/Stretford areas, as far as Wilmslow.

xxxxxxxx, aylesbury ave, manchester

Kelly Swindells, Crossknowle view, Urmston

Matthew Reynolds, Crossknowle view, urmston

Katrina Horridge, Matlock Street, Peel Green

Ruth leek, Irlam avenue, Manchester
I’d like mine and my family’s and friends lives not to be gambled with in such a way. BUILD THESE THINGS WHERE PEOPLE ARE NOT!!!

Colette Donlan, Central drive, Urmston Manchester

Rebecca Mitchell, Mossvale Road, urmston

xxxxxxxx, Lime Tree Close, Urmston

xxxxxxxx, Lime Tree Close, Urmston

Robert Milne, 3 Carisbrook Avenue, Urmston

Meg Deakins, Stott Drive, Urmston

Peter Lee, Barton Road, Urmston

emma earnshaw, grange rd, urmston

Andy Grice, Tiverton Road, Urmston

richard jackson, ewis avenue, davyhulme

xxxxxxxx, Hilrose Avenue, Urmston
No plant please, I dont care if its renewable energy, our health isn’t renewable once its been affected by something like this.

Marl, Hilrose Avenue,

Paul White, Barton Road, Eccles

xxxxxxxx, the spinney, urmston

Phil Steel, Abingdon Road, Urmston
As an Asthma suffer I am opposed to this due to its size, polution risk and damage it will do to my health. We already suffer more than enougth polution due to the volume of traffic on the M60.

Janice McBride, Newbury Drive, Davyhulme
Yet again greedy Peel Holdings subject us to more pollution although this time we’ll be breathing in harmful gases whilst The Chief lives in the Isle of Man breathing clean air! We have not been given enough information by the council regarding this but it’s obvious there are major health risks for local residents!

Angela Dulson, Lostock Road, Urmston
I am very concerned about the health implications for myself, my family and the community/residents of the area that will come with the plant if it is granted planning permission. i do not want the plant built in my residential area. Peel Holdings are more concerned with money then our health.

Diane Dulson, Poplar Grove, Urmston
No BREP. Peel Holdings are already taking over the area and now they want to build a plant. We already have enough fumes in the area with the traffic surrounding the area, M60 and often get the fumes/smells from the sewage works (United Unitilites). i am very concerned for the future of having this plant especially the health implications for the area and residents. Its a 100% NO!

Ian Elmes, Old Crofts Bank, Urmston
Say No to the Energy Plant! I am very concerned for my health, my family and the health of others. Peel Holdings are not concered about the residents, they are concerned about the money they make. Im sure most of the owners of Peel Holdings wont live in the Urmston area. Why dont they build the plant in there area i bet they say NO for the concerns of the health of there family and area!

Ste, Barton Rd, Urmston
NO TO THE ENERGY PLANT. I dont want my children breathing the fumes in.

Norma Dulson, Barton Road, Urmston
I live on Barton Road, have the Trafford Centre, United Utilities (sewage works), M60 right next to my house. Since the Trafford Centre has been built, Barton Road and surrounding area is awful withTraffic and fumes. Now they want to build a power plant!!!! Mores fumes and pollution for the area. I dont want a power plant in urmston. I dont want to be at any risks to my health especially with the fumes the power plant will be pumping out for us all to breathe. Thanks for the offer Peel Holdings but NO Thanks!

xxxxxxxx, lostock road, manchester
i dont want to breathe the fumes in

xxxxxxxx, urmston, manchester
say no to the plant its bad

Ricky, Barton Road, Urmston
Due to my health promlems Asthma and Diabetic, the last thing i need is more fumes in the area from Peel Holdings. NO THANK YOU PEEL HOLDINGS FOR THE PLANT!

xxxxxxxx, Ashbourne rd, Eccles

xxxxxxxx, Delamere Road, Urmston
Lets protect our children, future generations and our planet!

xxxxxxxx, Mount Drive, Urmston
We are against having the air nearby our houses polluted

xxxxxxxx, Woodhouse Road, Davyhulme

Mark Forrest, Aylesbury Avenue, Urmston

Lyndsey Forrest, Aylesbury Avenue, Urmston

Rachel Morton, Kingsnorth Road, Flixton

xxxxxxxx, mount drive, urmston

xxxxxxxx, 8 Walmsley Grove, Urmston
This is so frightening! Itr must be stopped for the sake of everyone

xxxxxxxx, Walmsley Grove, Urmston

xxxxxxxx, Walmsley Grove, Urmston

Win Ross, Meadow Drive, Knutsford
Waste should not be incinerated near densely populated areas – plain common sense should dictate this!

Barry Ross, Meadow Drive, Knutsford
I strongly object to incineration of waste that creates emissions close to habitable areas – it is madness and should not be permitted.

Michael Bracewell, Shanklyn Avenue, Urmston
I can’t believe this even has to be petitioned. It goes against everything that we in Britain have come across in the past. It seems times are going backwards. Are these people really that blind? Surely it’s giving money to the rich and stealing it from the poor- at least metaophorically.

juliet fairlee, newbury drive, davyhulme

xxxxxxxx, Lostock Road, Urmston
I totally oppose the building of the plant in a residential area, and am extremely concerned about the health risks. SAY NO!!!

xxxxxxxx, Lostock Road, Urmston
I strongly object to this Plant and the negative health impact

Helen Wilkinson, Derby Road, Urmston

xxxxxxxx, Abingdon Road, Urmston

xxxxxxxx, Abingdon Road, Urmston

jackie, 540 Barton Road, Stretford, Manchester., manchester
I am really against the incinerating power station it will effect the area in a bad way. The health of local people will be seriously damaged, the house prices will fall dramatically, out children are already worrying about the effects it will have on them and say they will not want to play out if it is to go ahead, because of fears for their health. This has to be stopped, at the moment the area is a good place to live with lots of great amenities and places of interest, but all this will be destroyed by this awful, dangerous, unnecessary power station. Do not let this go ahead. We will do anything to stop this. Everybody must unite together and end it now.

xxxxxxxx, daresbury ave, flixton

Catherine Peet, 60 Sandy Lane, Stretford, Manchester
I am vry strongly opposed to this plant. I have read the documents and feel that the people of Stretford and Davyhulme Flixton etc have had to put up with quite enough over the years with the dreadful smell from the sewage wroks at Barton. Now the plan is to blight our lives and endanger the health of everyone in this area with this toxic output. Why not save the country money and install the energy re-cycling plant that would burn at higher temperatures and ensure that fewer if any toxins are released into the atmosphere. Also will the local councils be compensating local residents for the fall in house prices which will surely follow the building of the proposed plant.

Joanne Lewis, 64 Langland Drive, Eccles
This CANNOT go ahead, its insane?

xxxxxxxx, Derwent Road, Flixton
This plant application is not appropriate for a residential area

Phil Alexander, Hartford Road, Urmston

Cathy Stubbs, Hereford Drive, Swinton
I am against the proposal to build a Bio Mass Plant within this area

Janice Bartlett, 1 Plough Close, urmston
Strongly disagree with this it will be hazardous to our health

Helena Masterson, 12 Lingmell Close, Manchester
I do not agree with this power plant being built as I live near where they are planning to build it. I would not like the air pollution in my area especially as I have a child who plays and goes to school nearby.

angela masterson, George Street, Urmston

xxxxxxxx, Davyhulme, Manchester
I am sick of these useless councillors not backing those who voted them in. Where are the Davyhulme councillors? On holiday? Emigrated? In hibernation? Get up and do your bit or you will get voted out. We do not want this ****ing thing here – do your jobs or there will be trouble.

xxxxxxxx, 52 Sidley Avenue, Blackley

P K Bartlett, 1 Plough Close, Urmston

xxxxxxxx, , FLIXTON
These types of incinerators are not for residential areas.

xxxxxxxx, Moorside Road, Urmston

xxxxxxxx, Borough Road, Altrincham
am very worried about the health risks to everyone in this area and strongly oppose this plant. I also feel that the public have not been informed of this plant.

xxxxxxxx, Wellington Place, Altrincham
Put it somewhere else!

Beverley Jones, , Irlam

Stephen Antony Broadbent, 60 Westgate, Altrincham
Well done ,keep up the good work
Why should we have this in our area

xxxxxxxx, Old Crofts Bank, Manchester
I am absolutely opposed to BREP

Barbara Broadbent, Westgate, Hale
I oppose planning permission because of serious health implication for everyone in the area not forgetting those with lung and resiratory diseases

A Townsend, Summer Avenue, Urmston
I am totally oposed to the construction of this site. Yet again a perfect example of Peel Holdings greed and complete disregard for Trafford residents

xxxxxxxx, queensway, urmston
Stop the biomass plant!

Anthony Grey, 12 Rivington Grove, Cadishead
No thanks to cancer!


victoria barber, raglan road, stretford

xxxxxxxx, 17 peterwood gardens, Manchester

Christine Armstrong, Dunster Drive, Flixton
We should not be exposed to such hazardous substances, i am worried about health risks.

Matthew Peet, Sandy Lane, Stretford, Manchester
I dont think that this should even be a decision for the council. It is the health of myself, my family and my community that will be affected. Therefore it should be a decision for the residents of the areas that would be “affected”.

I think Peel Holdings and TBC know that if the residents of these areas where asked if they approved, the answer would be a resounding “NO!!”

John Noon, Broadway, Urmston
When are they gonna take applicants for jobs???

Peter Dunn, Nortth Grove, Urmston

charmaine hanrahan, LANCASHIRE, flixton
had enough with pollution from shell dont need this aswell!

Jane Rowlinson, , urmston

xxxxxxxx, , urmston

jessica brown, 4 cranford gardens, manchester

xxxxxxxx, , urmston

Andy Rowlinson, Cumberland Road, Urmston
No more Pollution please!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Charlotte, Kingsway Park, Davyhulme
I dont want to die a horrible death thankyou!!!! I’d like to stay healthy and not have to breathe in disgusting chemicals!

Lorraine O Leary, woodhouse road, Manchester

xxxxxxxx, marbury close, flixton
I am totally opposed to this plant and have read that they believe the health impacts are “minimal”, minimal to who? don’t think they are including my 1 year old child with lung disease in their research!

xxxxxxxx, Balmain road, Urmston

xxxxxxxx, Ollerton Avenue, Sale
I am competely opposed to the BREP. The health implications sre very concerning and I would consider moving out of the area if it goes ahead. That’s if my house price doesn’t plummet because of it. The extra threat to mine and and my childrens health from this scheme is very real.

xxxxxxxx, Hayeswater,
I hereby oppose the plans for incinerator by Peel Holdings in Barton on health grounds.

Gunnar Menzel, 34 Meadway, Sale

mrs garnory, eddisbury ave, flixton
Very worried about the health risks this plant would bring to us all

susan garmory, Eddisbury ave, Flixton
Not content with the extra pollution brought to our area with the fumes from the thousands of cars visiting the trafford centre every year now we are expected to breath in all these chemicals

xxxxxxxx, Hawthorn Lane, SALE

xxxxxxxx, Hawthorn Lane, SALE

xxxxxxxx, Canterbury Road, Urmston
I object to the power plant in a residential area due to health implications

xxxxxxxx, Canterbury Road, Urmston
NO to burning shit in my neibourhood

R Garmory, Eddisbury Ave, Flixton
Peel Holdings do not care about local people and our health all they care about is money plain and simple

A Garmory, Eddisbury Ave, Flixton
if its so safe why not build it in his own area im sure he has the land!!

john hoogerwerf, 29 lincoln ave, manchester

jackie lambton, doveston road, sale
I am against the building of this incinerator. I am asthmatic and live nearby. It would be a major disaster for peoples health visiting the area for social and leisure persuits if this place is built and pumping out waste. The wildlife of the ship canal deserves much better too.

xxxxxxxx, doveston road, sale

xxxxxxxx, Victoria Road, Urmston
Trafford council you will NOT grant planning permission to this plant. We the residents of this area refuse permission for this to be built.

xxxxxxxx, 9 ledbury avenue, urmston, Manchester

Paula Black, Benbecula Way, Urmston
It’s irresponsible of Peel to consider building this so close to a residential area; Davyhulme must not become a dumping ground!

Deborah Potter, Wycombe Close, Davyhulme

Amy Yorke, 69 Barton Road, Eccles

Nicola Carline, Kingsway Park, Urmston

xxxxxxxx, canterbury rd, urmston
the air around here is lethal enough as it is with all the extra traffic from trafford center and sewage works,my children deserve to breath clean air.SAY NO TO BREP.

xxxxxxxx, sandacre road, manchester

Colin Corbishley, Woodhouse Road, Davyhulme

luke, davyhulme road, urmston

Karen Hurd, 23 Cornhill road, Manchester
I am extremely concerned about the health risked posed by this plan and do not want it.

ian williams, cornhill road, urmston

xxxxxxxx, Bent Lanes, Urmston
This is an outrage and we protest. Think of our children and their futures!

Gerald Rudek, 11 Ermen Road, Eccles

Tracey Peden, gleneagles road, flixton
very concerned about health risks!

lucy swift, broadway, Manchester
local community pub bent brook says a big no due to health risks and deaths!!!

Neville, Audley Avenue,

This must not go ahead

xxxxxxxx, Exeter Road, Urmston

xxxxxxxx, Winster Avenue, Stretford
Deadly, we already have bad numbers of chest problems in this area

xxxxxxxx, Audley Ave., stretford
Stop it now!!!!!

Dave Riley, Withington Road, Manchester
I believe that incinerators are an unsustainable and obsolete method for dealing with waste. As a waste treatment technology, incinerators are unreliable and produce a secondary waste stream more dangerous than the original. As an energy production method, they are inefficient and wasteful of resources. As an economic development tool, they are a catastrophe that drains money out of local communities and creates scarce and often dangerous jobs.

xxxxxxxx, Wycombe Close, Davyhulme
Very worried about this plant, it will be very detrimental to the area.


Vanessa Williamson, Isobel Close, Eccles

victoria hancock, urmston lane, stretford

russell hancock, urmston lane, stretford

xxxxxxxx, Ullswater Road, urmston
Totally opposed to this, it is unacceptable to build such a plant in an urban area like this

J Begbie, Ullswater Road, Flixton
I am opposed to this power station in our residential neighbourhood

xxxxxxxx, Braemar Avenue, Stretford
Yet another example of Peel Holdings greed. They have already devastated the area with pollution from excessive traffic now they want to kill us all off! If this goes ahead Trafford Council should hang their heads in shame. If it is so harmless, perhaps the greedy Peel Holdings owners would like to come and live in the area?

cyril cooke, newbury drive, manchester

xxxxxxxx, kirkstall road, urmston
I oppose this plant, and nothing I read reassures me that it is safe for my children and grandchildres

xxxxxxxx, Salisbury Road, Davyhulme
I cannot beleive such an obvious risk is being planned next to such a densely populated area – where is the common sense in locating it near so many people? Also many countries are steering away from this type of plant due to effects on health. Why cant we employ the newer technology they are using instead if it is a newer healthier technology??

xxxxxxxx, Exeter Rd, Urmston

xxxxxxxx, Exeter Rd, Urmston

xxxxxxxx, Exeter Rd, Urmston

xxxxxxxx, Stretford Road, Urmston
I have asthma & am concerned that this plant will cause further problems

xxxxxxxx, Stretford Road, Urmston
In addition to the possible pollution problem we should also consider the effects of heavy transport on the already gridlocked area.

xxxxxxxx, 55 davyhulme, urmston

xxxxxxxx, Davhulme Road, Urmston

xxxxxxxx, Grosvenor Road, Urmston

julie crampton, grangethorpe road, urmston
as if the traffic from the Trafford Cntre, and smell from the sewers is not enough! I would fear for the health risk for all the local residents and the detrimental impact on property prices and quality of life.

xxxxxxxx, Wyndcliff Drive, Flixton

xxxxxxxx, Newton Road, Urmston
I am signing this petition to object to BREP as I am concerned about the emissions from a plant that will burn the equivalent toxic waste (wood with glues/paint/varnish etc). It is not acceptable to build a plant next to a large residential area. This is further compounded by plans to build two further power stations within a very short distance. Therefore, I strongly object to the BREP proposals.

xxxxxxxx, Meadowgate, Urmston
Until it can be proved that there is absolutely no health risk at all, this project should not take place. It seems to be just another example of Peel Holdings’ greed, as they have already destroyed any quality of life in Urmston due to the huge amount of building of the Trafford Centre etc. and the clogging up of the motorways as a result. It is becoming almost impossible to travel anywhere during peak times due to the traffic and we have enough to contend with from the fumes from that, nevermind more noxious fumes from an incinerator.

Frank aldred, Lynton avenue, Swinton

Hollie, , Manchester

Hollie, , Manchester

Andy, , Manchester

Kate Holloway, Salisbury Road, Davyhulme
I am extremely worried about the implications this may have on the health of my family & my young children!

Neil Dalley, Salisbury Rd, Davyhulme
Strongly oppose the BREP & I’m worried about the health risks to my family

Hannah, Salisbury Road, Davyhulme
This plant must not go ahead!

Stephen, Salisbury Road, Davyhulme
I say NO to the plant!

Jude, Knowsley Ave, Davyhulme
do the people who will be adversley affected by this horrendous plan not have the basic human right to breathe in clean air? Do our children and grandchildren not have the same rights that the family of John Whittaker have? NO to poison, NO to greed, NO to indifference. The sewage works are more than enough to bear. If the members of Peel Holdings have any vestige of human decency they will look for land far from a residential area.

Lianne, WELWYN CLOSE, Davyhulme

keithbailey, Thirlmere Rd,

Linda Bailey, Thirlmere Rd, Urmston

JamesBailey, Thirlmere Rd, Urmston

xxxxxxxx, Beverley Avenue, Urmston
This plant should not be near such a populated area. The health risks are too high.

M Edwards, Boscombe Ave, Barton
The incinerator shouldn’t be based in an area which is close to schools, homes and attractions as it affects the health of people.

Martin gatward, Grosvenor rd, Urmston

Keith Aldred, Meadowgate, Urmston
We have lived in this road for 32 years and over this time have suffered the release of wastage gasses & fumes through the nightime, from
Petrochemicals (now no longer) smells from the sewerage works at Barton ( now improved ) but now we have the real HEALTH DANGER of breathing in toxic emissions from this proposed site. I think if this planning goes ahead, there will be more than a few residents finding new accommodation in safer areas to live . . . Sellarfield here we come!

Paul Partington, Lostock Road, Davyhulme
Do Peel want to choke the life out of the Davyhulme area? It seems with this latest venture, the answer is yes.

craig morgan, lord street, cadishead
do they want to give all the future children of manchester bad health issues a they grow up, it’s hard enough with the sewage works stench every week

Howard Temperley, 40 Wycombe Close, Manchester
When if ever will Peel Holdings begin to consider the local population before their own obsession with making profits. Every single time a new Peel Holdings enterprise comes on stream we suffer from even more gridlocked roads and air polution and they have not finished yet……..

Andrew sherlock, lytham road, urmston
Say No!

xxxxxxxx, Marlborough Rd, Flixton Urmston
I oppose the development of the biomass incinerator which will burn toxic and carcinogenic waste in a highly populated area

xxxxxxxx, Marlborough Rd, Flixton Urmston
I oppose the BREP development on the grounds of the health of our children breathing toxic and possible carcinogenic waste . massive congestion which is a health hazard itself .Peel Holdings is slowly destroying the once very green areas of Trafford.

David Wild, Davyhulme Road, Urmston
To locate the BREP so near to residential areas should not be allowed on health grounds,

peter brooker, stile close, urmston
Any added possible health hazard is quite unacceptable.

jill ashworth, franklyn avenue, flixton
how can there be no health risks burning plastics ect day in day out plus what an eyesore this will be. we already have emissions and chemicals in the carRington area so please peel energy GIVE US A BREAK

Peter Holmes, 28 wallingford Road , Urmston

xxxxxxxx, Davyhulme Road, Urmston

xxxxxxxx, Davyhulme Road, Urmston

xxxxxxxx, Moorside Rd, Urmston
What’s in it for local residents – nothing positive except maybe a few jobs but nothing sufficient to justify the huge negatives. traffic, pollution, visual. Peel – you don’t know whether filters will do the job so don’t pretend otherwise.

xxxxxxxx, Park Road North, Urmston
We need clean air to breathe if we are to stay healthy. Where do the people who want to build this plant live? There is enough polution caused by Peel Holdings here already.

Gail Affen, Sutherland Road, Firswood

xxxxxxxx, Bosdin Road East, Flixton

xxxxxxxx, Bosdin Road East, Flixton

Fearne, ,
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Madeline Minshall, 9 Jackson Street, Manchester
it must not happen.

xxxxxxxx, Humphrey Crescent, Urmston
I oppose the proposal by Peel Energy to build a waste processing incinerator

xxxxxxxx, Humphrey Crescent, Urmston
I am totally opposed to the processing plant being developed. The health implications are of a major concern

xxxxxxxx, Humphrey Crescent, Urmston
I am opposed to the development of a waste processing plant in this area. The health implications are a major concern

xxxxxxxx, Humphrey Crescent, Urmston
I oppose the development of a waste processing plant in this area. The health implications are of considerable concern

Helen Cooper, Woodlands avenue, Flixton
I am very worried about the health risks to my family and our community

Gary Cooper, Woodlands avenue, Flixton

xxxxxxxx, Holt Street, Eccles
I am strongly opposed to the BREP proposal!

xxxxxxxx, Holt Street, Eccles
Substantial health risks aside, i’ve spent 10 years saving for my first home to have a Polluting Biomass plant possibly reduce the price by 40%! WE DON’T WANT THIS!!

Naomi Mills, Eastway, Sale
I am totally opposed to the BREP, and I am very concerned with the health issues that could arise, if this plant was given the go ahead. I have a 3yr old daughter and as a mother, I want to give her the best quality of life that she is entitled to, and to be able to breathe clean air.

Rick Wilkinson, Eastway, Sale

Jamie Elliott, Ciss Lane, Urmston
Whatever the debate about the health effects, it is clear that an incinerator will not improve our air quality and will bring litle economic benefit to the area. Therefore I say NO.

xxxxxxxx, grosvenor road, urmston
extremely worried about my family’s future health and worried about continuing to use gym facilities and ski slope as it is supposed to affect anyone exercising more

xxxxxxxx, grosvenor road, urmston

xxxxxxxx, albany court, manchester

xxxxxxxx, albany court, urmston
it is a vast residential area with many sports facilities. ie the dw soccer dome, david lloyd, the new salford reds stadium and city and united at carrington. These are all within 3 miles of the proposed BREP site. There are also residents who do not wish to breathe foul air and become ill from this monstrosity.

xxxxxxxx, Eltham Drive, Davyhulme
I am worried about serious health risks which sit along side a worsening living environoment through a massive increase in heavy traffic.

Steven Jacobs, Newbury drive, Urmston
Time to Say NO.

xxxxxxxx, Westmorland Road, Urmston
I am very much against building an incinerating power station in Davyhulme, it should be built away from residential area.

xxxxxxxx, Sandbach, Cheshire
Not happy about this. Wanting to relocate to Altrincham area but this will put me off.

xxxxxxxx, Deganwy Road, Deganwy
We are regular visitors to the Trafford Centre but won’t be if the BREP goes ahead.

xxxxxxxx, Grange rd, Chorlton

xxxxxxxx, Norton Street, Old Trafford
I don’t think it’s fair to expose such a densely populated area to this amount of polution. What are we, China?

xxxxxxxx, Eccles New Road , Salford



Stuie72, , Old Trafford

Tony Elmore, Arundel Avenue, Flixton

xxxxxxxx, Davyhulme Road, Davyhulme
I oppose the BREP as I am concerned about health implications.

Mireille Freeman, Mayfair Ave, Urmston

a burgess, hartford rd, davyhulme

j burgess, hartford rd, davyhulme

bob morrow, kirkstall road, Urmston

xxxxxxxx, Dalveen Avenue , Urmston
A minimal health risk is an unacceptable health risk.This plant is a disaster for the area and for the community. We cant afford for Peel to earn money off the back of our health . No compromise on this, we must object fully and strongly to the proposals. No objection to renewable energy production , but not near residential areas. Its the wrong site for such a facility ,scale form and massing are poorly designed , a belching chimney of fumes the new gateway from the north .

Melanie Phillips, Norbreck Avenue, Chorlton
This is a serious threat to both the environment and the health of local people. I believe these concerns should be put before profit.

xxxxxxxx, Lothian Avenue, Eccles
I am very concerned about possible airborne pollution & contamination from such a plant being so close to large residential areas.

Marie Coquet, Vincent Avenue, Manchester

xxxxxxxx, Chetwynd Ave, Urmston
I don’t want the health worry, I don’t want yet more traffic, I don’t want a chimney as a blot on the landscape thanks.

xxxxxxxx, Woodhall , Warrington
I have family living near the planned site, and I’m worried baout the effects on their health.

xxxxxxxx, hereford grove, urmston

rob stratford, japonica gardens, st helens

stuart johnson, stokesay road, sale

xxxxxxxx, Rochester Road, Urmston
I am signing against the proposals by Peel Energy and urge all to make their official objections known asap. Applications have been made at this time to lower support due to commitments over the Xmas period. Don’t let this go unnoticed. Object before 12th Jan 2011 for cleaner air in our communities.

Wayne Hall, Crofts Bank Road, Urmston
The health risks are too high. Say no to the proposals.

Matthew Berry, eltham,

xxxxxxxx, Eltham Drive, Davyhulme

Bez, Eltham drive, Davyhulme
I note that a Peel representative has admitted that wood from the construction and demolition sites as well as civic amenity sites is to be included in their definition of “bio-mass”. Pre-used wood products are invariably coated with paint, and varnish. Fibre board is held together by chemical substances, even wood for outdoor use is treated with preservatives; (one of the most comment being arsenic!) which is released into the air when the wood is burned.

Philip Duval, Jackson Street, Stretford

Jean Hughes, Canterbury Road, Urmston

xxxxxxxx, Barton Road, Manchester
Stop this terrible plan!!

xxxxxxxx, Welwyn Close , Davyhulme
Enough is enough, this must not go ahead

xxxxxxxx, Roslyn Avenue, Flixton
This cannot happen for the good of the community

xxxxxxxx, Barton Road, Urmston
My main concerns are the health risks associated with this proposed plant as well as the increased traffic in the area, we already have enough of both traffic and pollution

xxxxxxxx, Barton Road, Urmston
I remember the days when we had “smog” and you couldn’t see your hand in front of your face, you knew that you were breathing polluted air, If this proposal is allowed then all that will happen is we will be breathing invisible polluted air. What happened to the “Clean Air Act”?

Rebecca Wood, , Congleton

Cllr jane Baugh, 121 Moss lane, Altrincham
I oppose because i am concerned about the emissions and monitoring of emissions

Joanne Bennett, Conway Road, Sale
The concerns regarding possible detrimental health effects of this development have not been adequately addressed,

Cllr Barry Brotherton, Highfield Avenue, Sale

Cllr Dave Quayle, Carrington Lane, Sale

Cllr Alex Williams, 75 Park Rd, Hale
I am opposed to the BREP and support the work of BCAG. Best Wishes, Cllr Alex Williams, Deputy Leader, Trafford MBC

Cllr David Acton, Cavendish Road, Urmston
I am opposed to this planning application due to the potential health risks which could occur from the toxic emmissions. I’m also concerned about the significant extra heavy lorry traffic which this plant will generatin in the area which already suffers with massive traffic congestion. enough is enough.

Cllr Tom Ross, Old Hall Road, Sale

Cllr Mike Cordingley, Raglan Road, Stretford
The air quality in North Trafford is contributing already to health inequalities and shorter lives. Any additional emissions can only worsen the situation. We need to be cleaning up the air quality now, particularly reducing traffic.

Councillor Kevin Procter, Spennithorne Road, Urmston
I would like to fully support BCAG in their opposition to this proposed Bio Mass plant. I have serious concerns about the health risk to local people should this go ahead.

Paul, Norwood Rd, Stretford
The real problem here is the governments have and have always had alternative fuels available that dont cost any thing and until people wake up to the energy scams by the powers that be, then we will always have this problem.

xxxxxxxx, 50 Church Road, Urmston

wilf howard, orchard road west , manchester
I am writing regarding my concerns for the proposal of the BREP. This plant is something I oppose and I am very concerned about the health implications that will come with the plant if it is granted planning permission.

Cllr C. Turner, ,

Dr. Raza Askari, 19 Rossett Drive, Davyhulme, Urmston
Creating health hazards with short-term monetary gains is absolutely not permissible. A big NO from me. Please this is not a time to be placid & people should voice their opinions

Mrs. Nobia Askari, 19 Rossett Drive, Davyhulme, Urmston
We do not need a health hazard in our area!

Jazib, Rossett Drive, Urmston
Here is a short description about what I think the incinerator will do to innocent people, it will release a toxic concoction of waste upon the vunerable individuals that are unlucky enough to fall into its grasp, a forceful grasp of never-letting-go. Pilfering the mass populations inhabitence e.g. cancer and partitioning them from their beloved ones, it may even cause death! The people of Urmston are in grave danger, and need to stop the incinerator from taking over !!!

xxxxxxxx, Abingdon Road, Urmston
I’m opposing the development due to the health risks that it poses to local residents.

Phil Greenwood, 94 Stott Drive, Urmston

Moh, Rossett Drive, Urmston
I think we should try to stop the incinerator as everyone is saying, because the air could be very hazardous and innocent people could die! Someone must be out of their mind getting people killed!

xxxxxxxx, Widecombe Close Davyhulme, Trafford Manchester
I have children and Grandchildren in this area.
There are serious, associated health concerns with this planned development.
There is already additional pollution from transport emissions via the M60 Our community is already tolerating increased emissions, which are damaging to our long term health. And we do ned to think of the long term effect of this. We do need to object strongly, to this becoming our reality.

Javahir, Rossett Drive, Davyhulme, Urmston
An inappropriate proposal so close to large residential areas and will lead to many long term health risks. It is definitely an idea put forward without any though of the implications.

xxxxxxxx, BlahBlah Drive, Davyhulme, Urmston
You wanna kill all the innocent people of Urmston? You wanna see them die? You wanna be the cause of them suffering? You wanna put up this incinerator?………I’ll take that as a no then…..SO STOP THE INCINERATOR!!!! So, lets go over this- do you want to put up the incinerator??….No??……good answer….cos i know where you live.

MARIE QUINN, towngate drive, urmston
I oppose the building of the waste processing and incineration facility at Barton because of the risks to health for our vulnerable adults and children

CORA NIBLOCK, towngate drive, urmston
Please dont build this plant I dont want me or my family and friends to get ill

Matt Forman, Alderley Road, Flixton
We have the right to breathe the cleanest air possible without risk to the health of us, our children or our childrens children.


xxxxxxxx, woodsend Rd, Flixton

Mouhamad Awada, Elmira Way, Salford
Thanks for the lady visited me at Santander Urmston. It was an eye opener.

Mollie Bowcock, Stanley Road, Eccles

Lindsey Gagan, Church Rd, Urmston
My first and biggest objection is the health risk. Such a plant should clearly be away from human habitation. Secondly, I would make the point that Urmston has seen a massive amount of development already, quite out of keeping with other areas. Would Alderley Edge, Bowdon or Hale be allowed to be built up in this way? Our home area is being taken out of our hands by people who don’t even live here. Even if the plant were safe, in terms of waste disposal we already have the sewage works -enough is enough!

Frank Cordingley, Barnfield, Urmston

xxxxxxxx, Railway Road, Urmston
I am totally opposed to BREP. We don’t need any more pollution in this area.

kevin robertson, bowfell road, urmston
we breathe enough crap in off the traffic thanks ,no more air pollution

Simon Walker, Longfield Drive, Urmston

Helen Simpson, 26 Hoy Drive, Davyhulme

xxxxxxxx, woodhouse road, Manchester

xxxxxxxx, Lostock Road, Urmston
I have sent my objection letter to the planning officer and to David Gill at Man Utd highlighting the Health & Safety implications he faces as an employer under the H&S at work act…

xxxxxxxx, Harrison Street, Eccles

xxxxxxxx, harrison Street, Eccles

Patti Burgess, Witton, Stourbridge
I was once resident in in the Manchester area not far from the proposed site and I support the present residents stand for clean non toxic air and their concern for the welfare of future generations.

gillian grayson, the crescent, flixton

Kate Green, Davyhulme,

xxxxxxxx, 34 Havenscroft Avenue, Eccles

xxxxxxxx, 34 Havenscroft Avenue, Eccles

xxxxxxxx, dovedale avenue, urmston
Wholeheartedly object to this proposal

Cllr Sophie Taylor, Grange Road , Sale

sharon trueman, Southgate, Urmston

anthony trueman, southgate, urmston

xxxxxxxx, Southgate, Urmston

xxxxxxxx, Southgate, Urmston

Charlotte Collins, Wythenshawe Road, Sale

Jeni Surrey, Haslemere Road, Flixton

A.Stephens, Dalton Gardens, Davyhulme Urmston

S Campbell, , Stretford

T Townsend, , Stretford

C Townsend, , stretford

xxxxxxxx, shawe hall ave, urmston
This development should not be allowed

xxxxxxxx, shawe hall ave, urmston
I am disgusted that this plant is being proposed in a residential area

xxxxxxxx, shawe hall ave, urmston

xxxxxxxx, kenilworth road, urmston
I object due to the unknown effects the plant may have on our childrens future health and well-being

xxxxxxxx, venue, Davyhulme
Local residents in the area are rightly annoyed and concerned, we have enough traffic and associated pollution with the ill concieved placing of the Trafford Centre and retail park without thought to the local road infrastructure, a large Sewarage plant with tankers coming and going daily on the doorstep, we really do not need any more pollution or traffic in our immediate area.
The future of Trafford should be bright, not blighted!

Miss mcmaster, Derbyshire crescent, Stretford

xxxxxxxx, barton road, davyhulme
My family and i are very worried about the health implications of the proposed plant, we must not let it go ahead!

David Owen, Hoy Drive, Davyhulme
Far too close to residential areas and in addition to a sewage works is too much.

Peter Robertson, 26 Barton Road, Davyhulme,, Manchester. M41 7WA
Leave our living space alone. Let us live and breath clean air, not poison us with your pollution.

xxxxxxxx, Malvern Ave, Manchester
Building this will have major health implications for everyone, would you want raise children with that nearby?

Cllr. Steve Cooke, Rydal Crescent, Swinton

Katie Smith, Iona Way, Urmston

Lesley Ivers, Ullswater rd, Flixton

Richard Brown, Ullswater Rd, Flixton

Neil Edwards, Queen\\’s Road, Urmston

Helen Rees, Dale Street, MANCHESTER
Clean air is a basic human right

xxxxxxxx, Marlborough Road, Flixton
Health should always come before making money!

georgina grzesiak, barton road, stretford

paul grzesiak, barton road, stretford

Tim Jones, Brighton Avenue, Flixton
I am very worried about the health implications of such a power plant for myself and my family. I strongly object to the building of the plant.

Angela Platt, Cromford Avenue, Stretford
I oppose the proposed BREP due to the health implications that will accompany the plant once it’s in operation. We’re told that ‘filters’ will ensure the air we breathe is clean – funny that, but the local water authority just down the road is supposed to use specific kinds of filters when they’re processing human waste and they DON’T. How long do you think it will be before BREP will do exactly the same thing just to make more money?

julian brown, Cranford gardens, flixton

sarah jones, brighton avenue, urmston

xxxxxxxx, 28 Rothiemay Road, Flixton
I have serious concerns about the health implications of the incinerator

xxxxxxxx, Malvern Ave, Manchester
This should not even be considered, it will have major health implications for all of us. Would you want to raise your kids with that nearby?

Sam Wild, Roseneath Road, Urmston
Concerned about potential health risks for all local residents.

xxxxxxxx, Malvern Ave, Manchester
This is horrible and should not even be considered! Do any of Peel Holdings live round here?? Thought not!

xxxxxxxx, Mayfair Avenue, Urmston
I am totally opposed to BREP

Elaine Steele, Broadoaks rd , Urmston
Any health risk however small is not acceptable

James Steele, Broadoaks Rd, Urmston
Clean air is a human right and if this incinerator contravenes that right and indoing so becomes a health risk then it should not be allowed to go ahead.

xxxxxxxx, Braddon Avenue, Urmston

xxxxxxxx, Chequers Road, Chorlton

xxxxxxxx, Westbourne Road, Urmston
I am concerned about the long term health risks.

xxxxxxxx, newcroft cres, urmston
very worried about the serious health risks from this type of power plant

Lucinda Spellman, Humphrey Park, Urmston
The terms ‘Biomass’ and ‘renewable’ is a farce…this is health-damaging heavy industry, through the back door. A wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Karen Smith, Canterbury Road, Urmston

Alex Ingram, roseneath rd, urmston

Kyle Cokayne, 17 Clyne Street, Stretford, Manchester M32 0SA
Flawed logistics, false calculations, figures and claims, 70 supply trucks a day needed !

xxxxxxxx, Cumberland Rd, Urmston
I strongly oppose this plant for many reasons which will negatively affect my local area inclusing increased traffic, pollution, closeness to housing.

Rebecca Turnock, Woodhouse Road, Urmston

Eleanor Francis, Pangbourne Ave, URMSTON

xxxxxxxx, Western Road, Urmston

xxxxxxxx, Seymour Grove HC, Old Trafford

Eleanor Pugh, Queens Road, Urmston
I do not agree with this at all. It will affect house prices, businesses and local peoples health!

Simon Garner, Milton Crescent, Cheadle

Rachel McIntosh, Jackson Court Bowfell Road, Urmston
Why should the residents of the surrounding areas have their health put at risk due to the greed of Peel Holdings. Its bad enough having the Trafford Centre and all the TRAFFIC it brings!


xxxxxxxx, Kingsway Park, Davyhulme
Our kids have a right to breathe clean air.

kate parrish, , urmston

xxxxxxxx, Nursery Road, Urmston
I strongly oppose this power plant and I am very concerned about the health implications of it.

xxxxxxxx, Nursery Road, Urmston
I strongly oppose this power plant and I am very concerned about the health risks assossciated with it.

Bryan Hague, Winchester Road, Urmston
The health risk is too great. Me and my family have to live with any broken promises/false claims/unforseen circumstances/new scientific findings etc. Once it is built it is too late. Instead of adding to polluton, the authorites should be looking at improving the air quality in this area!

xxxxxxxx, Kings Road, Stretford, Manchester

Darren Thomason, Newton Road, Urmston
Aside from the health implications and effect on the local house pices, I would imagine that the Trafford Centre and surrounding Industry is going to get first dibs on the power generated.

xxxxxxxx, Newton Road, Urmston

james owen, roseneath road, urmston

myles owen, roseneath road, urmston

stephen lumby, flixton road, urmston
We are already getting a new power station at carrinton, I say a strong NO to anymore. Build it elsewhere

xxxxxxxx, buttermere close , stretford
I have health concerns about this plant and the noxious fumes everyone living in the vicinity will be forced to breathe if it goes ahead.

xxxxxxxx, valley road, urmston

Claire Ashby, ,

xxxxxxxx, Arran Ave, Sale
How can anyone be in favour of this?

Im hoping this petition wiil have impact please listen to us



M McKavney, Irlam Road, Flixton
I believe that this “energy plant” is the thin end of the wedge. What very toxic pollutants come out depends on what is burnt. I suspect that Peel Energy will burn whatever it can in the future to increase profits, regardless of materials. They have admitted that they will NOT be able to filter out many pollutents. What Peel Energy tell us today will have no bearing on what they will do tomorrow. This development must not be allowed under any circumstances.

John McClean, 59 Kenwood Road Stretford, Manchester
Please put people’s health first. Biomass incineration is neither clean nor green.

xxxxxxxx, Rossett Drive, Davyhulme

Heather Varley, Truro Avenue, Stretford
I am the mother of two young children whose health will be directly affected by the fall out form this plant and therefore I am totally opposed to it.

xxxxxxxx, Kingston Drive, Flixton
This is not good for Trafford Residents!

Scott Horner, -, –

Ian Cox, Davyhulme Road, Manchester

Luka Knezevic, 32 Lowther Gardens, Flixton
Say NO please. Let’s live in a healthier society 🙂

Dragana Knezevic, 32 Lowther Gardens, Flixton
Say NO please. Let’s live in a healthier society 🙂

Drago Knezevic, 32 Lowther Gardens, Flixton
Say NO please. Let’s live in a healthier society 🙂

Vladimir Lazaravic, 32 Lowther Gardens, Flixton
Let’s oppose the incinerator and live healthy.

antony dean, 111 bradfield rd, urmston
Went to tonights presentation 23.03.11, absolutely appauled by the toxins that will be admitted and the mis information by peel holdings

P Murphy, , Flixton
This must NOT go ahead. We have enough industry seeping into our residential area already. And WHAT absolute IMBECILES awarded planning permission for the gas fired burners and the methane plant? That needs looking into. Surely our Human Rights are severely compromised here. WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO BREATHE CLEAN AIR. And what absolute RUBBISH outdated dangerous techniques Peel Energy have chosen to use. CHEAPSTAKES. MURDERERS.

shelly Quinton-Hulme, Moreton Avenue, Stretford

Melissa Davis, Dane Road, Sale
Totally unacceptable given the insufficient evidence to prove that health is not being compromised.

xxxxxxxx, xxxxxxxx, Mauritius

xxxxxxxx, woodhouse, davyhulme
No, No, No, N O,

T Bedford, nursery road, davyhulme
This incinerator should not be built in davyhulme or anywhere

Joe Bedford, nursery road, davyhulme
No incinerator, this is bad for human health

G Bedford, nursery road, davyhulme
No thanks Mr Peel, put this incinerator on your own doorstep and let your kids breathe in the dirty toxic air.

N Kelly, monton road, eccles
Not a chance, this incinerator is not green it’s red for danger,

A kelly, gratten court, walkden
Everyone will be affected by this plant if it goes ahead, I am keeping my fingers crossed that it dose’nt, come on councillors use your brains and say NO!!

A Bedford, ., Monton
We don’t want this one as well as the monton Green Lane this would be maddness, In fact we don’t want any.

CBaker, woodhouse, Davyhulme

Stuart, .., eccles

lyn, church road, urmston

Alison dewar, 21 hayeswater rd, Urmston

sophie, buxton, stretford

John Flynn, 21 Beverley Ave, Urmston
Davyhulme is not a suitable place for this incinerator. Peel have lots of other land where the incenerator could be placed.

Susan Pheasey, Dartford Avenue, Eccles
I also strongly oppose this plan. I live locally and my grandchildren live just around the corner. I am a primary teacher and I am fully aware of the possible health risks if this goes ahead. As already identified by Pete Butler, there is a very high possibility that some waste that is toxic may get burnt. The council should take a very firm view on allowing plants such as this so close to residential homes. The residents SHOULD have a say in what they want and need in their area, and they certainly DO NOT NEED this. PLEASE do not allow this to go ahead. Where I live we are in between two proposed sites for waste incineration, the other site being proposed in Monton. The people of Eccles will not be gaining anything apart from health risks. Is it really worth paying that risk for the sake of somebody else’s profit?

xxxxxxxx, Dartford Avenue, Eccles

xxxxxxxx, rugby drive, sale
No No No No

xxxxxxxx, rugby drive, sale
No to the incinerator we dont need this.

Paula Walker, Ullswater road, Flixton
What gives Peel Energy the right to put the future generations at risk. Once mistakes are made they cannot be rectified!

xxxxxxxx, Meadow Close, Stretford

xxxxxxxx, kilvert drive, sale
There seems to be a high level of pollution in this area already – it’s interesting how headaches, sinus and catarrah problems disappear when on holiday away from the area. There is not enough information on the air pollution consequences of this plant to be confident that we aren’t going to suffer problems in the short and long term.

xxxxxxxx, kilvert drive, Sale
Totally opposed to this

Joseph, Roseneath Rd, Urmston
Thank god Salford Council have scruples and common decency in objecting to BREP. TMBC must also do the right thing by the residents. If this goes through we will not be able to sell our homes. Peel will bulk buy the Wimpy Estate & Woodhouse Rd estate for peanuts & build build build.

xxxxxxxx, royle higginson court, urmston
im worried about the health risks with this power plant being built close to residential areas

Nancy, Queens rd, Urmston
Come on people! We have to stop this incinerator. Air quality is very bad here already. How many of your neighbours have asthma, regular chest infections etc. How many have had cancer? Lost babies? Enough is enough. We need to do another MARCH.

Jess, Woodhouse Rd, Davy Hulme
I have asthma and should not be made to get more ill. I hate that people don’t care about children getting sick. Greedy pigs trying to make even more money to spend on thereselves.

xxxxxxxx, Newbury Drive, Davyhulme
I live right near the spot and I am furious Peel bloody Energy say it is an INDUSTRIAL AREA. How dare they! Saw on the news the greedy pigs will be shipping in rubbish from all over the world up the canal. NO WAY!

xxxxxxxx, Moss Lane, Sale
I have astma and am against anything that could add more pollution to the air

Agatha, Broadway, Davyhulme
We must all endeavour to take strong action in order to stop the granting of permission for this monstrous incinerator. I have never known such madness as siting an incinerator slap bang next to a methane plant! Has someone taken leave of their senses? I predict a HUGE explosion if this goes ahead. Human error will be the cause and the result will be death and injury.

B. Carter, Lostock Road, Davyhulme
I work at a vets. You may not know that all your pets will be affected as well as your children. For a supposedly religious man, Mr John Whittaker obviously takes seriously ‘suffer little children’ because he is the cause of the suffering. No doubt he will get his just reward in heaven.

MIke Dixon, Burlington Rd, Manchester

Freya Ryan, , Dundee

Tony Yates, newstead rd, Davyhulme
serious health risks to my family and the people of the Urmston/Davyhulme Area.

xxxxxxxx, Thurlestone Drive, Davyhulme
Pollution levels are too already.

xxxxxxxx, Furness Road, Urmston

xxxxxxxx, Vicars Rd, Chorlton
Please don’t experiment on our children. The effects of biomass burning are known to cause respiratory harm. I don’t want my kids to get sick.




Graham Hampson, Denstone Ave, Urmston
I am writing regarding my concerns for the proposal of the BREP. This plant is something I oppose and want to add my support to this campaign …

S Davies, woodhouse road,
We don’t need more pollution in our area,

xxxxxxxx, canterbury road, manchester
worried about health risks to me and my family

june ferdinales, furness road, davyhulme
Dont bring any more pollution to our neighbourhood. The longterm health effects for our children and their children is in our hands we cant let them down.

Fatma Bayam, Royston Road, Davyhulme

Sam Darby, Holmdale Avenue, Manchester
I am very concerned about the increase in dangerous airborne pollutants that will take place if this development is approved.

Tony Young, Eiddwen Rd., Swansea

xxxxxxxx, Crawford Street, Salford
For a council to even consider approval of an incinerator, in such a built up area, against the wishes of their own residents, you have to wonder who they’re really working for. Still, with large corporations demonstrably manipulating government at national level, maybe it’s not such a surprise…

Nicola Coulthard, Lichfield Road, Davyhulme

xxxxxxxx, Hartford Road, Urmston
It is totally irresponsible of Peel Energy to put this incinerator in a densely populated area. Wrong technology. Wrong site. The health effects would be felt by so many for generations to come. 30,000 people died from air pollution in Britain in 2008. The evidence against biomass is getting louder and louder. From Australia to Massachusetts Biomass energy is falling out of favour. What is our government thinking of. MONEY!

June, Lytham Road, Flixton
Health risks are a worrying concern regarding the incinerator!

dennis, benbecula way, urmston
high pollution already in this area no thanks to any more

xxxxxxxx, Wycombe close, urmston
I am very concerned about the health risk of living so close to this incinerator as I already have allergies due to high levels of traffic pollution,we would have to keep our windows closed all the time.

Michelle Wade, The Gateways, Swinton

xxxxxxxx, Amersham Close, Urmston

chris thornley, barton rd, urmston
very concerned at health risk and very disappointed with Peel Holdings. I believe there are safer technologies around that are more expensive and have therefore been discounted. Peel and the local authority must consider the total long term cost of this plant – not just construction cost but the cost to the health of generations of residents, the negative effects on the local property prices and general economy far outweigh the slight green benefit of burning the waste.

tracy thornley, barton rd, urmston
we live on the doorstep of this proposed plant and believed it had been rejected. I am far from convinced by Peels arguments and believe the health risks are huge.

megan thornley, barton rd, urmston
I’m only fourteen, and at this age I don’t particularly want to be worrying about how polluted the air that I breathe is for the rest of my life. I, as well as so many other people, want to live without having to worry about this. I want to breathe clean air!

Luke Charles, Flixton Road, Urmston

ryan, 21crossknowleview, urmston
go clean air its bad enough with the bluddy sewers come on

ryan, 21crossknowleview, urmston
sewers already stinks not now we will not be able to breathe in it for thous with asma

xxxxxxxx, Patterdale Avenue, Urmston
Peel Holdings has already polluted our local environment with their numerous unsolicited developments. The light pollution from the Trafford Centre, the monstrous Eyesore which is the Ski Slope and Grid locked traffic congestion which is always present! How do these intrusions benefit the local residents? Now with the proposal of a Rubbish Incinerator Peel intend to further blight our community with its emissions! If, as Peel would have us believe, the Plant is not hazardous to health then site it elsewhere! The residents of Trafford will tolerate these impositions no longer.

xxxxxxxx, Patterdale Avenue, Urmston
Local house prices are already at reduced values – the siting of a Rubbish Incinerator will make our properties unsaleable

xxxxxxxx, broadway, Davyhulme manchester
davyhulme stinks too much already with the united utilities plant we do not need more pollution

Lyn Vazquez, , Manchester
exposure to woodsmoke increases risk of lung cancer – fact!

xxxxxxxx, Bowers Avenue, Davyhulme
Is disgusted that the local council is putting financial gain not only above the needs and wellbeing of the local community, but also its health.

barbara lea, western road, flixton

Nicholas Bethel, 4 westbourne road, urmston
No one wants this! The health risks associated with it are unacceptable and for the extra traffic in trafford park is NOT needed thank you!

janet kelly, winchester road, urmston

Mitchell, Norfolk Gardens, Flixton

Eric Cheetham, Bowers Avenue, Davyhulme
Eric Cheetham, Bowers Avenue, Davyhulme
Peel Holdings have this piece of land which they can’t use or sell! So they apply to build this Biomass Site (to make money) – and to hell with all residents of Trafford including their very vulnerable children.

Polly Robinson, 30 Woodfield Road, Altrincham
I strongly oppose this plant on both a health and moral basis.

xxxxxxxx, Avondale Crescent, Urmston Manchester

xxxxxxxx, Thistledown Close, Eccles
I would seriously oppose such a proposal based on establsihed health risks. Peel Holdings are manipulating information in order to make a lot of money at the expense of a lot of people.

Matthew, , London
Upgrade bus fleet to hybrid buses or hydrogen / NGV vehicles. Recycle and sort waste. Don’t incinerate all waste, only hydrocarbons. Encourage taxis to move to hybrid and NGV.

matthew montgomery, , London
Use more Nuclear Power, as it is pollution free.

cllr jonathan coupe, westminster rd, urmston

kathy brown, chester road, Cheshire
No community should be asked to accept anything that has the potential to affect their health and environment, however small the risk. Don’t let big business impose this on the local community just so they can make a profit

Stevie Whittaker, Davyhulme rd, Davyhulme
Everyone needs to say no to incineration. If this is allowed it wil ruin Urmston. The shops are already half empty. It will get worse. That’s without adding the health devastation to the mix.

xxxxxxxx, Robertson Way, Livingston
This is an environmental no brainer!!

xxxxxxxx, Leamington Road, Urmston
We say no due to health implications.

thomas, martin, salford

Jordan Holland, 21 Sandgate Drive, Manchester

xxxxxxxx, Benbecula Way, Urmston

Andy, Lostock, Manchester
This is Absolutely Ridiculous! not only do we have the right to breath air but now they are taking that away by ruining our air even further then already ruined.. How on earth can anyone make a decision like this with out the thought’s of the people who pay for the right to live in the immediate area’s !!! So you all know the air will start becoming Toxic after about 5 years first sign’s will start to show after around 7 years, Just look at china for goodness sake ! a perfect example as to why looking after AIR !! is so important !!!!!

xxxxxxxx, Woodhouse Road, Davyhulme

xxxxxxxx, Waterslea, Eccles

xxxxxxxx, chapel lane, partington
the plant should be well away from people built up areas

xxxxxxxx, Deansgate lane, Cheshire

Sara Ahsan, Riverbrook Road, Altrincham

There MUST be health risks! You are pumping out waste gases from burning.Have they really considered the cost/benefits? risk to health = NO BENEFITS

Howard Goodison, Cromwell Road, Manchester

alfred beilin, , cardif

Jack Goodison, Cromwell Road, Manchester

Dr Rosen, , San Francisco

Paul Cowburn, Brattice Drive, Salford
Filthy incinerators should not be considered anywhere near populated areas. Wonder if the Peel Holdings directors would like this next to their homes which are probably somewhere in leafy Cheshire.

Mrs Margaret Evans, 8 Chadwick Road, Urmston
Why should a desision be made by a government minister who does not live in this area, and will not suffer the consequences. If this plant has to be built in Manchester why not build it in Trafford Park away from a residential area.

xxxxxxxx, Parsonage Road, Withington
I don’t want their toxic smoke blowing over here.

Gerald Zuk, Leamington Road, Urmston
I support the group in their fight to prevent the building of the Peel Holding’s incinerator. I am concerned over the health risks and the financial implications with respect to house prices. There is only one direction they will go if it is built.

garethdain, , durham

iliana capper, 85ullswater road, manchester
It is very rong…….I am very concerned about the people and their health.

Lesley Dean, Abingdon Road, Davyhulme
Traffic gridlock and pollution from Trafford Centre and Motorways, odour from Davyhulme Sewage works (largest in Europe. How much more can Urmston take? Enough is enough. Say No to the BREP.

David F-A, Irlam Road, Flixton
Local residents self-evidently do not ever want to be forced to breathe poisons, do not trust the hopelessly weak ‘assurances’ being spun, nor do they trust the motivations and the people promoting this proposal.
Local elected representatives have already voted unanimously against the Peel proposal.
There is no benefit whatsoever to our local community that would even come close to outweighing the risks, fears, harm and consequences of an incinerator so close to so many people, releasing who knows what into the air that we must breathe, for who knows how many years.
Democracy, common sense, the precautionary principle and basic human decency should rightly prevail – yet Peel, in their aggressive pursuit of unaccountable profits, have demonstrated an alarming brass-knecked arrogance to now defy the democratic will of the local people and try and push ahead regardless!
Well we simply refuse to sit back and allow our local democracy to go up in smoke, risking our health and lives and those of future generations.
People power must prevail over the poisonous purposes of Peel’s profiteering.

Mrs Fernandez-arias, Irlam road, Flixton
Yes to democracy. No to corporate bullying.

xxxxxxxx, Norton Avenue, Sale

Juan Fernandez-Arias, Wibbersley Park, Flixton
Many promises have been made in the past about future safeguarding which end up never being met or adhered to, and a lack of effective oversight means that there are never any sanctions or penalties for breaking any rules.

Given the very real and high risk of toxic material being put into the atmosphere which can be breathed in by vulnerable children, pregnant women, sick adults, frail elderly and the general public, this is simply NOT something we can risk and therefore the decision by the people and their representatives should stand.

The broken promises on the Davyhulme sewerage plant, and the underhand way in which planning permission for this was originally sought proves that we simply cannot trust those behind this proposal, as it would be at the expense of the local population and future generations of sick children.

There are far better and safer ways of generating power and therefore the argument that bio-mass is an environmentally friendly response to our energy needs is both laughable and simply false.

Daniel Fernandez-Arias, , Flixton
When you seek to profit at the expense of people’s whilst ignoring public opinion to get your own way then you are quite literally insane

xxxxxxxx, Brook Road, Urmston
I am totally opposed to the proposal adn teh devastating effects it would bring to the area in terms of health risks and to house prices.

xxxxxxxx, Woodhouse Road, Urmston
You can beat these people who think they can ruin people’s lives! With many health issues – obviously no concerns about people’s lives now or in the future !!! have every faith in you

Jessica Ellen Outhwaite, Broadoaks Road, Flixton

xxxxxxxx, Manor Park, Manor Ave, Urmston
I strongly oppose this plant and am extremely concerned about the health risks it would bring to everyone in this area.

Jody Cain, Horton rd, manchester

xxxxxxxx, Dalton Lane, Barrow In Furness
Health risks are very worriying, there are to many people all
Ready with breathing ailments,this plant will only
Increase medical problems, strongly against the proposal.

Mike Freeman, , Sale Trafford

xxxxxxxx, Bingley Drive, Davyhulme
I am opposed to this Biomass being built right on our doorseep – The amount of pollution that the extra lorries will have will have a terrible effect on our lives, this has to be stopped, the traffic which is horrendous now will become unbearable if there is an accident I dread to think of the traffic jam – it will stretch from Davyhulme, all over the motorways, up to eccles and the surrounding districts, surely common sense will prevail. This has to be stopped, I bet no-one from Peel lives in Davyhulme or Urmston.

xxxxxxxx, Winchester Road, Urmston
Impact on air quality for Urmston and Eccles

GURTEK SINGH, Urmston Lane, Manchester
I fully object to the plans of building the power plant and I oppose against the tyranny of the Peel Company selfishly adding to their billions with little consideration or remorse in tarnishing the living standards of the local community.

Mark hurd, Cliffton Road, Urmston
It is a disgrace that this is even being thought of in a residential area near so many schools

Garry Jones, Hayeswater road, Urmston
Thought the idea was to reduce CO2 not burn waste to create more. Wrong technology, wrong place.

xxxxxxxx, Carlton Road, Urmston
This plant must definatley not go ahead even if they could prove it to be safe this area really can’t take anymore traffic, fumes or congestion. Peel have developed enough in this area of Trafford they should not be allowed anymore developements of any kind let alone an energy plant, it would definatley create yet more traffic because obvioulsy waste will be delivered presumably by wagons and trucks, this added to the concerns of health risks should be enough for Trafford Council to refuse, its about time someone sent peel packing, let them find another area to take over, better still see if Peels managing director would like such a power plant on his doorstep I think not !!!!!! COME ON TRAFFORD COUNCIL DO US PROUD AND GET RID OF THEM.

xxxxxxxx, Carlton Road, Urmston
This plant should absolutley not go ahead, too close to a residentail area, Peel should be stopped, they have developed round this area enough now and whilst we had to accept the other developements that have created traffic fumes etc this plant is a whole different ball game and should only be built in a remote area nowhere near schools, houses or communities. NO NO NO

xxxxxxxx, welwyn close, davyhulme
Peel Holdings top torturing the residents of Davyhulme by building any monstrocity that will make you money.Go and build it behind your managing directors house instead. When will the environment agency and the planning department show Peel Holdings that no means no.

xxxxxxxx, Carlton Road, Urmston

David Hill, Church Road, Urmston
Some of my grandchildren live in Davyhulme. the air they breathe is already contaminated by the M60. No more, please.

michaelhiltams, , edinburgh

G.W.HOLLIES, kingswaypark, davyhulme
PEEL HOLDINGS ride roughshod overevery body they must not be allowed to build this health timebomb.

xxxxxxxx, Skipton Drive, Davyhulme

Jane Rostron, 63 Gorse Crescent, Manchester
This cannot go ahead…please stop!!!!

Darren Al-amily, Gorse Crescent, Manchester

Wendy Ivanoski, Woodhouse Road, Manchester
Long term health risks are not known and cannot be speculated upon. I do not wish to be a guinea pig so that we can discover what they may be!

Alan Ivanoski, Woodhouse Road, Davyhulme
I am opposed to any BREP development surrounded by residential properties. Pollution from the M60 and it’s proposed redevelopment is enough to put up with.

xxxxxxxx, Woodhouse RD, Davyhulme

xxxxxxxx, Woodhouse Road, Davyhulme
We have enough s**t in the air around Davyhulme, what with Europes largest sewage plant and the fumes from the traffic constantly queing to get into the Trafford Centre (Another Peel MONSTER)

No thanks enough is enough

Jean Taylor, ,

gill whillance, coll drive, davyhulme
I oppose most strongly both the siting of this plant and the awful health risks to everyone, not to mention the total greed of Peel Holdings.

Nicola Carson, Welwyn Close, Urmston
Worried about my childrens health

Peel holdings are getting too big and think it is entitled to build on any spare land in the Urmston Area. Just because it gave us the Trafford Centre does not give them the right to spoil our local environment. It is time to move to another area. Remember ALL THAT IS NECESSARY FOR EVIL TO TRIUMPH IS FOR GOOD MEN (AND WOMEN TO DO NOTHING. Attributed to Edmund Burke

David Jones, Spennithorne Road, Urmston
To build this plant in such a densely populated area is sheer madness but Peel Energy are too dense to realise this. They are only thinking of making more money and only consider the residents’ health as being of secondary importance.

Ian Hugh Artus, Eltham Drive, Urmston
I am concerned about air quality despite the HPA assurances.
Also I am concerned about all the extra lorry loads on our local roads.

xxxxxxxx, Links Rise, Davyhulme
Davyhulme does not want nor need this plant. The health implications to residents from the emissions are proven & pretty scary. Yet again Peel seeks to ride roughshod over residents, having lost their original application & being well aware of public opinion they continue with this application. We already suffer from the waste water treatment facility stench & traffic pollution from vehicles on the M60/Trafford Centre how much more do Davyhulme residents have to contend with?

Lynn Greer, Western Road, Urmston
I am worried about the health risks to my family, just for once lets say NO! to something in Trafford and hope that the powers that be listen.

nicola mcquaid, george street, urmston manchester

Elsie, Woodhouse Rd, Davyhulme
Not again. Trafford (thats us) have rejected the proposal. Why should someone from London decide what happens in our homes etc

G.R.Batten, Davyhulme Road, Urmston
This palnt will be built due to baackhanders and political corruption. Remember bhe fiasco when they applied for the Trafford Centre public enquiry was overuled and it was built.

xxxxxxxx, Iona Way, Davyhulme

xxxxxxxx, Helsby Road, Sale

xxxxxxxx, Rossett Drive, Davyhulme

xxxxxxxx, Rossett Drive, Davyhulme

xxxxxxxx, Cheriton Road, Flixton
i am against the proposal of this brep plant because of the health of local residents, i also think that at certain times the road network is already at gridlock and this will not help the flow of traffic in the area

xxxxxxxx, Washway Road, Sale
These types of incinerators are not for residential areas

Laura Browning, leagate, Urmston

xxxxxxxx, Davyhulme Road, Urmston

xxxxxxxx, Davyhulme Road, Davyhulme

xxxxxxxx, Davyhulme Road, Davyhulme

xxxxxxxx, Davyhulme Road, Urmston

xxxxxxxx, Dover Park, Davyhulme

xxxxxxxx, Cumberland Road, Urmston

xxxxxxxx, Broadway Close, Davyhulme

xxxxxxxx, 9 Bradwell Walk, Flixton
I have a small baby and do not want this near my house it is unfair to make us suffer with this.

vicky farrell, thorley lane, altrincham

Al, Rivington Road, Altrincham

xxxxxxxx, Aspenwood Drive, Sale

joanne, firwood ave, urmston

Mark Hoy, Park Road, Stretford

xxxxxxxx, Norden, Rochdale

xxxxxxxx, westinghouse road, manchester

Simon mcclean, Withycombe place, Salford

Janice sneLgrove, gaskell road, eccles
take this in to the MP’sneighbourhood instead.

xxxxxxxx, gaskell road, eccles

Eric Stainsby, Sylvan Avenue, Timperley
I am a big fan of Raymond Francis. His paradigm for disease uses the concept that there is only one disease, cell malfunction.
Cells malfunction for two reasons, lack of adequate nutrition or damage by toxins.
Our modern world is already populated by thousands of chemicals that have been created by man and that were not around when we evolved. It is not surprising that they interact biochemically with our bodies and cause sickness and disease.
In my opinion the less of these toxic chemicals we have in the world, the better it will be. This is especially true of the small, easily absorbed, man-made, and carcinogenic particles that are likely to be emitted from the garbage incinerator.
I believe that this is another instance where considerations of short-term profit are turning people’s attention from the real problem which is the high level of disease suffered by the population of this country, especially children.

Witheld, Higher Road, Flixton
I am writing regarding my concerns for the proposal of the BREP. This plant is something I oppose and I am very concerned about the health implications that will come with the plant if it is granted planning permission

john jones, railway rd, urmston
How much more air pollution do we need. Peel forced the Trafford centre, with all the traffic pollution that’s brought, through against all local objection

xxxxxxxx, Railway Rd, Urmston
No to this incineration plan. Our Communities will suffer in EVERY aspect. Will our Hospitals & Surgeries cope as we become sick/ill from the invisible poisons we will breathe in? No to this incineration plan.

xxxxxxxx, Ashley Avenue, Urmston
Resident in Urmston for 35 years,three non-smoking generations of my hard working family suffer asthma from already over-poluted air including my young grandson with anaphalaxia !! ENOUGH is ENOUGH! Sewage works stench! Motorway fumes! Trafford Centre congestion! How DARE Peel Energy defy and dismiss an overwhelming “NO” vote of our resident families AND both our elected AND opposition Council members. If Eric Pickles also ignores us, this truly is the death of any scrap of decency, democracy and ‘human rights’ of thousands of children and families, workers and visitors to Trafford and their future votes will without doubt reflect that decision! If a Bio Mass Incinerator is needed then build it where the air quality is NOT as poluted as it already is here !! Maybe near the homes of those who so badly want it here ? PLEASE put COMPASSION for our innocent children’s health before Peel’s perverted abuse of ‘POWER’! Ever hopeful ….

Bren Kinnucane, Wroxham Avenue, Davyhulme
Unproven technology with serious health and environmental risks, along with further congestion issues for the area.

xxxxxxxx, carrsvale avenue, manchester
I have made my objections known by writing to Trafford BC, David Cameron, Eric Pickles and the EA. I noticed the local Labour MP’s supporting our cause but I didn’t notice the Con Party (That’s not a fraudliant slip) Are they support us

J&s Hanley, Ionaway, urmston
no to biomass incinerator

Michelle Whyte, Broardway, Manchester
The health risk associated with this are unknown, therefore it ought to be rejected without pause or caution!!

Elizabeth Starkie, Nursery Road, Davyhulme

Steven Madden, Teesdale Avenue, Davyhulme
How can Peel Holdings get away with this? If a local planning decision has been made to not let this disaster happen (for good reason!), why are they even allowed to appeal? I am gravely worried about the health effects on my family, I have a 15 month old son. A lot of the longer term health effects of the various emmissions aren’t known. A company cannot be allowed to put Profit before the health of an entire community of people. This cannot be allowed to happen!

Deanne Howarth, Teesdale Avenue, Davyhulme
This proposed incinerator is an outrage and TBC and the Government need to ensure that it never happens. Peel Holdings cannot PROVE that it won’t be harmful to our health.

xxxxxxxx, Highgate Avenue , Urmston

xxxxxxxx, newry road, eccles

nicola morris, stretford road, urmston

xxxxxxxx, woodhouse road, urmston

Barbara Bates, Bexley Close, Davyhulme
Definitely a NO for the Biomass Incinerator. I fear for the health of my family especially my young children. I am considering leaving the area if it goes ahead.

Keith Madden, Balmain Road, Davyhulme
I wish to object most strongly against the proposed Biomass Incinerator. There are clear risks to health and my whole family is worried about these risks. This is already an over polluted area. Also, it is obvious that house prices will fall as I know people plan to move away from the area if it is built here. Surely there are enough isolated locations that would be better suited, why risk the health of so many people, especially our children?

xxxxxxxx, Iona Way, Davyhulme

xxxxxxxx, iona way, Davyhulme

xxxxxxxx, davyhulme road, davyhulme
Apart from the health issues I am also worried about noise pollution, hot gasses spewing from the chimney stack may well cause a constant rumbling noise day and night.

xxxxxxxx, davyhulme road, davyhulme
I have concerns not only for the health of my grandchild but that the process may be making a noise through the night as it is proposed to be constantly in use.

xxxxxxxx, Weestmoreland rd, Manchester
There is too much pollution already in the area and the plant will be too near schools and parks.

xxxxxxxx, Minehead ave, Manchester
This plant is too near to residents and schools I am nsure there is somewhere more isolated that it could go.

xxxxxxxx, Grange Road, Sale

xxxxxxxx, trafford, manchester
dont do it


xxxxxxxx, Lansdowne Road North,
Absolutely reject the plans for the incinerator.

xxxxxxxx, Lindale Avenue, Flixton
I do not want a plant like this in a residential area

xxxxxxxx, Barton Road, Davyhulme
I am very concerned about cumulative poisons being released into local community

xxxxxxxx, rowan drive, barrow-in-furness

Lisa Howard, Newbury Drive, Davyhulme
Mr Chairman have you ever told you children NO means NO, I think so, well why dont you listen to everyone. We all say NO!!!!

Jack Adcock, fairfax avenue, didsbury
As someone proberbly moving to the area, I want to ensure that pollution is not going to affect mine of my families health.

Julieanna Fierro, 35 Windmill Avenue, Salford

xxxxxxxx, Foxdenton drive, Stretford

xxxxxxxx, Shetland Way, Davyhulme

xxxxxxxx, 138 Bent lanes, Manchester

Ruth Redman, Dunstable St , Ampthill
Give our children a clean future

Donna Liley, 5 Miller Hey, Mossley
I oppose the BREP incinerator as it poses a real health risk to the public. Why is the government ignoring scientific evidence ?

Amanda Fitzsimmons, Moorside Road, Urmston
We have enough pollution in this area! Find a greener way to generate energy!

xxxxxxxx, Moorside Road, Urmston
I do not want unregulated dioxins in the air I breathe, this biomass incinerator must not go ahead.

David Murfitt, Stratford Way, Bedford

xxxxxxxx, kingsway park, davyhulme
totally opposed to this plant for the long term health implications for all residents in surrounding areas.

Jane Goodson, Malham Close, Flitwick

Hilda P, 30 Vine Street, Salford

xxxxxxxx, Clarendon Road, Flixton
Corporate scumbags only looking after themselves! Endemic of capitalism in the 21st century.

xxxxxxxx, Woodhouse Road, Urmston
I strongly object to this BREP project within such a densely populated residential area. Health issues not being objectively considered

xxxxxxxx, woodhouse road, davyhulme
No, no, no to BREP plans. Community and not commerce is the priority in a residential area

xxxxxxxx, Broadway, Houghton conquest
Clean air is a right, not a privilege that can be compromised.

john & Katy Wade, 2 york road, sale
it will be bad for asthma sufferers who have difficulty breathing already.

xxxxxxxx, ambleside rd, m41
We have enough pollution in Urmston with the motorway, sewage works and Trafford park industry. It is about time government ministers listened to those who live in these areas rather than to large companies with financial clout. Please remember who elect you.

Paul Cadman, Barton road, Stretford
NO to Peel Energy poisoning our environment & people.


xxxxxxxx, Rutland St, Normanton, Derby

sue matin, Brentwood Drive, MONTON
I am totally opposed to developments of this type close to residential areas. This proposal will affect the health of people far beyond the immediate area. I SAY NO!

eddie jones, 20 marlborough rd, urmston

michelle woof, lancaster avenue, manchester

Sue Kemp, Stewartby, Bedford
The United Kingdom does not need to resort to out of date and toxic incineration, zero waste recycling is far more efficient

xxxxxxxx, Weedall Avenue, Ordsall

xxxxxxxx, Montonmill Gardens, Monton, Eccles
I strongly oppose the building of this plant

jane kearsley, earksley lodge, eccles

jane kearsley, ellesmere rd, eccles

xxxxxxxx, 108 Lostock Road, Davyhulme
I totally oppose this project as their is too much pollution in the area already with the congested M60 motorway pumping out pollution 24/7 and also there just is not enough evidnce to say that it is totally 100% safe for us, our children and for future generations..and until someone can say it is………..then it should NEVER be built!

xxxxxxxx, Harrison Street, Peel Green
This is a hazard to health! The proposals have already been rejected in a couple of other districts. They put in a number of applications at the same time. Why does it have to be anywhere near to any housing?

Keith Derbyshire, Filey Avenue, Davyhulme Road

Jackie Kilkenny, Humphrey Park estate, Urmston
I strongly oppose this proposal.

tony crook, abingdon rd, davyhulme
this must not and will not happen,we must fight this with any means possible.

Victoria, Lostock Road, Urmston
It’s about time that Peel Holdings credited the sensible, well-informed and socially responsible people on here, and stop appealing against the refusal for the plant. I totally object to it and expect our council to make a morally correct decision . It is so obvious what the outcome needs to be.

David Stott, Salisbury Road, Davyhulme
We have enough pollution around this area already and the infrastructure is already at capacity and cannot deal with the extra traffic and the added pollution that that it alone will bring.

kristy lomas, prestwood close, urmston
I am opposed to the plant. The health implications are massive

xxxxxxxx, Kirkhill Grange, Westhoughton
this must be stopped

Marie Hession, Jewel CLose, Manchester
Stop the plant and protect our health!

Mrs Joan Kemp, Montgomery Close, Stewartby

Patricia Heatley, belgrave crescent, eccles

xxxxxxxx, Homelands close, Sale
It is bsolutely absurd that Peel holdings could be allowed to even contemplate such an incinerator in the area. They have to be stopped.

xxxxxxxx, Homelands close, Sale

elizabeth yeates, egerton rd, eccles

Steve Taylor, Devon Road, Cadishead

John Bradley, Fairywell Road, Timperley

Mike webster, Delbooth Avenue,
Peelars Energy are an obnoxious Immoral Company who have no feelings/concerns for the fears of local residents. There total arroganceor all to see is there f

Stephen Pettecrew, Vicarage Road, Urmston
This proposal wont provide any benefits to the local area. All it will do is poison our environment and damage the local economy, bringing even more congestion to the already overburdened infrastructure. The proposed site is wholly inappropriate for BREP

ian frith, furness road, davyhulme
I have 4 children, one of them has aleady suffered with Asthma and I cant belive that the building of this plant is even being considered especially as we already live in area heavily poluted by excessive traffice and existing industrial sites. Peel holdings are only interested in our area for proffit and are not the slightest bit interested in the long term prosperty of the region or the health of its residents.

xxxxxxxx, Moorlands Avenue, Urmston

Andy Gannon, Leigh Road, Worsley
Thank you for making us aware of this, keep us informed!

xxxxxxxx, Eddisbury Avenue, Urmston

Emma Massey, Shaftesbury Gardens, Flixton
No to the BREP! Surely if something like this has to be built, a more suitable location would be in the middle of nowhere where there are no health risks.

David Kirkham, Poynt Chase, Worsely
The health risks that this poses to the residents of the surrounding areas is totally unacceptable.

Lisa Smith, Canterbury Road, Davyhulme

Colin Whitehead, 4 Highgate Avenue, Manchester

xxxxxxxx, , Littleborough

Paul Gauden, Moorside Road, Urmston

Angela Law, Urmston Park, Urmston

Mark Coyle, , Eccles
Do everyone a favour and build these places on the coast somewhere, Liverpool maybe ?

xxxxxxxx, Prestwood Close, Daveyhulme
I suffer from asthma and have already got problems breathin the polluted air

Janet Tidswell, Haslemere Road, Flixton

Anna Scarisbrick, Wood Rd, Manchester

xxxxxxxx, western road, flixton
I am very worried about the health risks to everyone in this area and strongly oppose this plant.

xxxxxxxx, Great Bridgewater St, Manchester

Rachel Kilmister, Derriads Lane, Chippenham

Catherine, Child Lane, Liversedge

Martina Lincoln, , Bexleyheath

Carl Adams, watson, eccles

xxxxxxxx, WINSTER AVENUE, Stretford
Peel Holdings have been allowed to run amock in the Trafford area and now is the time to put a stop to its activities.

gary meek, tenby Road, stockport
i have to spend my working life in the vicinity of this incinerator, and have grave concerns about the potential health risks to anyone who lives, works or visits the surrounding area.

Helen Lamont, Kirkstall Road, Manchester
very concerned implications not only regarding the filth the plant will emit, but also more traffic/pollution. Why here? Trafford is already far too overbuilt and congested.

melanie duckworth, shipley view, urmston

Mr S.Duckworth, shipley view, Davyhulme
My wife and i strongly oppose the proposed BREP.It will have such a huge negative impact on this residential area and the health of its people.

xxxxxxxx, chatsworth road, stretford

xxxxxxxx, firwood avenue, urmston

Barbara Loynes, Chislehursr Ave, Davyhulme
I don’t want it, Doctors in the area don’t want it. All of our local councillors are against it and praise to them for uniting on this issue. We as Trafford residents do not want it. WHY? because it is dangerous both for us and in partiicular to our future generations. Peel know quite well what rubbish they will be burning. How many of Peel Energy staff live in the locality? I suspect none. Why should they be able to ride rough shod over anyone who is concerned about this issue. This is not democracy. We don’t want it and we will do all in our power to prevent this happening. Other areas have managed to avoid this happening. We must do the same.

Lawrence Loynes, Chislehurst Ave, Davyhulme
No c,lean air for our children is a disgrace. That is what Peel Holding is offering us and they don’t care.

Sylvia, Irlam Road, Flixton, Urmston
I fully agree with everyone’s comments on this site. WHAT ABOUT OUR HUMAN RIGHTS ????????????

Linda Walker, 33 Dunster Drive, Urmston
We must stop this happeneing it will be tragic to our health!

John Cavanagh, 33 Dunster Drive, Urmston
We must fight this now to protect future generations

david anderson, western road, flixton

helen wrigley, western road, flixton

simon wrigley, western road, flixton

xxxxxxxx, Wimborne ave, Davyhulme

xxxxxxxx, 17 OVERDALE CRESCENT, Urmston

xxxxxxxx, 17 OVERDALE CRESCENT, Urmston

Mark Olson, 17 OVERDALE CRESCENT, Urmston

Joan Stott, Woodlands Avenue, Flixton

xxxxxxxx, Delamere Road, Flixton

benjamin lee, Craig Avenue, Urmston

Alex Slevin, Beech Ave, Urmston

xxxxxxxx, Entwisle Ave, Urmston

xxxxxxxx, western road, flixton

Mel Arbabi, Victoria road , Manchester

xxxxxxxx, Moorside road , Urmston

Ulrike Sherratt, Flixton Road, Flixton

lizzy wrigley, western rd, flixton
we want clean air

alex castle, beechwood avenue , urmston

xxxxxxxx, Elm Drive, Stretford
I’m horrified that this is even being considered. It seems awfully dangerous.

xxxxxxxx, Rothiemay Road, Flixton

xxxxxxxx, Bedford Rd, Urmston
I am horrified by the potential health effects of such a plant in a residential area. It is blatantly obvious that it cannot be safe. We are polluted enough. Why do the government want to permit this and increase their NHS and welfare spending due to the effects this will have on us all just to snuggle up to Peel Holdings and let them line their pockets at our expense.

xxxxxxxx, 11 Norwich Road, Manchester

Sheila Jackson, Allen Road, Urmston
Far too close to residential areas and will be a monster on the skyline.Bottom line it is not needed.too late to object once the SIZE OF THIS PLANT IS THERE FOR ALL TO SEE…

Val Bayley-Sanderson, Ullswater Road,, Flxton
We must stand up to these bully boys Peel Holdings. I know it s a ‘David & Goliath’ but just remember that Davd won!!

Maxine Coyle, Canal Bank, Monton
Another instance of big business thinking that they can do what they want where they want. Same as the Green lane Incinerator, this is not a plant thay should be allowed to be built. Good health for the populace is more important than financial gain.

Sue Shackleton, Auburn Dr, urmston
Very worried about the future of my grandchildren- emissions into the air from Biomas Renewable Energy site- affecting their health and future. We don’t know what the long term effects would be, but I wouldn’t want to take the risk. House prices would also plummet- eyesore and people wouldn’t want to move into the area. I and my family strongly oppose the building of this plant.

xxxxxxxx, auburn dr, urmston
I object strongly to BREP, for lots of reasons.

Wendy Haycroft, 121 Davyhulme Road, Manchester
I am very concerned by the health implications of this incinerator, particularly for the children and young people of the area.

Lyndsey Burgess, Auburn Drive, Urmston

Helen Katsihtis, 44westmorland rd, Urmston

xxxxxxxx, City Road East, Manchester

xxxxxxxx, Granville Street, Monton, Eccles
This should be built in an area that is not as populated so it does not have the possibility of effecting peoples health

xxxxxxxx, Granville Street, Monton, Eccles

Christina Seddon, Twemlow Lane, Twemlow Green, Cheshire
These kind of plants should not be built in residential areas. In other EU countries they are built at least 400-600m away from any residential dwellings. We are fighting a proposal for an industrial scale AD plant in Twemlow. Once they are in place there is no going back. People’s health is more important than making money on the pretence of being “green”. Good luck Trafford.

Ben, Royston Road, Urmston
Extremly upset that the right to make vast sums of money from ROCs is more important than my families right not to have health risks forced on us.

xxxxxxxx, Westbourne Road, Urmston
Really concerned about the health implications for my family. Please stop this!!!

J.E.Jackson, 30 Booth Drive, Davyhulme
Not suitable, not necessary, not wanted in this environment. We have been let down by Trafford Council. They failed to control the sewage works and did not learn from that exercise. All party’s are to blame. This biomas plan should have been thrown out in the first instance.

xxxxxxxx, Princess Road, Urmston
Would the Peel Group executives allow this to be built on their doorstep? I think not! They are far too powerful and seem to always get their way eventually. Is there any one or any organisation able to stand up to these people? We don’t need these here thank you very much!

Terry Lewis, Mayfair Avenue, Urmston
I care about the air we breath and what we leave for my grandchildren

L. Bradshaw, Derby rd, Urmston
How can decisions as important as this be made by people so far away. The do not have to live under a cloud of pollution that their decision caused. The local people AND elected council said ‘NO’ – Peel are putting profit before health – their developments already cause the most pollution in the area. I, as well as others, cannot believe that the Environment Agency could be so reckless in providing a permit for a plant that will add pollution BEFORE the public hearing, in knowledge of the councils decision to reject the plans. These are supposed to be ‘competent’ people but in my mind this shows a total incompetence.

I am also curious as to the logic of putting a polluting plant right next to a leisure village where people go to keep fit (Soccerdome, ChillFactore, David Lloyd, PlayGolf and the numerous cycle tracks).

I just hope the inspector goes to the site on a Saturday or Sunday lunch time to see how bad the congestion already is.

I so hope Mr Richards and Mr Pickles are not won over by a greedy corporation and their highly paid legal team.

xxxxxxxx, Portland Road, Eccles

M.Stott, Selby Drive, Manchester
Oh, that sounds about right; we have the sewage works, why not lump us with the incinerator too? What’s a myriad of noxious compounds to a community already exposed to sh*t? I vehemently oppose BREPs proposal. Up to 30 lorries per day to deliver biomass too?!

robert kaye, victoria rd, urmston
First close the hospital,then poison our children. Thanks for nothing !

d mccann, snowden ave, flixton
very concerned regarding the pollution in the trafford area.

xxxxxxxx, Western Road, Flixton
I was unaware of the impact of this incinerator until attending a recent BCAG meeting. Very informative and disturbing. Peel must not be allowed to foist this incinerator on us with all its health implications especially for children.

Joanne Cox, Woodhouse Road, Manchester
– My Son has asthma and his school is based relatively near the site, I am extremely concerned about the emissions which cannot be filtered, such as dioxins and heavy metals.

– The area around the proposed site is already heavily congested due to it’s close proximity to the Trafford Centre and motorway networks which already means the area is highly polluted.

– I am informed that the plant will release massive quantities of Carbon Dioxide – this power plant should not be allowed full stop.

xxxxxxxx, selby drive, urmston

Rebecca Nash, Craig Ave, Urmston
I am writing to oppose the biomass plant. The health risks to the local population are very worrying not to mention recent explosions at similar plants

Bernadette Blackburn, Carlton Road, Urmston

James brereton, Mayfair Avneue , Urmston
This is going create lots of jobs for the local area many of which your friends and family’s will probably work for! If you cared so much for the environment you wouldn’t drive cars, pollute the environment this is a fantastic opportunity for trafford to the the recycling hub of the north west!

xxxxxxxx, Tanhouse, Flixton, Manchester
I oppose the plant and am very concerned regarding the health implications and risks. We have recently moved to the area with a new baby. Please listen to the local people/community. WE STRONGLY DO NOT WANT THE PLANT

xxxxxxxx, 36 Whitelake Avenue, MANCHESTER

xxxxxxxx, , Partington

xxxxxxxx, Lynmouth Avenue, Urmston

Andy McLeavy, Orkney Drive, Davyhulme

xxxxxxxx, Hartford Road, Urmston

Julian Dearlove, Cranbourne Road, Old Trafford
The area already is already struggling to meet EU laws on air quality so no new emissions should be allowed. Plants of this kind in other parts of Europe have very much lower emissions than is planned for this site. Even government guilde lines recommend using the most upto date technology available for new plants of this kind but Peel Energy are choosing not to follow for this proposal.

Raymond Roberts, Rossett Drive, Davyhulme M/C
If this p[lant gets the green light i hope all the people who approved it will stand up and be counted when the illness and death rates icrease in the local area

Sara hughes, Lansdowne Road, Monton

Dolores O\’Sullivan, Carrsvale Avenue, Urmston
If BREP goes ahead it will be a disaster for the people of Urmston and the local area, all we want is to breath clean air, it would add to the poluted effects already experienced.

Kelly flood, Melton avenue, Flixton

J Geraghty, Woodhouse Road, Urmston

xxxxxxxx, northumberland road, old trafford
Protect our children’s heritage, do not build this monstrosity in Trafford!

xxxxxxxx, Humphrey Lane, Urmston

alan barton, sharon park close, warrington
I have a family member living in Mossley and wish to protect their health and future. having worked for ICI for 25 years I understand the destruction that hazardous materials can have on the environment and the people that have to endure the the health risks associated with contamination of the air that they breath, either this company should be forced to improve their process to a safe level or be shut down.

Janet Ravenscroft, Moss Park Road, Stretford
My children and grandchildren live in Urmston and I’d like to know that our next generation can grow up around there safely breathing in CLEAN AIR !!

PHYLLIS BERRY, 68 Lock Lane, Partington

kathryn dempsey, the crescent, worsley

xxxxxxxx, Prestwood close, Urmston
No more smelly pollution.

Denis O\’Donnell, 95 Crofts Bank Rd, Manchester M41 0US
Ask anyone with a vchast complaint igf burning wood has no effect. The mushgrooming of wood bruning stoves has brought back my chest problems. Doctors are reporting a surge of people complaining about catarrh. Just a coincidence? I think not.

Ron Bennett, Palatine Avenue, Manchester
Ten years ago, I became an activist and researched the levels of particular chemical pollutants in the atmosphere in the UK and from many credible independant sources the damaging effects of such chemicals. The levels of some of these chemicals exceeded the Governments targets and equally those of the recommended safety standards of the World Health Organisation.Reduction of some of these levels must be a serious issue of concern to all citizens in the UK and therefore must vigorously be addressed.

xxxxxxxx, Davyhulme Road, Davyhulme
This proposal is wrong on too many levels to mention and must be stopped.

xxxxxxxx, parsonage road, flixton
if this really does go ahead I will be promptly moving, I have 2 young children and the thought of this monstrosity scares me.

phillip thompson, moorside road, urmston

xxxxxxxx, , Eccles

xxxxxxxx, Cumberland Road, Urmston
Why doesn’t Peel build thid plant on the Isle of Man – preferably next to Whittaker’s house. This company should leave this area alone,the roads are chaotic already around the Trafford Centre and now we are to have the biomass plant and Port Salford .

xxxxxxxx, claremont road, salford
I am worried over serious health risks to myself and all my family and everyone in the area.

xxxxxxxx, crossfield drive, worsley

xxxxxxxx, Laxfield drive, Urmston
I am definitely opposed to BREP. Health risks are very worrying to everyone in the surrounding areas, surely there is a better place to build an incinerator. The council are only thinking about greed.

MS, woodhouse road, urmston
hello, I’m worred about health risks to myself and my family due to BREP. we need clean air to breath & clean surroundings. Please do not spoil the residential area by bringing BREP.

xxxxxxxx, Moorside Road, Flixton
I am absolutely opposed to the biomass plant. The danger to health is unacceptable. The government need to adhere to the fact that we are a democracy. Local communities have voted against this, Trafford council voted against this. We do not want this. Our children deserve better.

xxxxxxxx, beechfield avenue, urmston

a wood, beechfield avenue, urmston

xxxxxxxx, Minster Drive, Davyhulme
I want to continue living and breathing clean air in Urmston. I am considering moving from the area if this is built. Both my son and I suffer from asthma and I consider the health risks associated with this plant to be detrimental. Don’t let it go ahead. I bet Eric Pickles wouldn’t say yes if it was on his doorstep.

Caroline brooks, Cotswold avenue, Manchester

xxxxxxxx, Ullswater rd , Flixton
I do not agree with the plant being built in a residential area !

robert norman, broomhall rd, salford
have look

xxxxxxxx, Kingsway Park, Manchester
I am greatly concerned about the health risks that are implicated.

Andrea Corbishley, windsor avenue, flixton, manchester
My family object wholly to the proposal of the BREP. It is an unacceptable option for our community and families!

Sam walker, Dalveen ave, manchester

Andrea Monaghan, Rossett Drive, Manchester

Scott Jones, Bowness Street, m320ea
This “PLANT” is not for the benefit of power for residents and communities, It’s for the benefit of investors to make even more money from within Rip off Britain. Proper

Zoe Murphy, 54 Woodsend Road, Flixton

carl sidebotham, 78 merwell road, manchester

xxxxxxxx, , Altrincham
Peel Holdings once again doing what suits them and not the local community! They are interested in one thing only and that is servicing their GREED!!!

xxxxxxxx, Flixton Road, Urmston
As a local resident and someone that grows edibles nearby i totally object to the biomass plant being allowed here , It’s obscene and plain wrong !!

Steve Whitnall, Broadoaks Road, Urmston.
We seem to allow whoever to build whatever they want if the price is right in this area. There is more and more evidence that the elected and unelected officials have neither feeling or awareness of local peoples concerns. I have also read Dr. Butler’s comments with great interest. This from a man who does know and definitely cares.

Paul Sheridan, Newton Road, Urmston
I have 2 young children that I do not with exposed to ‘negligible’ air pollution while they grow up in this area.

Peter Benson, Delbooth Ave, Flixton
I totally object to the Biomass being placed in the resididential area of trafford, there’s emough pollution in the area already without adding to it. I thought a democratic society was where poeple had a say I was sadly mistaken!

dave rees, Albany Road, Manchester

Julie Lovatt, Lime Avenue, Urmston
I am totally against the proposed BREP due to the pollution that it will cause in the local area and the health risks associated with the emissions.

Tony lovatt, lime avenue, urmston
There is already enough pollution in the air from the m60, Trafford park, Trafford centre, etc. And not to mention traffic levels that are already above that of what the roads can handle !

Catherine McClenaghan, windermere road, MANCHESTER
I am extremely worried about the health of my children and future generations should this facility be built

Rebecca Pemberton, Delamere Road, urmston

xxxxxxxx, Stretford, MANCHESTER

xxxxxxxx, Nursery Road, Manchester
Incredibly annoying and worrying that business and money come before health. This really needs to be prevented from being built.

wendy kite, newstead road, manchester

kate webster, flixton road, urmston
I am highly against this scheme… lets do our best to stop it!

Amanda McMaster, welwyn close, davyhulme

xxxxxxxx, Conway road, Urmston

Rebekah Chapman, Lime Avenue, Urmston

xxxxxxxx, Albany court, Urmston

xxxxxxxx, Westminster Road, Urmston
Stop this now.

xxxxxxxx, radcliffe park road , salford
People should not even want to build things like this day and age. Disgusting money makers

Rachel S, Broadway,
I am seriously concerned about the health risks to my young family and the fact that this is continuing along planning lines with the number of errors that have already been pointed out.

sarah shaw, Franklyn Avenue, Flixton

xxxxxxxx, Parsonage Road, Urmston

patricia webb, stott drive, urmston

mark sayers, 8 denson close, sheffield
although i live in sheffield, clean air is a worthless commodity and everyone in the uk have a right to breath clean air. We should also question why we need to use bio fuels as a source of energy. bio fuels, plant fuel uses more energy to burn foil than dirty coal, so why use it. Also bio fuels are associated with deforestation which is running rampent across south east asia and latine america. Many Uk power stations are using bio fuels from these regions, which in turn are causing forest loss, destruction of habitats and increase in global warming. there is no need to burn plants for foil, espcecialy when it seriously as dire effects on the air we breath, but also how suppsed renewable energy plant will add to increase in global warmning and climate change.

Carlos Martin, Lostock Rd, Urmdton/Manchester
I have recently moved to Davy Hulme looking for a healthy safe enviroment for my daughter to grow on, everyone I know has always spoken very high of this area and I would not like irresponsible selfish decisions like this one to put in jeopardy all that I have worked so hard ford like many others have done before me, I refuse to allow others to make such big mistake against the will of so many, to those I would ask; where do your children play? in Urmstom? …

Dennis, Shipley view, Urmston
I am all for the plant. Any project which helps reduce landfill and creates energy whilst reducing the use of coal / gas etc gets my vote.
There are too many NIMBYs who object to such projects. I am sure the gases from the plant will pass through a scrubber to remove harmful pollutants. I suppose if the plant were to be constructed near a less affluent area the complainants would have little to say.
The local residents seem to forget we are encircled by one of the busiest motorway networks in the country, churning out masses of pollution and I bet my bottom dollar that 99% of residents drive cars adding to the destruction of our precious atmosphere.
Yours sincerely, Dennis

Jenny Trigg, Whalley Range, Manchester
Forcing my friends and neighbours to have to breathe polluted air …in their own homes …is WRONG.

Mark Gibson, 28 Redesmere Close, Altrincham
Not for the first time Central Govt. ignores local democracy & people’s health & wellbeing.
This needs to go national , reach enough folk to make parliament & the media sit up & notice.
Let’s see if 38 degrees fancy this campaign – if it happens here other sites are inevitable.
Good luck with your actions.

xxxxxxxx, Warwick Drive, Urmston

Karl, Bolton Rd, Ramsbottom
This is all so (sadly) familiar! We are ourselves are fighting plans to build an A.D. plant in Ramsbottom that threatens jobs, house prices, health & safety of thousands of Ramsbottom residents. We too are fighting PEEL, that mercenary company that think nothing of the livelihoods, health & well being of anyone living near one of these stinking monstrosities. We have some very organised resistance and will fight it to our last breath. My petiton is at:


xxxxxxxx, Delamere Road, Urmston

maria panayi, beverley close, london
this is a disgrace – the tories wanting the North to remain grim while London is kept beautiful

Terence Hunt, Ponsonby Road, Stretford

xxxxxxxx, Clarendon Road, Manchester
Peel Holdings will stop at nothing, they are like a disease, they spread and anything in its path will be destroyed , they started with the horrific Trafford Centre and will stop at nothing until the surrounding area is completely inhabitable.So, therefore I obviously strongly oppose BREP and anything else they have planned to ruin what was once quite a rural area and ultimately put peoples health at risk. The Trafford Centre and all the millions of cars that travel there cause enough pollution already.

lorna jones, highfield road, stretford

xxxxxxxx, OLd Crofts Bank, Urmston

mick waring, church road, urmston

.. It emerged at last year’s meeting that the Biomass Chimney would only be about the same height as the Chill Factor nearby … because of Barton Airport regulations … which PEEL themselves own … even the Victorians built chimneys three times that height … Why doesn’t someone point this out .. surely that would STOP it straightaway !!!!

Dave Caffery, Bradburn Road , Irlam
How much more do we have to take from peel, Incinerators, Fracking, etc, all along the corridor, Greedy Greedy.

Marguerite Alexander, Riverside Drive, Flixton
Increase in cardio pulmonary disease, cancers and birth defects as a byproduct of these incinerators is well documented.
Consideration should also be given to the acceleration of global warming secondary to the toxins which will be given off when burning this hazardous waste, why burn good unadulterated wood? You really need to take stock of local opinion and our opposition to this ruling!!!

xxxxxxxx, Hargreaves road, Altrincham
I’m absolutely horrified that this proposal has Ben given the go ahead. In what is already a very polluted part of the country ( I know as I now suffer from Asthma ) they are now going to allow: Arsenic, Dioxins & Nitrogen Dioxide into the atmosphere….These are ALL highly TOXIC.

Helen Meyer, Walton Rd, Sale

angela hodson, 1 clifton road, urmston
Concerned about the health risks to my family

xxxxxxxx, Seymour Grove, Old Trafford
Being a waste management consultant and heavily researched the pros and cons of energy from waste technologies over the last 9 years, I can conclude that there is not enough research concerning health impacts of pollution and poor air quality from industrial sources as a whole. Waste technologies, the extremely dirty chemical industry , the millions of cars on our roads are massive sources of air pollution which are usually not even considered. Consequently due to much more focused research on the operation of flue gas equipment, the standards of ‘safe pollution’ and the levels of protection exist and have been set through this research and what EU and UK policies and regulations are based upon and what the environment agency are basing their opinions on. Ultimately from working in the environment sector, I can honestly say that the EAs constitution to protect is gone against immediately through allowing a licence to pollute (within a given set of limits)- this goes for all the discharge consents available to companies to discharge dirty water, dirty air etc.

xxxxxxxx, South Hall Street, Salford
This is terrible, how can the government allow such a thing to be built in an area that is already so poor in air quality. Unbelievable.

Lisa Carruthers, Linnet Drive, Irlam
Can we please stop Peel poisoning us for profit?!

Peter Killick, Denstone Rd, Urmston
I am standing in the local Councillor elections in May as the UKIP candidate for the Urmston Ward. Some of you may know me as the chap who brought the Beatles 50th Anniversary Concerts to Urmston last year.
You may be assured that as a local man I am equally concerned about the disgraceful and undemocratic route that this incinerator project has taken. In the event of my gaining a seat as Councillor I too shall throw my wholehearted support behind this campaign. UKIP Trafford is new to the political table locally but we share your justified concerns equally.

Jennifer winstone, Bradfield Road, Urmston
Not only do we have to put up the the water plant stench they are now trying to poison us too!

xxxxxxxx, Peel Green Road, Eccles

xxxxxxxx, Woodlawn Court, Manchester

xxxxxxxx, Derbyshire Lane, Manchester
I am against any more air polluting developments. If this BREP is allowed to go ahead people will move out of the area and the community will be destroyed

wendy wallwork, Goldsworthy Road, Flixton

Jak Leith, Croft Rise, Halifax

david bell, sandsend road, urmston
Urmston stinks for 3 days now its smells really bad and making me feel sick, this needs sorting now smelly town

Sam Jones, tramway road, manchester

xxxxxxxx, Manor Avenue, Sale
I am very concerned about the health and ground stability issues, and it is completely inappropriate to have this so close to a major city, including the Trafford Centre and housing. In addition prevailing winds will carry any pollutants over most of the Manchester area. It would be very unwise to approve this given what we currently know and don’t know about the risks.

Christopher Conway, 15 Juniper Close, Sale
Burning treated wood products at all – let alone in an area of considerable population density – should be treated with caution, an certainly not used a source of energy.

xxxxxxxx, Old Crofts Bank, Urmston
Very concerned that this is being considered with out any consultation with people living in the area.

melanie morris, mansfield road, urmston
I find smelling other peoples waste in 2014 offensive and worry about the health implications.

xxxxxxxx, Humphrey Park, Urmston

The air quality is bad enough without adding to it

Andy Traverse, Stretford Road, Urmston
I am absolutely opposed to BREP, big business should not be allowed dictate md take risks with our health.

laura belfield, nr rivers lane, urmston
always get a runny nose when near Davyhulme WwTW. The smell is intolerable.

Susan Ellis, Seaview avenue, Eastham
I want to breath clean air

Barbara Williams, jubilee Close, Monton
I have bad health and breathing problems, going to have to see about moving to a different area and leave all my friends.

Barry Broadbent, jubilee close, monton
I have poor health and if the incinerator id granted permission to be built I will have to seriously have to consider to move out of the area

xxxxxxxx, 20 Church Road, Urmston

Shaun Ennis, Selby Drive, Davyhulme
I strongly oppose the polluting and harmful processes associated with the Barton Renewable Energy Plant and iGas Coal Bed Methane extraction. It is difficult to imagine a convincing argument in support of these processes in an area already struggling to meet its legal requirements concerning air pollution. Coal Bed Methane extraction is harmful to the environment and causes pollution which can impact on the health of local residents.