Wake Up Call for Urmston, Davyhulme and Flixton

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  1. Gas Mask Boy says:

    “… if Trafford Council grants planning permission.”

    The sheer scale of reckless and utter contempt and disregard for the health and the demands of residents of Trafford is literally BREATHTAKING!

    Our air and our health are being attacked, instead of protected and improved.

    Things have got to change.
    If Trafford Council shows itself unwilling or incapable of delivering this change, then it’s up to us to deliver a Council that will.

  2. This would indeed be catastrophic for the health of the people of Trafford. I fear that the main parties are incapable of standing up to corporate juggernauts like Peel because they are all awash on the same tide of lobbyists.

  3. Gas Mask Boy says:

    For those interested in finding out some more about local ‘fracking’ and concerned citizens…
    take a look at Frack Free Greater Manchester:

  4. Paul Bayliss says:

    I support the Breathe Air Campaign and I have complete faith in your statements that air pollution is being deteriorated, living close to the M60 myself I know how bad the pollution is but can I ask that you justify your statements with independent references to support your arguments, you only need a web link bit they should be objective as possible and not linked to some other anti fracking site.
    Sorry to sound negative, I’m not, but it so easy to dismiss comments without the back up of information. All the regs are being re looked at anyway so this may provide some support for your campaign http://www.environment-agency.gov.uk/business/144676.aspx

  5. david dawes says:

    please agitate to stop this mad pollution, david

  6. becky says:

    it’s an outrage that this is taking place, and as i’m asthmatic, my only course now is to leave Eccles.

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