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  1. Geri Brown says:

    Iam also opposed to this plant being built it’s wrong and dangerous. I have joined the BCA group and are passing the word around about this, look forward to the next meeting Jo. Let’s get Peel Industries on the run, they can’t play God with people’s lives.

    See you soon Jo.


  2. madeline cadman says:

    I to am opposed to this plant being built. Lets make Urmston Davyhulme etc a safe happy environment for our grand children. Being out side in the fresh air is the most important thing for children. looking forward to the big meeting.
    Keep up the good work BCA

  3. April Johnson says:

    I am totally against this plant being built in Davyhulme. I believe that the health risks which local people will be subjected to because of this plant are unacceptable. We need to pull together as a community to stand the best chance of fighting a good fight against this application for the current and future generations of Davyhulme. Please involve all your friends and family in the area and do what you can to make our objections heard.

  4. carol says:

    I realy think it is our rite to breath clean air so to build somthin that is not wanted.
    well sorry i say NO THANKS spend the money on somthin good for the enviroment.

  5. corinne says:

    we support you,l can think of much better things to spend the money on,like helping the poor.then spending it on something not need.

  6. mark says:

    l support u guys.

  7. Geri Brown says:

    Hi everyone I am one of people who started this group along with Alison and Jo and Louise and I too oppose this madness lets stop this Mr, Big he’s getting to damm greedy.

    Please come along to the public meeting on the 6th October at Christchurch Lostock Road oppiste the Moss Vale Pub at 7.30pm. We have coming, doctor and councillors, scientists and the media, this will be worth a hearing.

  8. Jo Foster says:

    Once again Peel Holdings think that profit somes before community well NOT THIS TIME !! Our community will not sit back and let Peel Holdings and their Trafford lackeys get their way.

  9. Mark Doherty says:

    I oppose the building of this incinerator

  10. Richard Wright says:

    I too oppose the building of this incinerator

  11. Gary Mackness says:

    Totally opposed to this development. Unacceptable levels of emissions cannot continue to rise in this area. Peel Holdings are the main culprits and i beleive direct action is now the only way. Meeting on a Saturday at the Trafford Centre food court would be a good place to start!! Trafford Council’s have a duty support the residents who are affected.

  12. Jayne Dillon says:

    I totally agree Gary! All ideas will be gratefully received by the group – no matter how wild. Post your suggestions here.

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