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  1. Graham Cliff says:

    RE: 76153/FULL/2010
    Where can I find details of the public planning meeting at Stretford Town Hall scheduled for 6.30 PM, 12th January? What type of meeting will this be? Do members of the public have an opportunity to lodge their intention to comment and how much time will they be allowed for comment?

  2. Jayne says:

    Graham, do you mean this –

    This isn’t the meeting re: the incinerator. We have until tomorrow to get the objections etc in, then we will be told of the date for the meeting. We will be attending as it will be open to the public, or so I am told. We will post updates on here as we get them.

  3. Graham Cliff says:

    There is a meting this evening to inform councillors about the BREP. My information was that there would be another, this time public meeting, tomorrow, about the BREP. The URL to which you refer me does not mention the BREP for Thursday 13th, albeit at 6.30 pm. The room scheduled was I think D2/3?

  4. Graham Cliff says:

    Tomorrow’s meeting is NOT apparently public, I now learn.

  5. Jayne says:

    Hi Graham, where did you find this info out?

  6. Michael Black says:

    As with all council activity, the electorate are treated like mushrooms – kept in the dark and fed you know what on a regular basis

  7. Jayne says:

    Michael! Our elected councillors WILL act in the interests of us residents – or they will be voted out. Simples.

  8. Alison Parker says:

    Well said Jayne! They must do what the local people want, and its not an incinerator for the benefit of Peel . Who think they own our town and all who live in it! Well the people of Davyhulme and Urmston have had enough.

  9. I’ve placed a report on the Gorse Hill blog from the meeting. I got the impression that the Environment Agency will want to talk to Breathe Clean Air Group when the application to them is accepted as received. We’ll certainly push that they talk to you if they don’t initiate it themselves. There was nothing in last night’s meeting that could not be given public airing.

  10. Michael Ryan says:

    Dr Dick van Steenis & incinerators reported in 3 articles in Wales yesterday:

    Western Mail, 13 Jan 2011

    SW Echo, 13 Jan 2011

    Merthyr Expres, 13 Jan 2011

    & in (South London) Mercury on 12th (look at digital edition via link at top of page & see article on page 18)

    Mercury, 12 Jan 2011

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