Motion Brought to Full Council Meeting

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  1. Barbara Broadbent says:

    I am horrified that with all the information given, Peel is still going ahead with plans to build this site. I was recently in Wythenhawe Hospital and my ward was next to a wood pulping company which cause constant irritation of my throat & lungs! I therefore feel the residents of Davyhulme need our support, they already have the odours from the sewage plant which should use deodorizers but DO NOT! My support is 100%.

  2. Jo says:

    Given the built up area and existing air quality issues (all 12 Heavy metals found, Arsenic at the top level) residents are already subjected to enough pollution to sink a ship from the M60. Diesel emissions are a known carcinogen.

    Diesel equipment, critical to the plant’s operation will add significant pollution, not only at the plant, but also on the roads in Davyhulme an AQMA.

    Diesel exhausts do cause Cancer…. Says WHO

    Half of all inhaled diesel soot gets stuck in the lungs…..Science Codex

    Burning biomass could lead to significant increases in emissions of nitrogen oxides, particulate matter and sulfur dioxide and have severe impacts on the health of children, older adults and people with lung diseases. – American Lung Association

    The chimney stack 44.23m is too low. Ideally, said the Environment Agency at our meeting with them on 12/06/12, it should be between 60-100m high. It is so low because of City Airport. This is unacceptable, it will pollute the people in an already polluted area even more because of this Peel owned airport.
    Toxic pollution and particulates from the incinerator will be trapped in the Mersey basin, i.e. it is the WRONG SITE for any additional polluting industry.

    Pollution control devices do little to prevent ultra-fine parcels from being released. These particles are the most dangerous particles for health. It is now beyond question that increasing levels of these particulates are associated with increased mortality.

  3. Jo says:

    The area surrounding the proposed BREP site has now become very highly developed. It was acknowledge in

    2001 by TMBC and Salford Council that the air quality would not meet national objectives. Approval of two new

    type A combustion processes plus other local developments mean the area is now over saturated.

  4. Jo says:

    If a local authority finds any places where the objectives are not likely to be achieved, it must declare an Air Quality Management Area there. This area could be just one or two streets, or it could be much bigger.
    Then the local authority will put together a plan to improve the air quality – a Local Air Quality Action Plan.

    2.1 Statutory Obligations
    Local authorities have statutory duties for local air quality management (LAQM)
    under the Environment Act (1995) and the subsequent National Air Quality
    Strategy (2000) and Air Quality Regulations.

    Where exceedances are predicted and where there is likelihood
    that the public will be exposed to elevated levels, local authorities have a duty to
    declare Air Quality Management Areas (AQMA) and produce an Air Quality
    Action Plan (AQAP).

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