Incinerator Survey Fatally Flawed

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  1. Michael Ryan says:

    The above promised study followed the naming & shaming of the HPA and others in Big Issue in the North articles by Mark Metcalf:

    Kirklees MBC should also share the “credit” as they sent David Andrews, of anti-incinerator group DISC, a threatening letter which led to this article in Northern Echo:

    Kirklees MBC seemed miffed at an electoral ward map showing elevated infant mortality rates downwind of the Kirklees incinerator. Did Kirklees MBC wade into the incinerator issue as one of their former Cllrs used to be Chairman of the Environment Agency (Sir John Harman)?

    The current Chair of the Environment Agency (Lord Smith of Finsbury) is on record (South London Press, 4 May 2007) as follows:

    “But Chris Smith, of the Government’s Environmental Protection Directorate, said no permit would be issued to an incinerator operator if a health risk was likely.”

    Now the Environment Agency have issued a permit for Peel’s proposed biomass plant, so the Environment Agency must surely have evidence to show that no health risk is likely.

    So where is that persuasive evidence that persuaded EA to issue permits for biomass-burning at Davyhulme and waste-burning at incinerators around the country?

  2. Michael Ryan says:

    Today’s Shropshire Star has article about the delay in the incinerator study:

    Note that both Wolverhampton & Dudley incinerators are mentioned in the above article.

    Incinerator emissions linked to high infant mortality rates
    (4 Sept 2012, Dudley Council)

    Infant mortality rates at electoral ward level around incinerators
    (30 Aug 2012, Wolverhampton Council)

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