Free Transport to Public Inquiry

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  1. Jean Taylor says:

    Thank you for this free transport. I would have to use the local bus service otherwise and I really want to be there and give my support. I have grandchildren living not too far away and I am concerned more about their health than mine!

  2. Jo says:

    Stand up and be brave Urmston, people power is the only thing that will win this. We must not be bullied by big business who care more about money than the health and welfare of people. Enough is enough this is a step too far. Tell Peel NO to BREP Incinerator that would pollute you and your family for 25 years +

  3. Jean and James Blythe says:

    Fingers crossed here, wishing you the very best of luck.

  1. 8th November 2012

    […] Don’t forget that we have a free coach taking people to the venue on the first day, click here to find out more. […]

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