Flixton Community Reject Incinerator

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  1. Jo says:

    What a disgrace to ever consider building this plant in such a densely populated area. This technology is inferior and they will pollute us for 25 years + causing health problems for generations to come.

  2. Jo says:

    Fobbing us off with out of date technology, then stuck with a stack (44m) the Environment Agency said ideally it should 60 to 100m high to disperse the pollutants more. This midget chimney is because of City Airport which PEEL own and will pollute us even more in Urmston. What a disgrace.

  3. Patricia Monaghan says:

    I strongly object to the building of the incinerator on the banks of the Canal.

    After hearing of the hazards associated with such an incinerator it is unthinkable for any council to allow this in a high residential area. There are school, nurseries and residents who will suffer as a result with health problems. In addition, the pollution will result in outside spaces becoming no go areas as the environment will contain this invisible contamination.

    As a pensioner who recently retired, I enjoy my garden and have even taken to cultivating a few home grown vegetables and fruit, this was not only for interest but to enjoy something fresh in the knowledge it has been grown organically – growing your own in this area in the future will not be an option – unless you want the associated health problems.


  4. Pat Armstrong says:

    We are totally opposed to this incinerator. Wood waste can be contaminated with all sorts of toxins, not to mention it being inadvertently contaminated with PVC. What about wood being imported, how will we know whether it is clean or contaminated wood?
    Even if they start off burning clean wood, will they later seek to burn more hazardous waste?
    These are just some of the reasons we are opposed to this this very high risk health hazard.

  5. Mike says:

    From todays session there were ‘corrections’ made on Peels submissions. There is a apathy to this inquiry from large sections of the public, this proposed plant will harm peoples health for 25 years plus. Support the representatives, be it in person or through whatever contribution you may be able to afford. They are 9 days more to protect your families and friends health.

  6. Hillary Knowles says:

    My Husband and I are very concerned about this incinerator.

    We already have high levels of pollution in our area so to add to it is a disgrace. Peel seem to think they can just build anything they want, anywhere they want and it’s time they were stopped.

    The fact they own City Airport (Barton Airport) is surely a conflict of interest. They want to build a chimney stack much lower than the recommended level because of the airport. The result will be pollutants hovering over us like an unseen cloud of toxins.

    How can anyone with a shred of decency think that its right to build this thing.

    We will be at the enquiry and will be handing in a letter to the inspector to make our feeling known.

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