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  1. Jo says:

    WHY – does the EA think it’s ok for BREP to pollute us even more, we live in an AQMA, with enough toxic air to sink a ship. These are just some of the things we in Davyhulme are awaiting the pollution from (via industrial processes or traffic):
    Methane Plant…. Approved
    Peel Hotel, Junction 9 M60…. Approved
    New Super Market, Junction 10 M60…. Approved
    Office Block, Junction 10 M60…. Approved
    Conference Centre (EventCity)…. Recently operating
    Paper Mill, Carrington…. Recently operating
    Salford Reds Stadium…. Recently opened
    850MW Gas Power Station, Carrington…. Potential
    Green Lane Incinerator, Monton…. Potential.

    Traffic is already unacceptable in a residential area due to the Trafford Centre. The M60 is the third busiest motorway in the country. The pollution from this alone is killing people.

  2. When I worked at GMWaste’s Raikes Lane Thermal Recovery Facility (Bolton waste incinerator), we were informed the exact date when the emissions monitoring would take place, it was never unannounced. Also, if there were problems with the plant, the testing could be deferred. Also, when they were on site and there was a problem with the plant, the testing would be suspended. So, the emissions they record may not reflect to true operating emissions of a plant. There are also ‘get-out-clauses’, relating to the on site Continuous Emissions Monitoring (CEM) system.

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