BCAG Statement of Case

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  1. Jo says:


    • Chimney height – why is BREP the only plant in the country with a chimney this

    short? Other plants with chimneys of this size handle less than half of the waste/

    waste wood/ Solid Recovered Fuel (85k tones and 24k tonnes).

    • Saica papermill plant (Carrington) is 22m higher (at 66m) why is ours a third lower

    when same weather models will have been used?

    • Peel’s biomass plant at Ince Marshes has a chimney height of 85m. Why? Why

    doesn’t the same standard apply in Davyhulme? Burning 200,000 tons the same as BREP.

    • At a meeting with the Breathe Clean Air Group on the morning of 12th June 2012,

    Simon Holbrook (EA) stated that the chimney height should ideally be 60-100m.

    Why isn’t it then? Why haven’t you rejected the plant, as it can’t meet this


  2. Jo says:


    • Not modeled using the accurate local data – why should we give this data any

    credence? E.g. Arsenic data is from Wythenshawe, Runcorn and Walsall. False

    information leads to a false conclusion.

  3. Jo says:

    • We live next to the busiest stretch of motorway in Trafford between j10-11 of M60 – why is it

    acceptable to pollute us even more?

    • St Anthony’s, Kingsway, Highfield, Barton Clough – these schools are all in the

    AQMA– how are you protecting these children from these additional incinerator


    • Would the EA consider postponing the decision until TMBC have carried out an

    effective study on air quality in local area? If not, why not, as we cannot put a price

    on people’s health?

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