Eric Pickles Gets It Wrong

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  1. Michael Ryan says:

    Eric Pickles was in yesterday’s Sunday Express where he reminded Newham Council that they had a duty of care:

    Last night her MP, Communities Secretary Eric Pickles, said: “We are looking into this problem and trying to find out how widespread this problem is across the country. Newham had a duty of care to exercise proper control over what happens to those properties.

    “Either they were excessively and supremely incompetent or they didn’t care.”

    He challenged council chiefs, adding: “This council only has one chance to redeem itself and that’s with a fulsome apology and an offer of compensation for all the stress and hardship caused.”

    Mr Pickles’ words could come back an bite him hard over the incinerator issue where the Planning Inspectorate over which he’s supposed to preside have either been “excessively and supremely incompetent or they didn’t care” about imposing a major health hazard on Davyhulme and surrounding areas.

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