BCAG Action Team Send Open Letter to Trafford Councillors

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  1. Jason Valentine says:

    Why doesn’t Ed Pickles have the incinerator on his doorstep rather thsn ours.Or move near the one in Trafford if it’s that safe..

  2. Mingus says:

    Trust & Democracy are at stake here!
    “If you tolerate this, then your children will be next.”

  3. Victoria Brennan says:

    Sincerely hoping this unethical plan with total disregard for all residents, especially the thousands of young schoolchildren is finally overturned !

  4. George Devlin says:

    Well done again BCAG – this letter really brings together a number of key points and clearly illustrates the need for joined up and coordinated thinking, planning and action to improve the overall air quality of the area and highlights how we can promote the accountability of our locally elected representatives.

  5. Gas Mask Boy says:

    Spot on!

    Appeal, yes, obviously.
    Who in their right mind would not appeal such a harmful and undemocratic decision by Eric Pickles MP?

    But let’s be clear – stopping BREP would just mean preventing our air quality and health worsening still further.
    We won’t accept BREP making an already unacceptable AQMA situation worse.

    But NOW is the time for progressive as well as defensive Council action – and the 3 specific points in the letter are definitely urgent priorities to focus on.

    We’ll have to see what happens at the Extraordinary Council Meeting on 19th June.
    Let’s hope that it will not be pointless Party Political pantomime – we expect and need commitments to serious action by our elected public servants; action beyond just a legal appeal; action that improves our lives; action that we can all get behind and wholeheartedly support.

    “Air Quality Zones, like where we live, already suffer sadness,
    so some of us decided we must try and stop this madness!”
    Part 1 –> http://youtu.be/YQ5D59kn1vA
    Part 2 –> http://youtu.be/X8yLAXkKk0Q
    Part 3 –> coming soon… ?

  6. mick waring says:

    .. It emerged at last year’s meeting that the Biomass Chimney would only be about the same height as the Chill Factor nearby … because of Barton Airport regulations … which PEEL themselves own … even the Victorians built chimneys three times that height … Why doesn’t someone point this out .. surely that would STOP it straightaway !!!!

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