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  1. Jayne Dillon says: this is his govt email adress. He’s just had my delightful email. I hope he enjoys reading it!

  2. Charlotte Parker says:

    That meeting on wednesdays going to be great! 🙂 I have just seen the DVD were going to play1 It is FANTASTIC!!!! 🙂

  3. Louise says:

    What do the words of the Prime Minister mean to us?

    Quotes from David Cameron:

    “The rule of this government should be this:
    If it unleashes community engagement – we should do it.
    If it crushes it – we shouldn’t”

    “We need to create communities with oomph – neighbourhoods who are in charge of their own destiny, who feel if they club together and get involved they can shape the world around them.”

  4. Louise says:

    What do the words of the Prime Minister mean to us?

    Quotes from David Cameron:

    “There are plans to give people a much greater say over the issues that affect their daily lives; plans to give local councils much more responsibility and power; and plans to actually reshape the way political power is structured in this country. Let me give you some examples of how we’re going to push power out to the people.

    First, giving local people more power. Right now most people feel totally insignificant in the political process. Frankly, that’s because – in the current over-centralised system – they are insignificant. If you’re unhappy about decisions made by your council there’s very little you can do about it outside election day

    …Second, we’re going to give local councils much more power and responsibility. We’ve got to recognise that the central state can’t have the imagination and flexibility to tailor all of its services to local needs. I am convinced that if we have more local discretion – more decisions made and money spent at the local level – we’ll get better outcomes.

    It is both patronising and absurd that councils can only act on a local issue if they have a specific mandate to do so. We’re going to change that by trusting local authorities with a “general power of competence” that will free them to carry out any lawful activity on behalf of their community. That way, instead of endlessly looking up to Whitehall for permission, our councils will be looking to local people for direction.”

  5. Jeremy Maynard says:

    So! are peel classed as the local council? or do they mean TBC?

  6. jayne dillon says:

  7. Michael Black says:

    Sent to Mr Huhne:

    Dear Mr Huhne,

    How can I make this simple?

    Do NOT allow this plant to be built. On so many levels it is wrong – ethically, morally, environmentally. I am a life-long resident of Davyhulme in Greater Manchester and reside within 1000 metres or so of the proposed development. I will hold any agency who allows this to go ahead, completely culpable for any effects suffered by myself and or my family at any stage in the future. Indeed I will not accept a potential foreshortening of life expectancy on the basis that those who dismis my objections without speaking to me personally first are in effect “playing God”.

    It is not acceptable to allow a company with the aparrent clout of Peel Holdings to ride rough-shod over the will of local people. It is not acceptable that we have to put up with an ever increasing traffic load upon the area; it is not acceptable that we have to live with homes which have no value. (this would be a consequence of building here). It is also unacceptable that Peel are not planning to use Best Available Technology. They appear not to want to be open to close scrutiny, and may even be planning the ultimate insult – the upgrading of an incinerator to HTI status with the prospect of yet more waste, especially of the hazardous variety, even down to the completely toxic being wheeled past our noses on a regular basis.

    I am confident that you will have been made aware of the incident which occurred yesterday at PHS in Lancashire – this is a direct consequence of poor segregation and safety of storage on a medium sized site. I do not believe that Peel are in a position to guarrantee the safety of local residents in the event of something much, much larger happening in this instance. This must have some basis in truth when we consider their (Peel’s) proposed staffing levels.

    This development must be stopped, and future considerations within the UK must be adjusted to reflect a previously poor choice of technology, lack of real awareness and suitably trained personnel.
    In short – Peel appear to want to benefit themselves financially to the detriment of all others.

    I look forward to your completely supportive reply.


    Michael Black

  8. Gary Mackness says:

    emailed over to Chris Huhne today……………..

    Dear Mr Huhne

    You will already have received correspondence from other parties relating to the proposed development of a Biomass Plant in Davyhulme, Greater Manchester. Whilst applauding your support for all types of renewable energy sources, there has to come a time when commonsense prevails!!

    Putting aside scientific evidence from both sides of the argument highlighting claims that range from ‘totally safe’ to ‘severe risk to health’, it is obvious that this kind of development is clearly a major cause for concern to a huge number of residents in this region, let alone health professionals.

    For a number of years, Peel Holdings (amongst others) have been overdeveloping this particular restricted area of Trafford with the approval of local and central government to an unacceptable level. The Trafford centre development has been the catalyst, which itself brings 30,000 daily visitors through one of the most congested sections of the uk network. We have since had further retail development with the furniture retail outlet extension to the Trafford centre, JJB sports facility, Chill factore ski slope, Golf driving range, David Lloyds health club, 4 hotels…the list goes on.

    Add to this, and within 400m of the Trafford centre, we also face a proposed development of a new rugby stadium adding to the congestion related pollution.

    I would appeal to your sense of fair play and understanding and intervene on behalf of the residents and say ENOUGH is ENOUGH. We cannot be bullied anymore by big business and greedy Councils who care more about the balance sheet than the Health & Welfare of the people. We have had enough development of this area and are sick and tired of taking it ‘on the chin’ and accepting it as fate. I know you believe mass development is a step too far and you need to understand that we are not a set of NIMBY’s in a rural location. We are a ‘society’ of hard working normal people who have had enough.

    We echo the sentiments of your coalition leader and take up the need for society to act together and help each other and believe me when I say we are up for the fight. That said, we need a champion for the cause, and at the moment, we do not appear to have full backing from local government.

    Time is running out and we need help now. Please could you intervene on this and stop the development.


    Gary Mackness

  9. Jayne Dillon says:

    Superb letters – we all need to do the same. I have not had a reply from either Mr Huhme or Mr Cameron………….

  10. Louise says:

    Great letter Gary! You have really hit the nail on the head with a lot of your points. Someone must listen! We have so much in this area already. As said above, the new government want local communities to contribute to their local area, rather than be walked all over. The strength of feeling against BREP cannot be ignored!

  11. R phillips says:

    I certainly agree and as a community we will have to campaign together we cant let this happen.

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