Three Weeks to oppose BREP!

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  1. mr.cope says:

    hi. i do not want this .to close to my home.

  2. Geri Brown says:

    Bloody Peel Inds what do they think they are doing poisioning the local area and the residents, let them build this around their area, bet they would’nt want it on their doorstep bloody *******.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. n rimmer says:

    I would like to thank peel holding for the congestion that the trafford centre has brought and for the proposal for the incinerator , after all it would seem to peel holdings that its not enough and they would like to add more pollution to the area , Why not put it on the Isle of man , peel holdings should know why they wouldn’t want it there , could be something about thier doorstep

  4. Michael Ryan says:

    I wonder how much waste Peel Holdings & other companies have been shipping into UK in last decade?

    Sunday Mercury (Birmingham, England) – Sunday, June 29, 2003
    THE Midlands has become the world’s dumping ground -with thousands of tonnes of rubbish pouring in every year from as far away as Argentina and Australia.

    The Sunday Mercury can reveal that the the region takes in trash from at least 19 nations worldwide, including New Zealand which is more than 11,000 miles away.

    Other countries using the Midlands as a refuse tip include the USA, Chile and many parts of continental Europe.

    The majority of the rubbish is supposed to be recycled but some finds its way onto landfill sites in the area. Environmentalists say the oil used by ships and planes to bring it to Britain also makes a mockery of green intentions.

    In a bizarre twist, one Midland firm has revealed how it is forced to import recycled waste from Europe -because UK recycled waste is being exported to Asia.

    Now a Midland Euro MP wants the Government to re-assess its green policies and do more to encourage national recycling schemes of our own.

    Latest figures from the Environment Agency show that nearly 20,500tonnes of waste is imported from abroad to the Midlands each year.

    Over 10 tonnes of trash -mainly oil and solvents -from Argentina and Ireland is destroyed and dumped on landfill sites, while the rest is earmarked for recycling.

    Nationwide, more than 35,500 tonnes of waste is exported from England and Wales each year to be recycled.

    There was outrage recently when it was revealed an incinerator in Stoke-on-Trent could be used to burn rubbish collected from affluent southern local authorities in Britain.

    But the revelation that tens of thousands of tonnes of rubbish is imported from overseas every year has prompted further fury and disbelief.

    Campaigner Chris Crean , from West Midlands Friends of the Earth, last night described the situation as ‘ludicrous’. ‘This is economic and environmental madness,’ he said.

    ‘I can’t believe that we are importing waste from as far away as Argentina. This isn’t even material that is going into the recycling production process to make a further product.

    ‘We have already expressed concern about imported waste coming to the region to be recycled.

    ‘We know of firms being forced to import used plastic bottles from Belgium to manufacture their products.

    ‘Yet there’s plenty of rubbish in the local area that could be recycled -so why is this not being done?’

    Delleve Plastics, based near Stratford-upon-Avon, imported 19 million bottles from Holland and Belgium last year to make highway drainage pipes.

    General Manager Lee Clayton said: ‘We are forced to import plastic to be recycled from Belgium and Holland because we cannot access locally recycled plastic.

    ‘Most of the plastic bottles collected to be recycled in the UK are shipped abroad, mainly to China and Asia.’

    West Midlands Liberal Democrat MEP Liz Lynne said: ‘There is simply no reason why local authorities in Warwickshire and the West Midlands cannot provide all the plastic Delleve needs.

    ‘The Government needs to do much more to encourage recycling schemes by dramatically increasing landfill tax and using the revenue from itto invest in projects nationwide.’ Plastics recycling charity Recoup said there was a huge international market for recycled waste.

    Spokesman Andrew Simmons said: ‘The reason some materials collected in the UK for recycling are recycled in Europe and Asia is because they get better prices over there.

    ‘But there are better ways that the recycling of plastics could be managed in the UK.’

    A spokesman for the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs said: ‘Our general policy is that waste should not be imported for disposal in the UK but there are a number of exceptions.

    ‘These include countries outside the EU that do not have the technical capacity and necessary facilities to dispose of the waste in question, in an environmentally sound manner.

    ‘Also included are EU countries which produce hazardous wastes in such small quantities that the provision of new specialised facilities within those states would be uneconomical.’

  5. Jean Taylor says:

    Can someone explain exactly where this will be and exactly what it will mean to the area, I have only just heard about it and have lived in Flixton for 30 odd would like to know a bit more about it before I can comment could,nt get to the meeting on Wednesday

  6. Hi Jean , Its going to be on a patch of land next to the water treatment works, on the urmston side of the motorway and opposite the new salford reds stadium. Its a Biomass Incinerator which will be burning reclaimed timber e.g. from demolition and construction sites . Agricultural residues and crops . Solid recovered fuel general waste, this including plastics will be burned. Which when burned give off DANGEROUS CHEMICALS and they cannot remove all of these with the filter system. Peel Engergy admitted they could not filter out all of them. So the health risks of this are Extremely worrying these chemicals build up in your body and can cause long list of propblems e.g. Cancer , heart attacks, type 2 diabetes . Go and look at and iam sure you will understand why? We are all very conerned about this type of incinerator and what it will be burning so close to the people. Hope this helps you?

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