Urmston, We Have a Problem!

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  1. Jo says:

    I believe Trafford PCT has a duty of care and an important protective role in this worrying and unprecedented situation because most of the people whose health could be at risk happen to live or work in it’s geographical area or, indeed ,have not yet been born. As we know, many of the serious medical conditions that could develop take years to manifest themselves. In these circumstances, it is therefore appropriate to apple the precautionary principle and act in the most cautious way to avoid unnecessary risk to the population.

  2. Jo says:

    Recent Dutch research has shown that foetuses and neonates whose mothers are exposed
    even to so-called background levels of dioxins develop a range of problems, including birth
    defects, decreased lung function, persistent haematological and immunological disturbances,
    delayed puberty, and dental malformations Thus there appears to be no
    discernible threshold below which dioxins pose no health risk. But worse than that, recent
    Finnish research [ has shown that the carcinogenic effect of dioxins actually increases at
    low doses, a phenomenon termed hormesis.

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