UK Public Health in Dire Straits – Dr Dick Van Steenis

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  1. Melanie Watson says:

    Please can someone help. I live in Chesterfield , Derbyshire, less than 1 km from the rejuvenating coking plant.
    I have been told the burn off of Benzene could be dangerous. On 18th of March 2013 I was diagnosed with Leukeamia ,no warnings, so out of the blue.
    I am in the Hallamshire hospital in Sheffield, had first chemo days ago.
    I am 48 and have been a healthy woman!!!!!
    My treatment will last over 5 months if I can get into remission,
    My first chemo I am in hosp for 5/6 weeks, then go home for a week, If my home environment is unsafe , what can I do?
    Thanks in anticipation

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