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  1. Dena Ogden says:

    How in the name of humanity has it been passed to do fracking in Davyhulme, there can only be one reason and that is greed!
    Davyhulme and Peel Green area, have the worst polluted air and this has been brought to light by the Breathclean air group who have rallied to get the air tested.
    The sewage plant in Davyhulme and Peel Green area make the air insufferable at times plus we also get infestations of very small black flies, I am of course only surmising as I have no evidence that the flies are contributed to the area by the plants, but I do not believe in coincidences.
    Greed can only be the reason why the incinerator would be passed also. Traffic in this area of Peel Green is insufferable, it generally takes me one and a half hours to get home from Manchester, 8 miles!!!!
    Liverpool road is constantly at a standstill!!
    Peel holdings are putting up a smoke screen regarding allowing the RHS to create this forthcoming marvellous garden attraction at Worsley, yes please welcome all the visitors , bring more traffic pollution and
    let the visitors look at the wonderful greenery and breath taking plants, literally!

    Totally aghast!!!!

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