Trafford Labour Calls for an Extraordinary Council Meeting about BREP Decision

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  1. Michael Ryan says:

    I hope the following request made under the Freedom of Information Act will help expose the inappropriate way that the Planning Inspectorate dismiss health concerns at public inquiries.

    I’ve made three important requests under FoI from the Office for National Statistics to see what happened to the rates of infant deaths, stillbirths, and low birthweight live births in the London Borough of Newham after SELCHP incinerator started in 1993.

    The rates of all three rose after SELCHP started up.—2010/index.html–london-boroughs–1965-to-2011/index.html

    Here’s graph of rates in Boroughs of Newham, Lewisham (home to SELCHP), Tower Hamlets, and Wandsworth. Wandsworth rarely gets emissions from SELCHP – unlike the other 3 Boroughs.

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