Support from the political parties

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  1. jeremy maynard says:

    What about Davyhulme West???????

  2. Alison Parker says:

    Yes is no one gong to support Davyhulme West?????? The People who will be right next to this plant belting out toxins on a daily basis! This can not happen , Peel have had to much already in this area thank you !

  3. Michael Black says:

    Somebody mentioned East,
    Somebody mentioned West

    When can we get Peel to shut their North and south?

  4. Joyce Acton says:

    As Davyhulme West’s Labour candidate in the local elections in 2011, I fully support the residents in their opposition to the proposed Barton Power Plant for the reasons outlined in Labour’s leaflet distributed in Davyhulme West recently. Some residents may not have received this leaflet yet because of delivery difficulties caused by the inclement weather but they can rest assured that I will do everything in my power to help stop this development. I have always lived locally and my daughters and their families live locally too so I have every reason to want clean air for our area now and for generations to come.

  5. Jayne says:

    ‘Your Local Conservatives’ Leaflet shoved through the door – last article is in support of us residents who do not want The Peelers incinerator. Good for them.

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