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  1. pete reynolds says:

    say no for yours and your childrens sake

  2. Louise says:

    I’ve started seeing loads of these posters in house windows already! Great stuff!!! 🙂

  3. Bargefoot says:

    I cannot suport this campaign as it only looks at a worst case scenario and to me is about NIMBYism and not the long term sustainability of the area, region, nation and planet. There are greater impacts from the air emissions associated with the M60 than this plant. Wake up and get a grip!

  4. J0 says:

    As you have just said we have loads of pollution from the M60 already.We will also be having the emissions from Ince.I really don’t think we need anything else to impact on our health.The NHS can’t afford the drugs they need now to fight CANCER ect.

  5. Bargefoot ! Its you who needs to get a grip! The health risks alone with this type of plant are a Big Danger to anyone that breathes it in . Thats without the TOXIC ASH it will be producing is the green as well ! We are talking about peoples lives and the big effects it will have on each and erveryone in the local area. Urmston Town for one ! what about getting the big names in the centre, they would be put off! People that already had there houses up for sale for work or what ever, how are they going to be able to move? Unless they can afford a big drop in price that again depends how long they have been living there . Well that just not right , We all have rights and i for one do not wish to breathe any of the Toxic Chemicals including PCBs, which are the most DANGEROUS CHEMICALS known to man.

  6. Jeremy Maynard says:

    Bargefoot – you work for Peel. Of course you cannot support us! We will fight this to the bitter end. And then some. And don’t say you don’t work for Peel – who else would bother complaining about reasonable objections to a serious health matter?? Is NIMBYism your best argument??? Just to point out, should this go ahead the area will suffer as the local professionals (residents) will relocate. House prices will drop considerably and this will have a knock-on effect on the economy.

  7. pauline preston says:


    Here we go again throwing accusations of NIMBYism around. In case you haven’t noticed we do not live in a green belt area and we already have an awful lot in out backyards. As for long term sustainability of the area region and planet this is exactly why this monstrosity cannot be allowed. How is such a toxic plant an aid to the environment. Bans are already in force in other more enlightened countries.

  8. Bargefoot says:

    ******* EDITED *******

    Please continue this debate on the forums, this post is titled “Want to show your support?”

  9. This plant needs to be stopped. We have had to put up with the Sewage Works for 40 years and now we are going to have another threat to our health built in our local.

  10. Michael Black says:

    NIMBY is only a selfish point of view if accompanied by SEP and SEBY (Someone Else’s Problem & Someone Else’s Back Yard). Not only don’t we want this Biomass Burner Catastrophe (BBC) here, we don’t wish them to be anwhere else either!

  11. Jayne Dillon says:

    Letter in The Messenger page 10.
    It was edited, surprise, surprise.
    This is the original –
    I would like to ask people in Urmston to find out the truth about incinerators. We may get one in Davyhulme and evidence shows they are dangerous. They cause pollution and bad health. So why would anyone want to build one? It must be greediness and wickedness. I read that small particles can be breathed in and go in your body and make you ill. The Prime Minister must stop them building this thing. I don’t want to get sick and my friends don’t

  12. Bargefood ! You Know that these type of plants are DANGEROUS. Even in newer incinerators , air pollution control devices such as air filters capture and concentrate some of the pollutants, but they don’t eliminate all fact. What about the Ultra-fine particles produced from burning materials including PCBs ,dioxins and furans, which are smaller in size than what is currently monitored in the UK . These particles can be lethal , causing cancer, heart attacks, strokes, asthma, and pulmonary disease. It is estimated that airborne particulates cause the deaths of over 2 MILLION people worldwide each year. 370,000 of them in Europe. Also what about the various types of malfunctions and system failures and breakdowns. Which lead to serious air pollution control proplems and increased emissions that are dangerous to the public health or who ever breathes these Dangerous Toxins in. We all have rights done we ????????????????

  13. R phillips says:

    Do not put our futures lives in danger. We must say NO. Im sure they wouldnt put it where the Prime Minister lives would they?

  14. Bargefoof ! I wonder how close to this plant you will be ??????????????? Bet your post code does’nt even begin with a M !!!!!!!!!!!! Lets have a wind farm ! That does;nt give you cancer . Lots of solar panels every where, They dont get into your lungs! Something risk free yes that sounds really good .

  15. Jo says:

    I have just read in the Metro dated 15th October that more incinerators could be built in Trafford. The borough has earmarked seven sites for waste disposal plants. Two in Carrington and Trafford Park could in principle be incinerators.A large incinerator would lock the borough into a 25+year contract. New technology is developing rapidly, providing better and more environmentally friendly solutions to waste treatment. I think we the residents should call for a ban on incinerators in our area.The council should look at new technologies. Incineration has serious health risk. SAY NO.

  16. Michael Black says:

    No amount of scrubbing can stop some things being emitted from the top of a stack. Iodine is particularly spectacular – it manifests itself as a vivid purple plume; nitrogen compounds give a brown/yellow/orange colour. Some heavy metals drop out into the slag, making the waste from an incinerator toxic. Vehicles carrying waste don’t interact with incinerators in a “plug ‘n’ play” fashion. They have to be off-loaded, segregated, catalogued, checked against consignment notes, sampled, analysed, and then stored in suitably constructed safe zones for a limited time only. Then there are considerations regarding the potential for leaks, accidental or otherwise, into the environment – areas must be bunded.

    This exercise cannot be performed, monitored and maintained by such a small level of staffing, no matter how hard Peel may protest. Equipping a laboratory with modern analytical equipment and providing qualified analysts to operate them around the clock is prohibitively expensive.

    This plant will need a highly audible alarm system, which in itself will contravene environmental laws with its potential noise at any time of day or night; there will need to be adequate immediate access for emergency services. Barton road is already full of traffic for the majority of the day, so perhaps we will get deaths on-site as well as off-site as a consequence.

    How strongly can it be said – the answer must be NO!

  17. Jayne Dillon says:

    Impartial talk/demo by technical expert about Barton Renewable Energy Plant (incinerator) on Tuesday 19th October 7.30-8.30pm at Urmston Grammar School. Admission by ticket only from Mason Corbishley – see our facebook page.

  18. Pauline says:

    I support the NO campaign 100% not only for my health but those of my nearest and dearest plus generations yet to come. Was HORRIFiED to hear all the possible implications regarding this incinerator and lack of meaningful air quality testing and controls. Which was covered at the recent meeting. Has anyone any information regarding approved planning permission of an incinerator on Tenax Road, Trafford Park which was approved in 2009?

  19. Jeremy says:

    I hear the Breathe Clean Air Group will be seeking election as local independent councillors next local elections. We certainly need councillors who are willing to listen to the people and fight for our rights.

  20. zerodtkjoe says:

    Thanks for the info

  21. Jayne says:

    Use the link above to inform the said MP that biomass incineration is not the way forward – surprise surprise along with his partner in crime Huhne, he is not from a scientific background either!

  22. Pauline says:

    Some information.
    Kate Green lobbied the Speaker for an urgent debate in the House of Commons . The debate will take place today wednesday 27th October at 4.30 pm. It will be on BBC Parliment most probably

  23. Jayne says:

    Watch look Northwest today! BCAG representative on. With Peel.

  24. Jeremy Maynard says:

    Good to see the group on tv. Quite surprised at Peel though – I thought they would have used a more, er, personable frontman than the drip Mr England.

  25. Jeremy Maynard says:

    I see Peel scum are at it again! What do they have against children? There is a group in Stretford protesting about Peel doing something involving the canal, which the residents feel is dangerous for the children. Front page of the Advertiser.

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