Public Inquiry Decision Document

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  1. Gas Mask Boy says:

    Para 2 – “it is considered to be a proposal of major significance for the delivery of the Government’s climate change programme and energy policies”.

    For whose benefit?!

    The current Government’s programme and policies in action are self-evidently ABSURD and HARMFUL to us and our planet; their words are worse than meaningless and there will inevitably be more harmful decisions in the pipeline.
    The Conservative Party should hang its head in shame over this perverse and unnecessary decision – ERIC PICKLES MP especially (@EricPickles).

    “No place in private plans for local democratic will;
    like Scrooge of old, resist, persist; the coffers must be filled”

    We will not ‘agree to disagree’.
    There are things that can and must be done in SELF-DEFENCE of our community and as a warning for future abuses of power.
    The first of which is that there must be a substantial POLITICAL PRICE to be paid.
    The local and national ballot box (even as pathetic as it is currently) is one of the very few remaining voices we the public have left, that the likes of Polluter Pickles, the ‘democracy dodger’, will pay any attention to.
    So for as long as the #foulfurnace pollutes our lives – many decades – those of us who remain must now work towards ridding ourselves of the Conservative Party’s powers in Trafford – and all other politicians of whatever Party that would so disgracefully put personal or Party interests above the health and democracy of our community.
    Since they have proved beyond any doubt that they cannot be trusted to deliver for us on a huge issue such as this one, they surely cannot be trusted with much of anything at all!

    “What utter guff! What nonsense stuff! What is this crazy tale?
    Clean air is our birthright and our health is not for sale!”

    “Not green, not clean, not on!”

  2. George Devlin says:

    This is a disgraceful decision – the information and leadership provided by BCAG, in contrast to the misinformation provided by Peel and others, united the whole comunity in coming out against this harmful and unecessary development..
    Yes the Conservative Party and Mr Pickles should hang their heads in shame, not only for ignoring the facts and the wishes of this community, but for also for doing this while telling us that they are committed to local democracy and listening to local people.

  3. Sorry to hear this guys. I’m going to be reading the decision and seeing if we can learn any lessons for Southampton. Keep up the fight – NoSouthamptonBiomass

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