North West Tonight discuss the plant

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  1. Michael Ryan says:

    Here’s what Colin Sykes, of BBC North West said in above clip:

    “…but developers say the technology is proven and there’s no risk to health.”

    Perhaps the BBC can ask Peel what evidence they’ve got which proves that there’s no risk to health from the emissions?

  2. Alison Parker says:

    Well Done to Urmston Grammar , The Artwork is Great ! We need more anyone can join in with this . I hope to get a big named store on board to display the artwork . Keep up the good work .

  3. Alison Parker says:

    I would like to say well done to Jo and Duncan they did very well with the North West News . Where next? We all had a good day in Urmston Town Centre today . The people in Urmston were wonderful , They all kept saying you are doing a marvellous job thank you. Lots even giving there names and numbers with offers to help in any way they can.

  4. Alison Parker says:

    Hi guys the balloon release was Fantastic , Its went so well cannot wait for what we are going to do Next ! Everybody have been pulling me up in the town and streets saying well done , keep up the good work we are all doing . Thanks to everybody for the support they have been great . It shows we are all pulling together over this which is what we have to do . To stop this plant going ahead .

  5. Michael Ryan says:

    Which direction did the balloons travel that day & have Peel any plans to use the biomass emissions to fill “Zeppelins” so that they can take their alleged “harmless” emissions further afield?

  6. Jeremy Maynard says:

    There is a rumour that Peel will be erecting a huge umbrella-type structure over Davyhulme to shut the Breathe Clean Air Group up.

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