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  1. Matty S says:

    Funny how yet ANOTHER picture of a totally different incinerator was in the Advertiser. Do these people even know what they are doing?

  2. Michael Ryan says:

    The question that should be considered by residents is:

    “Why haven’t the Department of Health (Hansard, 30 Nov 2009, Col 539W) or the Health Protection Agency (see Surrey Mirror & Dorking Advertiser articles of 22 May 2008)or the Environment Agency (they rely on HPA’s worthless advice/opinion), examined any health or mortality data in electoral wards around existing incinerators?”

    Is it because the above public bodies know that the data proves that they’ve been lying about health effects of incinerators?

    If incinerators don’t harm health, why is it that the electoral wards which are exposed to incinerator emissions in London have high infant death rates while those that are free from such emissions have very low rates – or even zero infant deaths during the 7-year period 2002-2008? You can read the Greater London Authority’s incinerator “cover-up” report at:


    and the written questions by Green Party’s Darren Johnson AM (which haven’t been addressed in the above May 2010 report) at:

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