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  1. Michael Ryan says:

    I don’t care to be bullied by anyone, and I was appalled to learn tat Kirklees Council’s legal officer (Geoff Bell) tried to bully David Andrews after he’d used a slide of this map I’d prepared for a lecture in January 2007:


    Here’s newspaper report about Mr Andrews:


    & here’s the Big Issue in the North article by Mark Metcalf which “persuaded” Geoff Bell to “wind his neck back in”.

    I know Geoff Bell was the Kirklees bully as he tried the same stunt with me. Perhaps he was unaware that two Surrey papers had reproduced the Kirklees map & also these two in January 2008:



    No comment from Environment Agency on the maps. Maybe that’s because they realise that ONS data at electoral ward level shows that anyone who says that “incinerators don’t harm heath” is a liar.

  2. Alison Parker says:

    Well said Michael, We all know how bad these type of Incinerators are they, but they just want to get them pushed through because the people backing them will not be living near to them. Just getting profits into there bank accounts. So they are not bothered what the local people will have to deal with on a daily basis if this type of plant gets passed!!!! It is so wrong we have to much already here to put up with.

  3. Christopher Hulme says:

    What do we want? Clean air!
    When do we want it ? NOW!
    What do we want? BCAG leaflets!
    Where do we want them? Through every door in every land!

  4. Rita Skeeter says:

    Just WHO do Peel think they are? The residents of Urmston and beyond are not stupid enough to be sucked in by Peel & Co’s scheming arrogance. If you have a CHIMNEY then emissions will be churned out. The EA, HPA and the government all know how the particles in incinerator emissions enter the pulmonary system and cause significant chronic illness. Leading to long drawn out death. Stand up for yourselves and say no.

  5. Sean says:

    There are lies, damn lies – and Peel Energy.

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