Leading Biomass Expert’s Report on Threat Posed by Davyhulme Incinerator

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  1. Jo says:

    We live in an Air Quality Management Area ( Heavily polluted) What is the purpose of an Air Quality Management Area if not to strive to improve the air quality in that area. Are we going back to the dark ages. Trafford people do not want this plant, or need it. WE ARE ALREADY HAVING BUILT AN 850MW GAS POWER STATION.
    Enough is enough!!!!

  2. D Skrytek says:

    Thanks Jo and all – is there a public day or evening, as we had in Derby -we also have AQMAs which will be affected by RRS/Shanks incineration stack and traffic emissions.

  3. Ray Guselli says:

    Well said Mary; the problem is that too many companies care about the health of their balance sheet rather than the health of the population they may affect. We had a similar issue in Barrow in Furness when Centrica intended to build a Biomass Plant. Massive local opposition was being ignored, including a 14,500 signature petition to Downing Street, independent Environmental Impact assessment which highlighted many of the opposition groups concerns, opposition from 5 MEP’s, our local MP, the Borough Council and the County Council…we even had an assurance from Centrica’s Head of Thermal Projects that Centrica would not try to impose the plant on us if we did not want it….they still tried……even a Centrica representative said he would not want to live near the plant……what really seemed to sway things for the developer was a potential reduction in the income it might receive.

    Eventually Centrica withdrew its application, perhaps realising that public opposition and a Local Impact Assessment combined with the potential reduction in subsidy £46 million per annum) ….hope you too can succeed and stop this development.

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