Historic Victory for Campaigners

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  1. Nick says:

    Where will future electricity come from if we do not build new power plants?

  2. Louise says:

    Hopefully non-polluting energy sources!

    One potential solution…
    Pyromex is only a year off being introduced to the UK and doesn’t produce any NOx, SOx, toxic ash, tars, dioxin or furans. It could handle waste wood. It also has a much better efficiency rate, recovering 95-97% of the entrained energy without any emissions vs about 25% recovery from incineration processes. With a biomass incinerator, we are talking about the release of some of the most carcinogenic emissions and others which have been associated with stillbirths, COPD and other serious health impacts – I’m sure you’ve read the journal articles too.

    If someone suggested that incineration is the answer to you question, I would guess that they aren’t big-picture thinkers.

  3. Bob says:

    Well done on the success of your campaign to prevent the Biomass generator in Davyhulme. A brilliant victory!

    Although grateful, I am feeling underwhelmed by the victory as I have to wonder if you have an even bigger campaign ahead. No, not the potential biomass appeal, but the current appalling state of the air in Davyhulme at the moment, as you have so well demonstrated in your reports.

    27 per cent of CO2 emissions in the North West come from road transport, not to mention the almost daily gridlock on the M60 and traffic backing up onto local roads. Transport for Greater Manchester state that switching from car to public transport (buses, trains and trams as well as cycling and walking) can cut harmful CO2 emissions by 40%.

    If we truly want to ‘Breath Clean Air’ in Davyhulme, we need to promote the take up of public transport as well as green initiatives like home insulation to cut energy dependency. If we don’t, then this campaign will be a hollow victory, the gains of which will be wiped out by even more pollution from other sources in the coming years.

    I hope that the members of BCAG are not content with our current polluted atmosphere and the status quo? If not, what are you going to do about it, as if the campaign continues, I would like to play a role?

    Don’t think that your campaign’s work is over – it has barely just begun!

  4. Jonny says:

    The BCAG need to secure the death of BREP by tackling the possible Appeal before they do anything else. They are residents, most of them holding down full time jobs with families who are tirelessly campaigning against BREP in their own time. The Appeal will be challenging as Peel have more money than sense but it seems to me that BCAG have an abundance of sense and will wipe the floor with Peel. Especially if they send in those idiots that represented Peel on the night of 10th November – they will be laughed at and ridiculed (again). Again, BCAG will be doing the work for the Appeal but us residents NEED TO provide support and funds to secure our win.

  5. Geri says:

    The Breathe Clean Air Group are still fighting BREP, what we need now from the people of Davyhulme Urmston and Flixton is your support and donations to fight if there is going to be an appeal,

    Geri BCAG.

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