Get Involved with our New Action Team

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  1. Gas Mask Boy says:

    Lots of good people are signing up to the new Action Team 🙂
    Everybody can do something – a little or a lot – whatever their time, skills, resources, age etc…
    The best ideas never arrive into this world fully formed – like seeds, they develop and grow.

  2. Paul Bayliss says:

    As a Trafford resident I’m fully behind the campaign to oppose the plant, but searching the website I see very little scientific reasoning to support the campaign. The Action Plan needs to see some scientific evidence to support your claim that the plant will produce dirty air and will be using unsuitable waste in its incineration.

  3. Icarus says:

    Hello there,
    I have found a second hand 20mw wood/biomass generator for sale in Germany
    Its not as pretty with its clothes off!

    Not sure if its the same type proposed for Barton, but I think it specifies 24 tons per hour, that is 576 tons per day.. running 24 hours

    For fuel consumption see….
    It says…
    the plant will use at least 94,000 tons per year but possibly as much as 182,000 tons
    I wonder how much will be sourced locally?
    If it is the plan to import waste using the Peel Groups Dock facilities as some have suggested then it gives the lie to local environmental benefits of reduced landfill etc. But will benefit the Peel Group by bringing in dock fees etc.
    Will they tell us?

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