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  1. Jo says:

    The emissions from BREPs incineration of reclined wood (e.g. from demolition and construction sites) timber residue, agricultural residues, chemical preservatives, etc, also solid recovered fuel, (plastics etc) which is even worse. A recent Defra report warns that biomass incineration is a potential threat to air quality, especially in urban areas. We don’t need our air quality to be made any worse.

    This plant would be near to a heavily populated area (Urmston/ Davyhulme/ Flixton/ Stretford/ Salford/ Eccles) BREP would be belching out these toxins 24hours a day. Children that play outdoors, seniors, people who work outdoors and adults who exercise rigorously (e.g. at the Soccer Dome, David Lloyd, Chill Factor, the new Salford Reds stadium, etc) are at higher risk from premature death, due to particle pollution exposure.

    Additionally, the diesel equipment, critical to the plant’s operation will add significant pollution, not only at the plant but on the roads.

    BREP incinerator is next to an Air Quality Management Area, (Davyhulme.)
    Wrong site, wrong technology.

  2. Jo says:

    Come-on everyone this our community, BCAG have been accepted as a legitimate party at the inquiry in

    November this year. We aim to employ a barrister. This will be costly, but we believe our best chance of winning

    will mean a fighting fund. We have just a few months to raise the money. THIS IS DAVID AND GOLIATH!!!!!!

  3. Jo says:

    Once the decision passes from the democratic to bureaucratic process it is an uphill, costly and tortuous matter for citizens to combat. Those wishing to build the incinerator will hire expensive engineering consulting companies to prepare environmental impact statements, which in turn will include human health risk assessments. These massive reports often standing several feet high are extremely complex for the average citizen to understand but they invariable end up with a statement that the proposed incinerator poses no threat to man, beast or insect. Citizens usually will not be able to hire an expensive engineering consultant firm of their own. At this point citizens scramble desperately to find an expert to help them. Those who are prepared to do this pro bono are few and far between. THIS IS DAVID AND GOLIATH!!!

  4. Geri says:

    Don’t let Peel get away with this Incinerator, help us to raise the funds. We need to stick together on this. Peel has raped are area enough I am sure Mr J Whittaker and Mr J England would fight if one of these plant were proposed in their area.

  5. Jean says:

    Good Luck, if Monton can do it so can Davyhulme

  6. Chris says:

    Do all these people objecting to peels proposal drive cars? Do they drive their children to school within a very short distance from their homes? Do they car share? use public transport at every opportunity? do they Have properly insulated homes? And limit their energy use to what is essential rather than turning their central heating on at the first sign of cold weather? Do they use energy saving measures though out their homes? Do they smoke?

    Do they expect a constant supply of electricity to run their 40 inch plasma screens, computers, iPads, hair straigthners, play stations, American style refrigerators.

    Do they celebrate bonfire night?

    Need I say more?

  7. Jo says:

    These are just some of the things we in Davyhulme are awaiting the pollution from (via industrial processes or traffic):

    Methane Plant…. Approved
    Peel Hotel, Junction 9 M60…. Approved
    New Super Market, Junction 10 M60…. Approved
    Office Block, Junction 10 M60…. Approved
    Conference Centre (EventCity)…. Recently operating
    Paper Mill, Carrington…. Recently operating
    Salford Reds Stadium…. Recently opened
    850MW Gas Power Station, Carrington…. APPROVED

    Given the built up area and existing air quality issues (all 12 Heavy metals found, Arsenic at the top level) residents are already subjected to enough pollution to sink a ship from the M60. Diesel emissions are a known carcinogen.

    Burning biomass could lead to significant increases in emissions of nitrogen oxides, particulate matter and sulfur dioxide and have severe impacts on the health of children, older adults and people with lung diseases. – American Lung Association

    The chimney stack 44.23m is too low. Ideally, said the Environment Agency at our meeting with them on 12/06/12, it should be between 60-100m high. It is so low because of City Airport. This is unacceptable, it will pollute the people in an already polluted area even more because of this Peel owned airport.

  8. Jo says:

    We are having an 850MW Gas Power Station just down the road at Carrington. We don’t need BREP burning dirty wood from Construction and Demolition sites plus Solid Recovered Fuel (Plastics etc) Burning at 850 degrees 200,000tons 24/7 for 25years with a midget chimney of 44m, the EA said ideally should be 60m to 100m high, the higher the chimney the better the pollution is dispersed. NOT NEEDED, NOT WANTED, WRONG SITE, WRONG TECHNOLOGY.

  9. Jo says:

    I asked this question to the EA, waiting to hear back.
    Are you aware that the HPA are undergoing a databse review of their 2010 biomass incinerator review document from 2010?
    This suggests to me that the HPA are NOT 100% certain of their scientific databse?
    So if they are uncertain why is the EA so confident – do they have a different scientific “prejudice”?

  10. Linda says:

    I wold like to suggest a mass die in protest on roads surrounding the proposed site get some publicity for the cause because this is a real danger for the health of children and vulnerable people in our area and I do not trust this goverment to safeguard us.
    Also I would like to propose a fundraiser at Alans cafe oppo Flixton station a tea and mince pies event with a bring & buy if people fancy it a date could be set.

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