Evening Session to Express Your Views at the Inquiry

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  1. Barbara edmunds says:

    Cant attend on 22nd due to other commitments
    Peel holdings seem to think they can do whatever they like
    Well build it where mr whittiker lives from peel holdings
    See how his community like it
    They want stopping from doing things that have an adverse effect on communities the sooner the better

  2. jim hancock says:

    Is the inquiry sitting during the day tomorrow thurs nov 22 or just in the evening please?

  3. Clair Lowther says:

    I just wanted to say thank you to al the people who spoke up last night, I felt truly proud of my community and I am grateful to every person who spoke with such passion. I came home from Old Trafford with such a huge feeling of pride and a continued belief that we really can win this thing and send Peel packing.

    However my happiness was somewhat overshadowed when I sat down to read the Messenger – I had always wondered why the Messenger did not seem to promote our cause, despite the evident strength of local feeling, which they were absolutely aware of. I assumed it was because they had to be seen to be impartial, however after reading the biased, one sided report by Julie Banks so much has become clear. They are evidently supporting Peel and the incinerator. Messenger are one of, if not THE biggest reason so many local people are ignorant to the risks of the incinerator, they had such an oppurtunity to make the public aware of the real situation and yet they chose to keep quiet and worse still they now come out saying it’s all OK. Thousands of people who read it will think the inquiry has shown there is no risk – I have to admit had I not known the facts I would have read this and felt relieved that it was safe after all.

    I am totally appalled and after writing in to complain I will ask them not to send me their propaganda rubbish any more. In the meantime I am making it my mission to tell anyone who’ll listen the real story. I spoke to 2 parents at school today and both had read it and seemed genuinely amazed at what I was saying, hopefully they will think again. I hope everyone else who is armed with the facts lets others know the truth perhaps then people will realise the true power Peel hold over something as basic as our local newspaper.
    I won’t let it destroy the good work done by everyone and the pride I feel in my town but I will never trust a word that paper says again.

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