Environment Agency Propose to Grant Environmental Permit for BREP

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  1. G.W.HOLLIES says:

    It is well known that the quality of air in the Davyhulme area is poor to due to the Sewage works the motorway
    and the vents on Dover park which i believe are for venting methane.
    To build an incinerator which is to burn thousands of tons of scrap timber which will have possibly been painted
    willhave been varnished will have been treated with wood preserver cannot be allowed.
    What kind of toxic fumes will be pumped into the environment if this plant is allowed to be built.
    PeelHoldings only care about money not about people.


  2. Jo burgess says:

    Make this a First and STOP the Environment Agency Permit for BREP
    Our area is already BADLY Polluted
    The busiest stretch of M60 and Elevated which is even worse
    We are already awaiting the pollution from:
    The Methane Plant
    5 Biogas Engines and Flare Stack at the Sewage Works
    Paper Mill at Carrington
    Gas Fired Power Station at Carrington
    Another Super Market
    Hotel at junction 9
    All the extra traffic this will cause on a motorway that at certain times
    of the day is grid locked, Christmas is horrendous because we also live
    next to the Trafford Centre.

  3. Jerome Williams says:

    It would be interesting to know how many people on the EA board live within 3 miles of an incinerator, water treatment works(Sewage works), Gas Fired Power station, Methane Plant and a large shopping mall, all of which cause pollution and restrict our life expectancy. I can’t imagine the hierarchy at Peel live nearby either.

    Hard to believe that our taxes that pay for the people at the EA are being used to kill us all.

    Am I a bitter ? Damned right I am.

    Why can’t we build it in the back of Whittakers back garden?

    Money matters, people don’t.

  4. Jo says:

    The people we spoke to at the EA don’t live in this area, i don’t know about the rest that work at the EA. It’s
    disgraceful in an Air Quality Management Area knowing how badly polluted we are already, the EA will not do an air quality test for us in Davyhulme and are a mind to give BREP a permit, to pollute us even more, with a stack hight of just 44.23m, burning 200,000 tons a year. Wood from demolition and construction sites, timber residue, agricultural, residues, chemical preservatives, etc, also solid recovered fuel (plastics etc)

    Additionally, the diesel equipment, critical to the plant’s operation will add significant pollution, not only at the plant, but on the roads.

    What’s the use of declaring an AQMA if not to get the pollution down. Will we be the next Port Talbot or worse.

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