BREP Appeal Submitted

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  1. Garry Jones says:

    Think that Peel Holdings and the Environmental agency are deliberately (?) missing the secondary pollution aspects. I.E. the pollution caused by the number of wagons needed to transport all the fuel to this plant, and the pollution caused by all the increase of traffic jams that will ensue. The M60 is already a rolling traffic jam in both the morning and evening with any function on at the Trafford Centre causing chaos. I feel this subject should defiantly be looked into as Peel Holdings cavalier attitude to traffic problems seems to be to ignore them altogether.

  2. Sally Walsh says:

    We have done our little bit, I know you only asked for £1 but hope that this donation of £25.00 towards the legal costs and air quality experts costs is helpful. Hope you are successful in raising enough donations from local residents and hope the battle is won!!

    • masoncorbishley says:

      Thank you very much Sally. An email of thanks will be sent shortly.

      Your donation is greatly appreciated and is a great help.

      Many Thanks!

  3. Jo says:

    These are just some of the things we in Davyhulme are awaiting the pollutionfrom (via industrial processes or traffic):
    Methane Plant…. Approved
    Peel Hotel, Junction 9 M60…. Approved
    New Super Market, Junction 10 M60…. Approved
    Office Block, Junction 10 M60…. Approved
    Conference Centre (EventCity)…. Recently operating
    Paper Mill, Carrington…. Recently operating
    Salford Reds Stadium…. Recently opened
    850MW Gas Power Station, Carrington…. Potential

    Traffic is already unacceptable in a residential area due to the Trafford Centre. The M60 is the third busiest motorway in the country. The pollution from this alone is killing people.

    Given the built up area and existing air quality issues (all 12 Heavy metals found, Arsenic at the top level) residents are already subjected to enough pollution to sink a ship from the M60. Diesel emissions are a known carcinogen.

    Diesel equipment, critical to the plant’s operation will add significant pollution, not only at the plant, but also on the roads in Davyhulme an AQMA.

    Diesel exhausts do cause Cancer…. Says WHO

    Half of all inhaled diesel soot gets stuck in the lungs…..Science Codex

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