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  1. Geri Brown says:

    I wish and hope that we can fight Peel and stop the incenator being built.

  2. Geri Brown says:

    I wish and hope that we can fight Peel and stop the incenator being built. It about time some thing was done to stop Peel and their dirty tactics.

  3. Alison Parker says:

    Hi everyone just 2 say i all the information is out there about these biomass incinerators. and there DANGEROUS CHEMICALS that they put into the air. Science can not lie but man can.

  4. Jayne Dillon says:

    It is very disturbing that any company would even consider erecting such a hazardous construction in a residential area. The health of our population should surely take priority over the financial greed of certain businesses. There are other safer methods of generating energy – yes, more expensive – but not as financially lucrative.

  5. Alison Parker says:

    Hi everyone ! Yes Jayne good point about this type of incinerator being cheap to run. Peel holdings will be taking the waste no body wants and getting paid for it as well . Dose it not matter about people of the people of Davyhulme and all the children ! SHAME ON YOU PEEL HOLDINGS ! hopefully this will be his down fall .

  6. Geri Brown says:

    Hi everyone I hope that you all can make the meeting on the 6th October at Chrischurch Lostock Road at 7.30pm a facing the Moss Vale Pub. there will councillors and doctor’s and scientists coming along to talk about this dangerous and toxic plant. This peel guy is a greedy selfcentred B*****D he’s bought land all over the place, he dose’nt care what we breathe or how we struggle to get from A to B he’s made Davyhulme and Urmston a dumping ground for Peel’s crap!!!!!
    Mr Big Peel can turn his back on all this when he goes home to the Isle of Man where he can Breathe Clean,how ironical,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Jayne Dillon says:

    Letter in the Messenger this week about it. Yay! I have also emailed Our Leader Mr Cameron as I feel SURE he will be shocked to the core to learn of the severe health implications should this incinerator be sited.

  8. Charlotte Parker says:

    Just been on that website really really good. When will people wake up and sign this pertition!

  9. k jackson says:

    Peel Holdings will attempt to bulldoze this power plant through the system without the slightest concern for the people who will be affected by this toxinous monster. Peel say that the risk to the people living local to this plant is ‘MINIMAL’.
    This is the word also used by the designers of the Titanic when they said that there was ‘MINIMAL’ risk of it sinking. They actually referred to it as ‘unsinkable’, but with hindsight we know what happened.
    We do not want subjecting to additional deaths, rare illnesses, childrens cancers, increased asthma attacks, breathing problems etc just so that Peel Holdings share holders will be able to receive increased profits.

  10. Charlotte Parker says:

    yes very good point. Peel knows about all the health risks with this type of incinerator. All incinerators pose considerable risk to the health and the evironment of neighboring communities as well as that of the general popultion. Even the most technologically advanced incinerators release thousands of pollutants the contaminate our air, soil and water. Many of these pollutants enter the food supply and concentrate up through the food chain. Incinerator workers and people living near incinerators are particularly at high risk of exposure to dioxin and other contaminants on a daily basis. Again all of which Peel Energy knows they are VERY DANGEROUS TO HUMAN HEALTH.

  11. Jayne Dillon says:

    My 6 year old made a very good point – ‘What about the animals? They will have to go to the VET!’

  12. Charlotte Parker says:

    Thats so right all those poor animals will have to keep on going to the vets! Also the indangered animals, ( Butterflies ect), they wont last long!

  13. Geri Brown says:

    I have been thinking about these Chemicals, when I was little a long time ago I remember the bad smog we use to get the the winter, could’nt see a hand in front of you, and I had to wear some sort of protective clothing around my nose and mouth, when I get home all my nostriles were black through breathing in the dirty pollutated air through the coal fires and the local industry everyone had coughs and colds and cancer was a dirty word. Then all of a sudden the factories were pulled down and all the old two -ups-and-two -downs demolished,clean air was the way forward then in the 60’s and 70’s and it was a great. But if Mr.Big (Peel) has he way will we be going back to the smog and the black noses and mouths. I always though that is was against the Law!!!! to polluate the air. What do you think? and does anyone else remember the dirty air back then,.? Geri.

  14. Geri Brown says:

    And I for one do not want to breathe “dirty air” though that was a thing of the past. and I would not want my granchildren to go through that neither it really makes me cross. Ah ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Dr Kath Edgar says:


    Read this article which points to the less than green credentials of bio-mass energy;


    Interesting and powerful!


  16. Jeremy Maynard says:

    Biomass = material from living things (wood etc)
    Renewable = does not run out.
    ‘Biomass energy sources are no more environmentally friendly than fossil fuels because they release carbon into the atmosphere on burning (incinerating). Carbon dioxide, which is produced when fuels are burned, is a MAJOR CAUSE OF THE GREENHOUSE EFFECT’.
    So that is from burning untreated wood. What happens when reclaimed wood, plastics, tyres etc are burnt is even more serious.
    If this sick scheme is awarded planning permission, HEADS WILL ROLL.
    We will not put up with greedy capitalists such as Peel behaving in this devious, underhand manner.

  17. Rob says:

    Hi guys
    I’m new to the campaign, only saw the flyer today. Can’t make the meeting as I’m away.
    Has anyone asked the Director of Public Health for NHS Trafford to the event – Mr Abdul Razzaq, Director Public Health 0161 873 9500 (switchboard) abdul.razzaq@trafford.nhs.uk 2nd Floor, Oakland House, Talbot Road, Old Trafford.
    Event if Mr Razzaq can’t make it, I’m sure he should be made aware of the concerns of so many.
    I was in the Traditional Sweetie Shop in Urmston today and there were plenty signatures on the petitions already.

  18. Louise says:

    Hi Rob, Yes, we have written to Mr Abdul Razzaq. He referred the matter to this fellow: Mike Barker, Director of Corporate Affairs, Partnerships & Compliance, who declined the invite. We aim to keep them informed though as this is not going away!!! 🙂

  19. Louise says:

    Hurray for the Sweetie Shop by the way!!!

  20. Jeremy Maynard says:

    What annoys me most is the fact that The Peelers think we are all too stupid to see through the glossy bull**** and see the truth for ourselves. No mention of HUMAN ERROR when the operatives cock up and breach the safety regulations, or deliberately tamper with equipment in order to falsify pollution readings – WHICH DOES GO ON. Enough! These incinerators should be outlawed.

  21. Charlotte Parker says:

    HOORAY! 🙂 todays campaigning was fabulous! Me and my bff Faith filled loads! We got loads of take away shops on board. With the amount of pages we filled we have over 1000 people on the petition! Come guys we can do this! 🙂 🙂

  22. Jayne Dillon says:

    Just look at this – in their letter to Cllr Cordingley, Peel mentioned Slough incinerator!

  23. jayne dillon says:

    Hi everyone, if you feel strongly that this proposal should not go ahead, please, please write/email the Messenger, Manchester Evening News, Granada Reports, Look North, MP, local councillors etc. Nobody is giving us a fair hearing. Peel are powerful and need to be called to account for this dangerous, money-making proposal.

  24. Alison Parker says:

    Hi Jayne Well Said ! I was Very Pleased with the turn-out last night it was GREAT well done ! for every one that came. over 500 and we didnt hear any one backing this dangerous proposal. all the people that were there last night are sick of peel.

  25. Jo says:

    The time has come to stand up for our loved ones and to stand up for Urmston.We must STOP this incinerator from being built.There are cheaper and more ecological alternatives for waste disposal than incineration. Several large studies have proven increased mortality rates in areas close to incinerators.We don’t want any more toxins in the air we breathe.

  26. Jayne Dillon says:


    disturbing article – what is this country coming to???

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