BCAG 2015 Review

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  1. Pete Kilvert says:

    HAPPY NEW YEAR to all our breathe clean air campaigners. With recent news that the Government has sold off parcels of land in Trafford for FRACKING drilling rights, the whole of Trafford and many parts of the north west are at risk of serious air pollution. Our planet is also at dire risk when we hear of yet more methane leaks and industrial emissions. The Government must do more on air quality in line with the wishes of the Paris Summit.

    The Peel Group is still pressing ahead with the construction of the Davyhulme Incinerator. In order to get Government Grants, Peel has to build even more commercial and domestic premises, which will add even more pollution and congestion to Davyhulme. So the campaign to STOP the INCINERATOR will continue until we are successful.

    Best Wishes, Pete Kilvert, Chairman, Breathe Clean Air Group

  2. I have posted a comment regarding the smoke coming from the plant in carrington, and your group came up saying that you could help with my concerns. The post was sent to planning for the future in irlam and cadishead.would it be possible for you to comment on this? Thanks in advance Eddie waddell

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