BBC Radio Manchester – Supreme Court Ruling

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  1. Michael Ryan says:

    Congratulations to Mason Corbishley on interview and I wondered if plasma gasification is mentioned on many BBC programmes apart from above and

    There are many adverse health outcomes known to be linked to higher levels of airborne pollution.

    Low birthweight is one highlighted earlier this year:

    Low birthweight is known to be a risk factor for infant mortality as recognised by Sutton & Merton PCT in London:

    “Key Facts on Low Birth Weight
    Birth weight is a good measure of infant health. Low birth weight is strongly associated with poorer health and poorer life chances and is an important predictor of future infant, child and adult health. Low birth weight babies are at greater risk of dying in their first year than heavier babies. Low birth weight (LBW) is defined as births under 2,500 gm.”

    Sutton Council must be fully aware of the above, and yet they seem unaware that the proposed incinerator at Beddington Farm will increase air pollution and raise the rate of low birthweight babies and infant deaths – just as the Peel proposal will at Davyhulme.

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